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  1. I don't know about that, its only really XY's list which has done anything with the infiltrator since the Hate nerf. The bubs have been seeing a lot more play in general, from what I've seen.
  2. Pfft. If a swarm player wants to slow play, crash everything together and next turn dial in moves which bank/turn-bump over all the models. Also side-bonus: halfway through a game your hamstrings almost certainly will need stretching from all the table-leaning dexterity involved. That's another few minutes right there.
  3. Outside of the relay they carry, they are a native 3-dice attack ship that can preposition with mods if it really, really has to. It can usually take one decent smack and not explode as well, which is a nice bonus.
  4. I remember testing Drones with just struts and thinking they did pretty well, but just struggle to put enough damage through. Turns out all they needed was an 80 point support ship to tractor things for them!
  5. If you don't own one and are making last minute decisions on your list, of course. Sometimes I'll remember/be prepared enough and get something printed at work.
  6. Also I always wondered how long it'd take for people to notice the European WAAC mask slipping.
  7. What kind of bourgeois monster owns a printer in this day and age?
  8. But then semantically '2' in base-10 and '10' in base-2 are conceptually the same thing. Which just proves that engineers are far less useful than philosophers. 😇
  9. To be fair, this was usually what happened. As the Vultures were hanging back anyway they were actually able to get a decent ranged engagement. The bigger issue at the time was that I had a Infiltrator as the Probe deployer which kind a left them out to dry a bit, costing a decent chunk of my forces. I should really try with a Hyena and see if the small base helps.
  10. One question I have about the DRK-1 Probe Droids: how are you guys getting them out so the vultures have a spare round to get the lock? Are you hanging the Vultures back a lot, sacrificing the carrier to get them out ahead of time etc? Whenever I tested them out I always found that the Vultures just didn't have the time to actually make use of them.
  11. My bet for a card pack is an Alphabet Squadron set.
  12. I mean, it's been like 3 years now...
  13. Well kinda, they really just massively favour the person who decides to act first.
  14. We have weapons in Europe as well, you'll be shocked to hear. But if you mean the discussion over gun control in general rather than the FFG rules, then yeah.
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