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  1. I dont know much about the SSU or how the squads are but I put this together and was wondering your great peoples feedback, I like Yana and the Fakyeli and then I just kinda did the math to see what squads fit to excatly 127 seeing as how thats what it seems like FF did with the Rev Core Set. Yana - Fakyeli - Red Thunder - Red Storm - Grand Ma - 127 pts Please let me know what you all think thanks in advance especialy for the responses!
  2. Played my first 2 games today with the axis although i plan on playing allies or ssu! My poor brother the Axis is way to powerfull he was crushed both times this box is definiteley NOT balanced it wasnt even fair as soon as i got into range! Maybe we are trying to balace the wrong side of the box and the Axis need to be dumbed down, which is probably easier.
  3. That sounds like a great start thanks! Any other suggestions or is everyone else in agreement or have a different list?
  4. What would be a fair and ballanced list to mach my Rev Core set armies so i can add the 3rd faction to my box of fun! 127 points is the target.
  5. Lol didnt think of that. I did say im still new right haha. So then do I go with Ozz or just stay with Rhino. And as far as the rest of the list goes can anyone tell me if it is balanced enough. or does it break what the box is trying to do. I hear so many complaints of the box being very unbalanced.
  6. Hello all, I am new to the game as well and have done my research on these threads so thank you all that post its most helpfull. Now i was going to make this thread myself as well and I was looking through all the cards trying to balance out a force for the Allies and still keep it in points but am now worried that I am breaking what small 130 point starter games are supposed to be but ill let you all be the judge. So the list I have devised is the same excact cost as the Axis in the revised core set. So heres the list. Action Jackson - Death Dealers - Grim Reapers - Tank Busters - Wildfire Any thoughts you provide are welcome and apreciated thanks
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