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  1. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  2. Alarum

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    @Sandrem Emon dropped a Proximity mine while Ioned and did a free red boost with Cad Bane and then the game crashed.
  3. Alarum

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    I tried a few games vs random AI and the game crashes every time I successfully use space tug tractor array. Edit: Also It says the target is invalid when trying to target a second ship with cluster missiles. Possibly due to no Lock on the second ship? Keep up the great work!
  4. Alarum

    Moralo + Emon + Silliness

    Emon can drop a bomb and decloak but can’t decloak and then drop a bomb. This list looks like a lot of fun though. I am definitely keen to try Emon on the table some more.
  5. I took Boba and IG-88C to a small local competition and went 3-0 vs some solid lists. Most notably winning 200-0 in the final vs Dash/Roark. I gave up Half points on IG in one of my games but both ships survived every game. I am by no means the best player in the area but the list is very forgiving if flown correctly. It’s all about positioning. I dropped the Escape Craft because it can’t keep itself relevant after the first couple of turns. Boba and IG will be well out of range of it. The list: Boba, Lone Wolf, Marauder, Han, IG-88D. IG-88C, Juke, IG-2000, Stealth Device, Cloaking Device, Proximity Mine, Fire Control System. 7 point bid or swap out Mines for more toys or bigger bid. Contraband Cybernetics might be useful on Boba on a turn he can’t get a good position with a Blue manoeuvre. Boba does almost all the work. IGC just wants to cloak and stay alive trying to stay in range of obstacles or the board edge to prevent decloaking. Grab a Lock when it’s safe and dance around trying to grab attention or dropping Cloak to get good modified shots. The bomb is a good deterrent to block lanes even if they don’t actually get hit. Boba wants to boost as much as he can in to range 1 but out of as many arc as possible (obviously). I try to get him past my opponents ships to fire from the rear. Save Lone Wolf for defence.
  6. Alarum

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    The game failed to advance after Redline lost his last hull to Console Fire Crit. The game still asked for an attacker to be declared and couldn't be skipped.
  7. Alarum


    The idea behind Cloaking Device was to give me a slightly less predictable angle on the first engagement. Lone Wolf helps on those turns you didn’t make range one or kill your range one threat before return fire. I mostly want to shoot out the rear arc so it narrows the list of useful talents. I swapped out Cloaking device and Contraband Cybernetics for two Stealth Devices and Advanced Sensors for Trajectory Simulator. It really helped the survivability of both ships. I’m not sure what to change to get mods for IG-88. So far I haven’t had trouble with Juke or double Calculate. I like the L337 addition. I will try it out when I buy Lando’s Falcon. Thanks for the input!
  8. Alarum


    I have never flown an Aggressor before and usually fly dual Firesprays. I was looking for ways to token stack Boba and came up with this. Bobots Boba, Lone Wolf, IG88D, Proton Bombs, Cloaking Device, Marauder and Han. IG-88C, Juke, Advanced Sensors, Proton Bombs, Contraband Cybernetics and IG-2000. Boba can boost, evade and red Focus from Han each turn or double Calculate and red Focus. With his rerolls and Lone wolf he seems well protected. Advanced Sensors seems hit and miss. Could get you out of trouble but lose the second action doing so. Could drop it for Stealth Device on Boba to possibly keep him alive longer. Comments and criticism welcome.
  9. Alarum

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    I had an odd experience where after a ship moved the ship that moved before it moved off the table and was destroyed. The ships were in the middle of the table. The game froze after the second time this happened. There was no error message.
  10. Alarum

    [2e] [Scum] Bombs Away!

    Over before it started. From the Rules Reference pdf. "• Each ship cannot drop or launch a device during the same phase that it decloaked."
  11. Alarum

    [2e] [Scum] Bombs Away!

    I think taking Cloaking Device on Emon with your load out would be fun. Decloaking first and then dropping a bomb really opens up the placement options on a couple of turns. Cad Bane to boost and a blue move to remove stress and recloak if you don’t have a decent shot. The crymorah list might want a few different bombs in the list. 10 bombs and 6 asteroids leaves a couple of wasted opertunities. And as the field opens up it will be harder to get their ships close to the last couple of asteroids. Looks like some fun options there. Let us know how they go when you get them on the table.
  12. Alarum

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    I encountered this error (Twice) with Ryad in 2.0. After using advanced sensors to boost I got red text before doing my programmed 5 straight. It was my first move of the game both times. I have screen shots of the red text but don't have the know how to make the file smaller so I can attach the pic.
  13. Alarum

    (2e) Emon and Moralo Building Help

    Cloaking device on Emon will be fun. Imagine all the places you can drop a bomb before or after decloaking.
  14. Alarum

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    When using Garven Dreis, if you spend a Target Lock the UI asks to assign a focus to a ship in range and will give the ship a token if you don't skip it.
  15. Alarum

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    @Sandrem There was no red text for this. It happened both times I tried it. I moved Boba Fett a 1 bank and focused. Then I used Advanced Sensors to coordinate Boba Fett with Kylo Upsilon shuttle. After I did the action (Expert Handling), it prompted me to pick the direction of my 1 bank again and moved Boba a second time and allowed Boba to take another action. Kylo did not perform his maneuver and the game continued.