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  1. I am just finishing up the write ups, then the editing, rules consistency, spell check again... then compile into a single PDF... due to work I am looking at around 2-3 months for everything to be finished, but hopefully sooner
  2. Once it is completed... most likely not until the Realms of Terrinoth is released (I want it formatted in the same style) then I will be printing off several copies and binding them. I will contact you then, and if the cost of mailing it does not kill me off I will be sending you one... if not then I will send you the files instead. And you have credits on the front page, I made sure of that
  3. Kaalamity, I am impressed and awed. I am also a blatant thief. I have been working on this setting for about 3 months now and you are able to always stay ahead of me. I have stolen some of your ideas, and discarded a few to rewrite. Once I get the PDF finalized I will be more than happy to share it with you so that it helps inspire you and others to continue to create amazing settings
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