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  1. So what were the top deck list? Did another scum/smugg win?
  2. You must not be paying attention. Mono smuggler with Trust me and false report will beat Sith the majority of the time. If you take away thier events sith just can't deal with fat units like freeloaders.
  3. I'm only counting 4 protectors there (2 Royal Guards, 2 Shadow Guards). You could toss in the BotF Mara and hope to use Join Me to grab a Guardian of the Peace for a 5th protector... then use Palpatine to grab Join Me back and grab another Guardian of the Peace for a 6th... 2 Shadow Guards per Mara pod IIRC. Nope, just 1. We know card 1( the objective), 2 (Mara), 3 (Shadow Guard), 4 (Mara's saber), and 6 (Rage). Card 5 will either be an enhancement or an event, but is definitely not a Shadow Guard. It will probably be the 2 for 2 resource that all factions are getting. We've seen Imperial, smuggler and rebel so far. If it is included. Her set becomes stupid strong.
  4. I'm excited to see any preview, but yellow and red are not at the top of the list. Wonder who gets to show us the new Scum pod?
  5. You don't want to heal your objectives. The threat of False Report with Questionable Contacts at one health or Trust me at two is a huge advantage.
  6. Yes, but seeing as the game is designed around Objective Sets. I don't think we can look at Boba Fett in a vacuum. His set is what makes him bad. It requires too much in faction external support to be efficient and doesn't synergize well with non-scum sets. - Boba needs his armor to be effective. Thus, requiring 2 copies of his set and additional card draw effects. - Bounty Collection and Bespin Exchange are needlessly restricted to "from play". This causes timing issues and leads to unused resources, as it will likely be triggered outside of the deployment phase. - The pod has no resources. This limits its synergy with out of faction pods and requires others to compensate. Its really just sad to see Boba and Slave in such a lackluster state while Han and the Falcon are arguably overpowered.
  7. My scum decks tend to revolve around four spice visions. I think its the best card they have. It counters/creates tricks and works as a double strike for objective and unit removal. Shadows of Nar Shaddaa is a dark horse. The thugs free damage adds up if you don't destroy objectives until the end. The protection combos well with spice visions on a one health unit, not to mention soaking objective damage. The assassin droid is surprisingly effective against swarm. When False Report blows up the meta. The object ability, along with Corrupt official will help survive a board wipe. Pair it with Bespin Exchange to use it in consecutive turns. I like this pod the more i play it. I'm hoping for a straight up 1:1 resource in their next pod. Something that clears tokens when units return to hand would be nice. It seems like scum has the most hoops to jump through just to get additional resources. Remote hideout, feeding the pit, space pirates, bounty collection, bespin exchange and Hunt them down. Hell, even ole Bib Fortuna can choke out if your not careful. Just give me a straight two for two in a pod with internal synergy and call it a day. Probably won't happen, but I dare to dream.
  8. When discussing balance.The meta at the highest tier matters most. At that level, Scum needs help. I do think that after march, the light side may shift toward character centric decks. If so, scum becomes more viable. The watchful eyes pod in Lure of the Dark side needs to be a home run.
  9. In what world are scum considerd directly opposite of sumugglers? They each do diffrent things and any need for parity is a thing that exists inside your own head. IG-88 is gona make scum intresting though it seems likely that FFG will keep giving all the good dark side cards to Sith. The design parity should be obvious. Bossak, Get me solo and trandosan hunters are blatant. Along with capture vs rescue. Even future cards like slicing in vs watchful eyes continue the pattern. IG88 is a step in the right direction. Scum desperatly need pods that are good on thier own and synergize within the objective set like this one. Scum is suffering from a lack of force icons, paying too heavily for the capture mechanic and as mentioned, terrible internal objective synergy. Scum have cards suited to handle the false report, but thier in crap pods that require other crap pods to compensate. Try making Corrupt official and/or shadows over nar shada work without scum support. You'll give up pretty quick.
  10. There is no scum pod in this force pack and the only one we've seen is far off and weak. It may end up balanced come cycle end, but probably in the form of Sith getting stronger and scum overpaying for a mechanic that has built in draw backs. Folks are tired of waiting.
  11. This pod kinda pisses me off. Wheres the parity? What does, or will scum get in the future to balance this? Power creep like this just reinforces the perceived design bias. Han vs Boba, Falcon vs Slave or Chewie vs Bossak. The list goes on. Im not asking for a broken scum pod, just something to get excited about. Hell, even IG88's new pod is a joke compared to this, which is three expansions away. Bounty hunters get no respect.
  12. Scum and Villainy. The most loathed faction in SWLCG to date. Annoying fan boys and power gamers alike by bombarding us with a lacking mechanical theme(Capture) and chaining the most feared Bounty Hunter in the galaxy(and his ship) to bottom of the power curve. While its counter part, Sith and its antithesis, Smugglers sit atop the meta. This faction needs help fast. I find it very much upsetting that we wont see any new scum pods for months. Does this annoy anyone else?
  13. I tend to agree I think design and play testing are at fault here. Scum pods continue to pay heavily for a capture mechanic that's perceived to be stronger than it actually is. Subsequently, the remaining pod cards are weaker. The speed at which light side can kill objectives turns temporary board control for the dark side into card advantage for the former. Its simply too slow. To make it work you have to jump through too many combo hoops. Get Boba his armor, need Jabba for Bounty, double focus Bossak. name the correct card for Get Me Solo, find a unit in hand for Headhunter and hope your not helping your opponent cycle cards with Tatoonine Crash. Then to avoid the card advantage. You need one of two cards to kill the captives before their rescued, which can backfire, as the rest of scum is semi dependent on you having captured cards in play. For balance parity, light side has cards with a built in rescue mechanic that seem to not effect the overall strength of the card its attached to. Capturing systematically hinders scum and dark side more than it helps. I'd like to see scum move away from capturing as much it can and focus on higher unit damage instead. I know its a core theme that cant be avoided, but they need to speed it up or make it more efficient if weakening of other cards continues.
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