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  1. And by the way sorry for any miss spellings and no quotes....i am on my cell phone
  2. But a character cannot just decide to be force sensitive. And as a gm i would wanna make it shiw up in dramatic ways and in critical times. So as to prelude or hint to him that he has become force sensitive. Especially if he is already op. I hate it when players have to have op characters...it destroys the game.and ends up being less cimematic and dramatic. Is exactly why i play and gm. I hope you tell this player no. As he is good enough without having to have the force talents. Look at han solo never once wanted the force. He didnt need it. Also it could end up ailienating your other force sensitive player who isnt op already.if the op player decides to make it a one man/woman show....
  3. It is my belief that the rules state that a character needs a force rating of one or higher ti be able to buy the force specilization and then the force talents would open up ro him/her. And some characters could manifest some force sensitivity at a late age. However, i would be inclined to tell the character that he has no force rating and therefore cannot buy the force sensitivity specilization. Which then would allow him to buy force powers. Unless you have started having him do strange stuff like move objects or feel someones emotional thoughts in critical times as if his will was acting on its own to help preserve the character. Then i would tell him he has no force rating and therefore cannot buy into the force specilization.
  4. they have elder signs omens and you can plai tailisman prolouge hd on your tablet and phone look on google play or the apple store for them.
  5. i havent seen anything posted by FFG yet so i am thinking they wont. I really had fun last year and made plans for it this year.....
  6. I had a very EVIL thought for the manuever dial....... A (0) Turn a red manuever get a stress to just sit turn and shoot. next round a green one and an action... next round just turn and shoot again!!!! could be a game changer.. any thoughts????
  7. I might be flyinf just the Interceptor Aces once i get the three sets I have ordered. I love all the ships though but i agree that the empire has the best looking ships out there.
  8. wackydave

    Owned. Help?

    Ok well I do believe Mara should be in the game...... she after all is the Emporer's Hand would love to see her in a wave 5 ship.
  9. Fear leads to the Dark Side.......so unlike my last name (which is Fears) would suggest i fear nothing.....except spiders.....com'n man those things are fast, and can jump. And can bite you!!!
  10. well the blaster is neither good nor bad it is the intetions of the weilder which is good or evil and that is in the perspectives of the person behind the blaster and the one in front of the blaster LMAO!!!!
  11. wackydave

    Owned. Help?

    I know this is all EU and out of the time line but........Don't forget Jaina Solo now back to the empire era how about MARA JADE? she is a fighter pilot also... just sayin lmao.
  12. Howdy all you wonderful X-Wing players out there. I hope you are winning your games and enjoying the game as well as all the speculation about wave-4 and the rebel transport... HOWEVER, I have a question for all of you. It is kind of a roll call of sorts but not for record keeping, but a logical step in my thought process....... HOW MANY, OR WHO if any flys just one faction? and only buys just the faction they are flying??? My reason asking this is because I fly BOTH factions and split up my gaming time flying both sides. Am I flawed with this concept? would i win more by just devoting myself to one faction and only flying that faction? I lose A LOT !!!!! not that that really bothers me I love this game and love playing this game. However, I wanted an opinion from my fellow x-wingers on their game play in general and if they think that dedicating one's self to one side or the other helps them or hampers their play. MY general logic is that if i play both sides i get used to flying both sides, and have a better insight when i play as to what my opponent might do.. This really has not helped me much in the sense that it is VERY hard for me to figure out how my opponent will move. so I just think of what i would do if flying his ships. I know in other minature games most people play only one faction. and invest only in that faction. and if they then decide to switch factions they have to essentially "start over" . I on the other hand have invested in both sides from the start. and will continue to do so. ( one of the reasons i love this game is only two factions. the "good guys" and the "bad guys" how ever you might define them for yourselves.) but besides the money drain for doing this is there ANY reason to fly just one faction at all? any advantages? cons? And Lastly ( i Know I am toooo long winded ) I do plan on making a couple of tournament fleets just for the tournaments and practicing with them as to be able to fly them perfectly. Happy flying folks and as always.......MAY THE SCHWARTZ BE WITH YOU!!!
  13. wackydave

