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  1. But then semantically '2' in base-10 and '10' in base-2 are conceptually the same thing. Which just proves that engineers are far less useful than philosophers. 😇
  2. To be fair, this was usually what happened. As the Vultures were hanging back anyway they were actually able to get a decent ranged engagement. The bigger issue at the time was that I had a Infiltrator as the Probe deployer which kind a left them out to dry a bit, costing a decent chunk of my forces. I should really try with a Hyena and see if the small base helps.
  3. One question I have about the DRK-1 Probe Droids: how are you guys getting them out so the vultures have a spare round to get the lock? Are you hanging the Vultures back a lot, sacrificing the carrier to get them out ahead of time etc? Whenever I tested them out I always found that the Vultures just didn't have the time to actually make use of them.
  4. My bet for a card pack is an Alphabet Squadron set.
  5. I mean, it's been like 3 years now...
  6. Well kinda, they really just massively favour the person who decides to act first.
  7. We have weapons in Europe as well, you'll be shocked to hear. But if you mean the discussion over gun control in general rather than the FFG rules, then yeah.
  8. They do in Europe, for whatever that's worth.
  9. You'd think that after 30 years or so people would realise that there's more reasons to argue on the internet than to try to change someone's mind.
  10. They also generally have pretty strict controls in place.
  11. It's nigh-on impossible to track crimes that haven't happened, you can only really compare the rates at places with permissive and strict controls on weapons, really.
  12. On the contrary, and thanks to the US for providing a good benchmark to measure from, they're pretty much universally helpful. Any meaningful barrier you can add to make it harder to perform deadly violence will save thousands of lives, there's very little to doubt it. Obviously if you have one instance of someone really, really wanting to do it then fine, but for each one of those you'll have plenty more who find time to cool off, find the alternative methods too much or are able to be stopped. Obviously if personal freedoms matter more to you than any other outcome none of that matters, but you can't really dress it up any other way.
  13. Irrational societies, actually. It just means putting the overall homicide rates at a higher priority than letting people give themselves a feeling of control at the expense of others. Same reason why people get mad at anti-vaxxers, essentially.
  14. In general I find it somewhat interesting that gun nuts will always frame their arguments with cases of extremely rational individuals. I mean I guess that's the burden of any libertarian theory but it's always strange to see it in practice.
  15. I'd be kinda shocked if they even realised they were making one with that particular rule.
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