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  1. What is this? A dogfight for ANTS?!?!
  2. When there are 2 card abilities that contradict each other, "can't" always trumps "can". Besides, if the title still allowed turrets to fire out of arc what would be the point of saying that you cannot fire outside of your arc?
  3. Just to be clear, this affected all phantoms, not just Whisper - here is a brief explanation of the before/after: Before: A phantom would decloak immediately before revealing their maneuver dial. After: All Phantoms must decloak at the start of the activation phase (before any ship has moved). It used to be really overpowered for a high PS phantom to choose how they decloaked after seeing the movement of all lower PS ships. Now all phantoms must decloak at the start of the activation phase so they don't get to see where other ships are moving first. Keep in mind, the phantoms decloak *before* all other effects that happen "at the start of the activation phase". Hope this helps!
  4. Nope. At the price point, the Emperor is not going to make missiles/Torps worth it. That's 8 more points, on top of the already expensive ordnance costs.
  5. Really? How does someone TO a game and not have thorough understanding of the rules? This ruling has been around since gunner, I would expect any TO to understand how this works...
  6. I've never done it, but I'm pretty sure a lone Tantive with only 10 points in upgrades is not going to fare well against 100 points of smaller ships anyway. You're more than welcome to try, but you could only get 1 secondary weapon in, so you're getting a max of 2 shots per round. If you take Quad laser cannons then you can only get 2 shots if there are ships in both range 1-2 and 3-5, if they are only in 1 or the other, you're only getting 1 shot. If you take Single Turbolasers then you can't shoot them at all if they are in range 1-2. Sounds like it would be pretty one sided.
  7. This is incorrect, or at least poorly worded. His ability only affects other ships at range 1 of him. If I have 2 shots, one is biggs and one is a ship that is more than range 1 away from Biggs then I can choose either target. I don't have to target Biggs if he is an option.
  8. Not at range 1 it can't. It you fired range 1 with primaries and missed, then he gets a second attack with a secondary weapon. If his only secondary is HLC, he can target another ship, even if that this is within range 1 of Biggs. If biggs is not a valid target at all, then you can ignore his ability.
  9. And he does mean *anything* that doesn't explicitly say the keyword "action" (or explicitly states it can't be done while stressed of course).Even if an ability allows you to "acquire a TL" (like Fire Control System) can still be done while stressed because it does not say "perform a TL action".
  10. 3 seems much to far, with a couple rolls in the same direction you could easily send it off the board. Maybe a 1 straight?
  11. Number of Green Maneuvers: Interceptor: 7 Juno: 8 You sure about that? Interceptor has green Turns. Juno does not. Bingo! I'd gladly sacrifice having 1 speed banks and straight to gain the 2 hard turns! To each their own, I guess. I find i use 1 speed maneuvers more often than hard turns.
  12. Using 3 dice you have a 50% chance of rolling 2 hits or better (without focus or TL). You're at about 29% chance of rolling better than 2 hits (taking crit+hit being better than 2 hits into account). That's with no modifiers.
  13. The lack of any green hard turns is limiting though. Still a better choice for something like PtL than any of the other Advanced pilots would be. Yes, of course. Still a worse choice for something like PtL than most of the TIE Intercepor pilots would be. Number of Green Maneuvers: Interceptor: 7 Juno: 8 You sure about that?
  14. No. A 6 straight (or 4 turn/banks) do not exist in this game. This question has already been asked to death.
  15. I love how Strom isn't restricted to attacks against him, he's like the Carnor Jax of Range 1 bonuses lol.
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