    Owned. Help?

    well if he is the "EVIL EMPIRE" and she IS a WOOKIE??? then she shouldn't have time playing silly games She Should be HARD at work building him his very own DEATH STAR!!! LMAO!!!! enjoy the game and as a fellow lover of the game and a person who loses more than he would like to I experiment around with different builds i rarely use the same build twice However that might change soon. As I plan on still plan on playing around but have a squad or two just for tourneys. and practice them alot. so that Maybe just maybe i can win a tourney or two lol.
  14. Just got signed up!!! I hope i get picked... i like the team idea they have. i am wackywookie on there if i get picked. I also hope that my new swtor razor mouse will work with that one too.
  15. OH i do believe the hawk was running an ion turret. I do like the ion turrets but why not just put blaster turrets on instead? might not slow them down for a turn but you could just get them out of the way altogether.
  16. I agree with your last paragraph crooked wookie. you have a very valid point. and yes it would break the game. One of my favorite builds came from a fellow player at my lgs a b-wing with HLC Elusiveness and ( I dont have the card with me) a named pilot that gives you a re-roll and not sure if he had advanced on there or not but he always runs it with the hawk that gives him ps12 so he always shoots first. and another b-wing with HLC too. was hard to play against lost the first game then almost won the second when i went after the hawk first.
  17. i think that is what had me thinking i could only modify each die once, since a re-roll is defined as a modification and not a re-roll. therefore, In My head the logic seemed to be, you can only modify the die once. whether it is a re roll or other modification. I do see your point though.i can modify dice as much as i want as long as i only re-roll each die only once per modificaton on that die or dice.
  18. ok thanks wookie I just wanted to be sure i was understanding the rules in question. so would it work if you fired a cluster missle also with a gunner? or could your second cluster missle attack the second TL ship?
  19. wackydave

    Epic fail...

