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  1. Yeah, the rest of Scum is usually fine. Fangs can joust but you should be able to catch them at range 2 of something (though I haven't played against the 4). It's just Guri that's a pretty consistent game over. But yeah, Tavson is a tough one to chew through, he took pretty much 3 or 4 full rounds of concentrated fire to take down. I didn't find it too bad alongside QD as she's pretty simple to pin down but with Kylo I don't feel too confident.
  2. If terms of lists I've had issues against - nimble aces can definitely be an issue. If Guri is in my opponents list I find that all they need to do is take a half decent trade with whatever else they have and she can do the rest. Same can go for some of the stuff Imperials can put out there. I haven't played against Kylo either but I can imagine he would have the same kind of issues.
  3. They were submitted on paper as normal, not digitally. One of the FFG reps added the top 64 to the app by hand to share (poor guy), which is probably why listfortress is already filled out with all those.
  4. There's not many aces that can forego an action so readily. Hate keeps Maul topped up and the Vultures have their buddies to feed them tokens - the gas clouds aren't really big enough for more than 1 to go over. Also with the Infiltrator being a bit of a clunker to turn around, having the space to flip and skip an action you were going to be stressed for anyway is great for keeping up the offensive output of the list. Basically you might be right, but I'm pretty confident that the amount I get to exploit from the gas clouds is more than my opponent can get from them.
  5. Gas clouds are kinda abusive combined with Force (especially on a large base) and Network Calculations, so I took 3 of them. No regrets there. So when it's your turn to place obstacles, keep those rocks out of the middle as much as possible. Maul is a beast but not invincible, the first few times practice games I gave him up a bit too much and he got nuked. So for the Open I always deployed him in the corner and the droids slightly into the centre to screen him. A lot of the time during the first round of combat he was just providing Dooku support to the Energy missiles then coming in to smash face after (if they set up opposite and try to joust they're probably wrong). Fire the missiles at what you can, any droid with them left over after the first round of combat is going to be the main target. During that first round only use the calculates on defence if you have no other option and I'd question spending someone else's either, depends on the situation. Droids have a big initial impact and a real deep falloff. So don't get excited after the first round of combat. Once your swarm splits/gets killed off having the droids pair off is good if you can manage it. One can k turn as the other one flies over them to get out of range and gain a calculate, that kind of thing. It's a fun aspect to the faction.
  6. Also when you rotate you have to pick a different arc to the one you're currently using, which might also make it tricky to pull off every now and then.
  7. I ended up going 4-2 with this one, which I'm pretty happy with. There was one game I made a serious error which cost me the game, the other one was Born/Lulo/Vennie which I made a bit of an mistake but it could've still done either way. First couple of games were some variation on U-Wings and friends, which my list kinda eats for breakfast. Dooku crew did a lot of work though, I can't count the number of times he turned a Hit/Focus/Blank into Hit/Hit/Crit for basically 2 force. Hate is amazing and Grevious is a no brainer. Though generally people didn't shoot Maul that much as they had some concerns about the mini-swarm in front of him. Most of my games were won on points that way. Though it has to be said that most of my opponents hadn't played much against Separatists, so it remains to be seen whether that affects things. Either way, I was happy with the list.
  8. Yep, there's going to be a time and a place for it, it's just going to wipe you of most of your resources. In my early games I was way too gung-ho with it so I might've gone the other way too much.
  9. I don't think I've used his ability once in all my practice games with him, it's the upgrades that are really doing it in my games, plus the I5 and innate mods if needs must. For the record, Hate/Grevious/Dooku was what I tested today and is the build I'm settling on for the Open next weekend. Plus 5 drones with Energy Cells.
  10. With Maul I just don't find the benefit from the title. Dooku has shenanigans that can help make the most of it by using it out of the normal timings, but Maul has a danger of spending a lot of resources to throw a lot of unmodified attacks, imo. So from that list I'd narrow it down to: 1.) Hate + Proton Torpedoes 2.) Hate + Dooku 4.) Grievous + Kraken 5.) Chancellor Palpatine I need to try Palp to see how he fares, but again you're spending force that Maul can't spare again. Dooku is cheaper and is direct dice mods so I want to give him a go. Plus you can fit Hate for more force regen whereas you can't quite with Palp. Kraken is great imo, and means that Maul can also store his own spare calculate if he has a recharge round. But to get the most of him you can't fly Maul too far away from the droids. K2-B4 I just don't find that useful unless I luck out and get a lot of natural evades. Protons are expensive for a faction that feels a tad overcosted in general. But, you know, do kill stuff which is useful. So for 15 points I'm planning on trying Hate, Grevious, Dooku.
  11. Nice, I think I caught everyone taking a dump break at the same time.
  12. Wait, doesn't Pattern Analyser only allow you take a single action off its trigger (as it specifies '1 action')?
  13. This is all true, but for some reason hearing Krayt-isms come out from other voices makes them seem way worse and insulting than they do on their show. Somehow they seem to have managed to work out a way to use their style for good(ish), but there's still issues with the kind of tone it introduces if you aren't careful with it. (fwiw, in general I thought that this was one of the best episodes for a while, so I guess it swings and roundabouts)
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