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  1. A bit heavy handed in my opinion. Make it so if you are already stressed you can’t rotate and it would be much better. Pilots are forced to not double up on actions if they think they might not get a shot. Both sides have tough decisions now.
  2. The synergy with Koshka and stress from tractor if they rotate is neat. I think you would need the first list to get the most out of it though. 1 Tug is not going to get many opportunities during a game in my experience. I have flown 3 tugs with bombs and deadman’s with Kath and a few upgrades before and it works surprisingly well. I might sub in Koshka for a game or two to see how that works out with the new tractor rules. Thanks for the idea!
  3. Boba with boost and evade in to Han with perceptive copilot! Yes please. It would need to be priced high. I don’t want to see it in second ed though.
  4. Played a few games with this list and it seems solid. Looking for feedback and improvements. I play Scum but bought a few separatist ships when the Nantex came out so I am all for weird interactions. Darth Maul — Sith Infiltrator67 Hate9 Tractor Beam2 General Grievous3 Count Dooku10 Shield Upgrade4 Scimitar4 Ship Total: 99 Half Points: 50 Threshold: 6 Chertek — Nantex-Class Starfighter39 Ensnare10 Treacherous2 Ship Total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: NaN Petranaki Arena Ace — Nantex-Class Starfighter38 Ensnare10 Treacherous2 Ship Total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: NaN Learing to fly Maul was the hardest part of flying this list. He is a support ship to help keep the Nantex alive with Dooku or to be in range to pass off a tractor token if your opponent slips the net. He can help tractor a ship the Nantex can’t reach and is much more resilient than I first thought. The large base can also help the Nantex use Treacherous in a pinch. The strain on Maul only helps him Regen a bit of extra force. Thoughts, comments and criticism wanted.
  5. I have not tried that list yet but did use Chertek and 3 Aces with Ensnare and Sun naked to good effect. The list I have like yours has Treacherous on Chertek and two aces instead of crack shot. I’m not sure how often it will trigger but with all that repositioning you might be able to get an opponent down two green dice every so often.
  6. It seems like a mistake that it doesn't work like the others but it looks like you are correct.
  7. Looks like the Rules Reference update just stopped you getting an action after going through your gas clouds. Still good for defence while you close the gap though.
  8. I am a Scum player. I play these because they are the more Scum than Scum is. The tractor was built in to the hull of the ship and interestingly they had a shied generator as well which unfortunately didn’t make it in to the game. Ensnare as a talent might be some Ace pilots using the ships tractor array in creative ways that other pilots could not. The pilots could also be controlled by smells through a mask they wear. There is an extremely interesting video on YouTube about the ship.
  9. I was getting 1-2 Ensnares off every turn after the first long range engagement. I found that wit hard turns and multiple Ensnares you can cast a wide enough net to grab something. Worst case scenario you try to get all your tractor tokens on to one Nantex so the others have more green dice if they manage to slip the net.
  10. It could be abused in niche situations though. Say your arc is facing left and the opponents ship is to the left but out of range 1 on the other side of debris. You tractor yourself on to the debris to get range one and a stress. Now if you don’t have to rotate the arc or move back to where you were you avoided a major drawback of the ship ability. I have no idea how it is meant to work but I am going to be flying these things for a while and would like to try and cover all the bases.
  11. If you gain a Tractor token to perform a rotate action, do you rotate before or after you reposition the ship? If it is after the reposition and you reposition on to debris are you stressed before you can rotate? If so can you even reposition on to a debris if you can’t complete the action because you can’t pay a cost for something you can’t resolve?
  12. I flew Sun Fac with no upgrades, Chertek with Ensare and two Aces with ensnare on the weekend. I don’t think I would be game to fly 3. I had a 1 point bid because I didn’t bring my upgrade cards and bought the ships on the day. If the other pilots are in a good position Sun doesn’t need to move last. The repositioning from the other 3 Nantes will get him the shot he wants. I’m keen to hear how you go with 3 though!
  13. When you are being shot at you can reroll a defence dice for each ship that is tractored in the shooting ships fire arc. That includes the Nantex that is being shot at if it has a tractor token.
  14. Not enough points in the list. I used the others to set up his shots and skirted the battle and tractored him out of arcs or in to better positions. 3 Ensnares cast a large net. To be honest I feel like flying a 3rd Ace with ensnare instead of Sun would be even better. Sun drew a lot of the attention but the other ships are just as deadly and they are all around the same points in the end. The first game he died early to a range three 4 dice blank out but even then I only lost by 22 points due to an Ace getting to half points on the last turn Vs Chertek, Maul, Grevious. Won handily vs Kylo, QD, Tavson and 200-0 Vader mini swarm. The game I lost was the most fun one. We were both learning the Nantex and had a blast.
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