    Ok, BOTH of my two epic fails happened at gencon 2013. not sure if it was in the same game or not but i am thinking it was. any ways here they are. i laugh at them cause well just really stupid on my part. 1) plan a red manuver on an already stressed ship! Ouch! i shoulda double checked before planning that one lol. 2) went to do a 5 k turn and flew straight off the board! And Again OUCH!!! in my defense though i really did think i had more room than i actually had. so now even if i have the room i do not 5k turn anywhere near the edge of the board. I have rolled all blanks up to five. and have even done it twice in a row. usually the way my rolls go is i roll plenty of eveades when i don't need to and when i really need that one or two evades i come up all blanks. I think i need blessed dice.
  20. Sadly, the damage isn't even that much more consistent than you may think. The less defense a target has, the better the A-wing will do, comparatively speaking. 3 base dice with focus will always do more average damage than 2 base dice with focus + target lock, against agility 1-3 targets. There are a few cases where TL + focus with one less dice will be more likely to land at least one or possibly two hits, namely, against very low agility targets. Against TIEs, the X-Wing is categorically better in almost* every regard. * (range 1 vs 3 dice w/o focus, probability of getting 1+ hit is the very small exception) At range 2+, the X-wing is basically flat-out better. There are a couple of minor cases where the A-wing has a couple percentage points of a better chance at landing one hit, but the difference is minor, and overshadowed by its inferior chances of doing 2+ damage. Here are the numbers. Sorry, I don't have them in graph form yet. Someday I'll get around to it. Range 1 vs 1 defense dice, no focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3+ hits 4 hits 0.44% 96.56% 92.7% 51.5% 3 dice + focus + TL = 2.44 2.15% 97.85% 87.01% 58.01% 19.78% 4 dice + focus = 2.63 Range 1 vs 1 defense dice, with focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3+ hits 4 hits 0.71% 99.29% 88.58% 30.90% 3 dice + focus + TL = 2.19 3.32% 96.68% 81.74% 47.46% 11.87% 4 dice + focus = 2.38 Range 1 vs 2 defense dice, no focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3+ hits 4 hits 3.01% 96.99% 77.25% 32.19% 3 dice + focus + TL = 2.06 6.21% 93.79% 76.14% 43.67% 12.36% 4 dice + focus = 2.26 Range 1 vs 2 defense dice with focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3+ hits 4 hits 7.41% 92.59% 52.53% 11.59% 3 dice + focus + TL = 1.57 12.66% 87.34% 60.31% 25.21% 12.36% 4 dice + focus = 1.77 Range 1 vs 3 defense dice, no focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3+ hits 4 hits 10.41% 89.59% 60.35% 20.12% 3 dice + focus + TL = 1.70 12.83% 87.17% 63.96% 31.93% 7.72% 4 dice + focus = 1.91 Range 1 vs 3 defense dice with focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3+ hits 4 hits 32.45% 67.55% 26.94% 4.35% 3 dice + focus + TL = 0.99 29.55% 70.45% 38.38% 12.24% 1.67% 4 dice + focus = 1.23 Range 2 vs 1 defense dice, no focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3 hits 4.79% 95.21% 54.93% 2 dice + focus + TL = 1.50 6.84% 93.16% 68.55% 26.37% 3 dice + focus = 1.88 Range 2 vs 1 defense dice, with focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3 hits 7.71% 92.29% 32.96% 2 dice + focus + TL = 1.25 10.35% 89.65% 58.01% 15.82% 3 dice + focus = 1.63 Range 2 vs 2 defense dice, no focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3 hits 19.89% 80.11% 34.33% 2 dice + focus + TL = 1.14 16.06% 83.94% 52.73% 16.48% 3 dice + focus = 1.53 Range 2 vs 2 defense dice, with focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3 hits 44.79% 55.21% 12.36% 2 dice + focus + TL = 0.68 30.13% 69.87% 31.64% 5.93% 3 dice + focus = 1.07 Range 2 vs 3 defense dice, no focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3 hits 37.06% 62.94% 21.46% 2 dice + focus + TL = 0.84 27.76% 72.24% 39.14% 10.3% 3 dice + focus = 1.22 Range 2 vs 3 defense dice, with focus 0 hits 1+ hits 2+ hits 3 hits 71.57% 28.43% 4.63% 2 dice + focus + TL = 0.33 54.02% 45.98% 15.57% 2.22% 3 dice + focus = 0.64 Bottom line: A-wings with PtL need to get in range 1 and pick on low-agility targets, otherwise X-wings deal superior damage. Missiles are another interesting case that I'll be happy to bring some numbers for in a later post. NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!!! I hate odds. i am like han solo there screw the odds. i am gonna do what i gotta do and odds or not the dice are usually never on my side... LMAO! but as for the a-wings ya gotta love them. fast and i really think a few a wings could do in a swarm they can get right behind that swarm and decimate it. especially with ptl
  21. yes the order of operations is very important in modifying the dice. I Thought the dice could only be modified once. but you are saying that once a die has been re rolled it cannot be re rolled again but can be further modified using abilities and actions. correct? so a die could be rolled, modified, then re rolled ( if not prevented by the modifing ability) and then ( I know it is very unlikely.) then modified again?
  22. where is the Y-wing??? gonna need that sooner than later i do believe.
  23. I see your point... a little broken perhaps, then again i did suggest a major points boost to go with it. something to make a player think twice about putting it on a ship at all. do i get the ion turret? or just add another ship to my fleet? and i would be ok with a one turn movement consequence. but i just don't think you can re fire and reboot a ship that quickly. so the manuver for re firing the engines and then the stress for rebooting systems? i could live with that. as long as the said ship could not fire for both rounds. and a points cost modification to go along with the new power.
  24. OK WOW!!!! i NEEDED to know that!!!! cause we have bbeen doing it wrong at my lgs!! I am so glad i read these rules questions posts! i learn alot this way. thanks guys. and by extension i do beleive that dice can only be modified once right? example I attack with 4 dice i roll eye,eye, hit, crit. elusiveness has me reroll the crit i roll eye. then i use focus i can only change two of they eyes to hits since the last eye was a modified die. This is how i interpret the rules if i am wrong let me know. thanks.
  25. OK but this brings up the question, If you use gunner on another ship can you also spend a tl for rerolls? assuming you were able to tl two ships?
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