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  1. Hi Dam Thanks for that. I also just found your post on this subject dated the 7/4/13. I would agree with you, so that how I am going to proceed. It was a clip on YouTube that confused me a bit, but all is well now. Thanks again for the reply.
  2. I have come across something, that to me is a contradiction in the rules. However as I am new to this, it could be me getting it wrong. On page 6 of the rules dealing with Attributes it looks as though you can loose attributes right down to 1 and no lower. On page 7 at the top in the black area it also talks of Attributes, but there to me it looks as though you can only loose them down to the number you started with and no lower. Does the Golden Rule on page 22 come into play to allow the loss down to one if a card tells you to do so ? Page 6 Gaining and Losing Attributes A player can gain attributes. Each time this happens, he adjusts the corresponding dial on his character board by rotating it clockwise by the specified amount. An attribute dial has a maximum value of 12. If an attribute dial reads “12” and a player gains an attribute corresponding to that dial, he cannot adjust his dial further, and he ignores the attribute gain. A player can lose attributes. Each time this happens, he adjusts the corresponding dial on his character board by rotating it anticlockwise by the specified amount. A player’s attribute dials have a minimum value of 1. If a player’s attribute dial reads “1” and he loses an attribute, he does not adjust his attribute dial further, and he ignores the attribute lost. Page 7 10. Starting Attribute and Life Values: The Strength, Willpower, and Cunning values indicate how much of each attribute a player has at the beginning of the game. A player cannot reduce his attribute dials below this value. The Life value indicates how much Life a player has at the beginning of the game. Page 22 Golden Rule In any instance where a special ability or text box conflicts with the rules in this book, the special ability or text box always takes precedence.
  3. Have only just started to play this game, and I could do with a bit of help. The card says " At the start of this battle, you may draw 1 Corruption card to draw Power Cards until you reach your power limit. " I just can't figure out what this means. Any help would be great. OK......this was me having brain freeze. Have just worked it out. Think the sun has got to me.
  4. Hi Angus Thanks for that, I think I understand what you are saying now.
  5. On page 12 of the new rules there is a box in the top left hand corner referring to the Extra Arms example. what I can't understand is why the player should put one energy token on the card, when it has an energy of 3. I just do not understand this example or what it is trying to explain. Is it trying to say you can put less energy token on a spell if you want to, thereby lessening the time it is there, but that can't be right, because the rules say you can dump a spell whenever you want to. can anybody enlighten me ? casting and maintaining a temporary spell 1. A player casts the “Extra Arms” spell and places it faceup in his play area with 1 energy token on it. The card is considered part of his hand. 2. During his next turn, he removes the energy token and discards the card. The card is no longer part of his hand. Note: The energy value of “3” at the bottom of the card is ignored in this example because the player is choosing to use this card’s effect instead of using it to boost anothe
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