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  1. Can you spend a green token to reroll 2 dice using Scum Lando crew cards ability while in the Bullseye arc of a Kimogila?
  2. @CoffeeMinion feedback array damages your own ship now as well. So they won’t last long and 4 points is a huge cost for them.
  3. I like running Deadman’s Switch on my Quads. They are trying to be at range 1 and will die eventually so why not have some extra damage when they do. I also send two at one target to make sure one gets there. My third will be a turn behind to make sure I get the Tractor off next turn. I usually run Kath or Han and a shuttle to go with them.
  4. I apologise, we played they tournament with the new points. I edited my post to reflect that.
  5. Played a local 14 player tournament over the weekend using the new points update with one I4 and two I3 ships and out of 4 games I came across 11 ships. One I6, eight I5’s, one I4 and one I3. I5 is still alive and well in my local area.
  6. 5 for my Scyk swarm. It will be interesting to see how long it takes new cards to be released in all factions. It is unfortunate that the Scyk release in wave 5 doesn’t come with them.
  7. I flew Torani, Palob and 4-LOM at a local store competition over the weekend using the new points updates. Torani held her own. Stress messed her up in one game vs death troopers. She just couldn’t move far enough away to get her arc around. The biggest problem I had was being I4. Everyone I played was running I5 or more with a couple of exceptions. I think the problem is when you look at the 60 points you paid for it and then you can get Old T for cheaper and I5. I had a ton of fun flying her so I class that as a win.
  8. I am really enjoying this list at the moment. Torani can really get that extra damage in when no one has any tokens to spend. Cluster missiles can trigger her ability twice in one phase if the stars align. Good times. I have also used 0-0-0 on 4-LOM dropping the hull upgrade and changing Toranis to a shield. Depends if you need more stress control or less modded attacks coming in. Torani Kulda (48) Cluster Missiles (5) R3 Astromech (3) Hull Upgrade (3) Ship total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 5 4-LOM (49) Elusive (3) Advanced Sensors (10) Freelance Slicer (3) Hull Upgrade (3) Mist Hunter (2) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 5 Palob Godalhi (40) Debris Gambit (4) Freelance Slicer (3) Proximity Mines (6) Moldy Crow (18) Ship total: 71 Half Points: 36 Threshold: 3 Total: 200
  9. Throwing out the odd Jam with 4-Lom can really slow down the amount of damage you take a round as well. R3 works well with Cluster missiles if you drop Shield and Trick shot. Torani's ability would also trigger twice! hmmm. Let me know how it goes for you if you get it on the table.
  10. This has been fun to fly in casual games. 4-LOM — G-1A Starfighter49 Elusive3 Advanced Sensors10 0-0-05 Mist Hunter2 Ship Total: 69 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 5 Palob Godalhi — HWK-290 Light Freighter40 Trick Shot2 L3-374 Proximity Mines6 Moldy Crow18 Ship Total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 3 Torani Kulda — M12-L Kimogila Fighter50 Expert Handling4 R3 Astromech3 Shield Upgrade4 Ship Total: 61 Half Points: 31 Threshold: 5
  11. Tractor cannon on Krassis is amazing. He can shoot it forward or back arc unlike the HLC. I have had it help plenty of times to move ships on to or in the path of Proximity mines. Occasionally a ship will get to close to a table edge and you can boost them in to a position where they can’t stay on the table next turn. Drop Elusive and HLC for Tractor Cannon and Proton bombs to bring a bit more control to the list. The Firespray is my favourite ship so I am Looking forward to what you come up with.
  12. I flew this list at a Hyperspace event over the weekend for a bit of fun. I lost the 3 games I played but before you scroll on, the list has potential and I made major mistakes in all 3. Every game was close and exiting despite my poor decisions and lack of experience flying Old T. In 3 games I lost Seevor 3 times , Old T twice and Half points on Krassis twice and one death. Here is the list and I will describe what worked and what didn’t after. Krassis Trelix — Firespray-class Patrol Craft 70, Trick Shot2, Tractor Beam 2, Cluster Missiles 5, Perceptive Copilot 8, Proton Bombs 5, Munitions Failsafe 1, Andrasta 4, Proximity Mines 6, Ship Total: 103 Half Points: 52 Threshold: 5 Old Teroch — Fang Fighter 56, Fearless 3. Ship Total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 2 Captain Seevor — Mining Guild TIE Fighter 30, Squad Leader 8. Ship Total: 38 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 2 Krassis can fire Two double modded cluster missile shots in the first couple of engagements with the Coordinate from Seevor. Seevor strips a token from a defender and possibly Old T does as well making them hit a lot harder. Game 1 vs Resistance 5’s 100-149 Game 2 vs Rebel Beef XXXU 126-200 Game 3 vs Soontir, Dutchess, Marek and Vermiel. 101-120 My mistakes were forgetting to drop bombs in the system phase. My first game had me miss two opportunities to drop proximity mines directly on ships. The proton bombs were used to zone opponents in to bad angles or force them to use actions to barrel roll or boost. When Krassis has his Lock the following round he could grab his Focus from Seevor and reinforce making him a poor target. The stress makes this not useable every round but it helped on a few occasions. The star of the show was surprisingly the tractor beam. In one game I tractored a full health Tallissan in to a position where she flew off the table next turn. In another game I moved Dutchess and Soontir on to Proximity mines after they used their actions to dodge them. Half points on Dutchess and destroyed Fel with two hull left. I lost that game due to three turns of blank/focus red dice from Old T. I had previously used my focus on Defence. My second game was a comedy of errors. I flew in a way that I never had before and couldn’t recover. I encourge those with more experience with Old T to try it out. I had a heap of fun flying the list and learned a lot but I think with more practice it could get the job done.
  13. I would fly that at a casual tournament or any games night. Firesprays not named Boba are in a odd spot right now but they are a solid chassis and can get work done. The only thing I would change is Lone wolf for Cluster missiles on Frost. If you can start you first engagement with a Lock and get 4 shots off with two ships it will go a long way to soften up higher ship count lists.
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