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  1. Down to 6 Probe Droid (76/80) General Kenobi (53/145) Jedi Rey (50/330) Hermit Yoda (16/145) Wampa (5/145) Darth Traya ( 0/145 )
  2. Bastilla Shan is a beast. But I am playing more for something to do, I do not have to win every fight or finish in the top tier every day. I auto fight most of those anyway, and that is definitely not be most effective way to win.
  3. Lots of changes, most of them good. Chat is a bit wonky now.
  4. Saw it last night, enjoyed it more than I expected. Lando was great. L3-37 was fantastic. Han's head was too big, but the performance was good and after about 15 minutes I no longer cared who the actor was, it was Han. And @Alpha17, you are right it was not as good as TLJ, but TLJ was a good movie, maybe not a full fan service old cannon movie but was a good Star Wars movie.
  5. I am missing 9 URoRrrorurrorururorrurrro being the only one that is farmable.
  6. Norym


    Network Analyst for a Hospital, mostly doing Citrix, AD and other SysAdmin work.
  7. The TIE J/K would be more appropriate.
  8. First I decide what faction. Then pick a single ship, choose a pilot. Build rest of list around that. I rarely run the same list twice. I do have a crazy Point and Shoot scum list, that I will repeat, that is fun and plays fast. Matches usually last no more than 5 rounds, win or lose.
  9. This is why I do it. Now have 14 Zeta's, so close I can almost taste my first Z Character.
  10. I tried the 2nd tier about a dozen times yesterday and managed to barely complete it. Then got crushed on the Bonus.
  11. Wow, upgrading the ST from lvl 4 assault training to lvl 5 made all the difference. Completed it, then got crushed on the 2nd level. I need to level up my RG
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