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  1. These are awesome! Really good work on those bases. One question though: why not have the water on the back half of the bases so the figures look like they are walking ashore towards the battle field?
  2. If the logo was huge and in the center of the mat, I'd probably agree. But it's fairly small and in a corner that you're probably not going to spend much time looking at. You could always plop a piece of terrain down over it too. ? All that printed terrain on it is the real problem, in my opinion. I agree with ScummyRebel and think I will pick up a couple of the Runewars grassy field mats.
  3. FFG has made mistakes with promo cards before. The Lord of the Rings LCG Aragorn had an incorrect threat level, for example. That's all this was. How many people really got the promo anyway that it's going to cause mass confusion?
  4. That's what I figured. Just wanted confirmation. Thanks.
  5. Is the attack granted by Hands Upon the Bow considered a ranged attack? Yes, it requires a character with the ranged keyword but HUtB does not specifically call the attack "ranged" in the same way that Great Yew Bow does. If I choose Bard the Bowman for HUtB, does he apply his -2 to defense? Relevent card text: Hands Upon the Bow Action: Exhaust a character you control with ranged to immediately declare it as an attacker (and resolve its attack) against an enemy in the staging area. It gets +1 {attack } during this attack. Bard the Bowman When Bard the Bowman makes a ranged attack, the enemy he attacks gets -2 until the end of the phase. Great Yew Bow Combat Action: Choose an enemy in the staging area. Exhaust Great Yew Bow and attached hero to make a ranged attack against that enemy. Declare attached hero as the attacker. No other attackers can be declared for this attack.
  6. Mine is the title of a song by Counting Crows that I have just stuck with across various forums for a long time. They got the title from a book called, "Henderson the Rain King" by Saul Bellow. And I belong in the service of the queen And I belong anywhere but in between She's been crying and I've been thinking And I am the rain king
  7. There is a point in the finale where it tells you to check how many Boons the heroes have saved up. The results tell you what to do with a certain deployment.
  8. Yes, the corp can look at their own facedown cards in archives. On page 6 of the core rulebook there is a blue box titled "Corporation Play Area." Both players can look at faceup cards at any time. The last sentence in the definition of Archives reads, "The Corporation can also look at the facedown cards in Archives at any time; the Runner cannot."
  9. I would not recommend doing that. The players just need to adapt to the changing situation. As they get more powerful with upgrades and rewards, surprise becomes one of the few advantages you will have as the Imperial player.
  10. I'm not sure what pisses me off more, the dial switch or the streaming site labeling their faction as "Imperium."
  11. That's why I was asking what the current rules say. I can't check them because FFG has already taken them off the site. It would be nice to have a little clearer guidance as what events fall under what category. I would view a game night kit as being "relaxed" and a store championship as somewhat more "formal." The store championship is the first rung on the ladder to Worlds since top prize is a bye in the next level. Formal Tournament Tier: Tournaments at this tier expect players to posses at least a minimal amount of experience. Players should be familiar with the game rules, and be prepared to exercise that knowledge to play at a reasonable pace. The focus is a friendly competitive environment.
  12. In the tournament rules that were recently posted it says that anyone in a leader role at a "formal" event is not allowed to also be a player. These leader roles include the tournament organizer and judges. However, these rules do not become effective until April 2nd and the ones that are currently still in effect have been removed from the site already and I never got around to saving a copy of them. My questions are these: 1) Do the rules currently in effect make a distinction between what is a "formal" or "relaxed" event? I would assume that a store championship must fall under the "formal" event category? 2) What do the current rules say about allowing a TO to participate as a player? I ask because a buddy of mine recently went to a small (6 player) store championship where the TO was also playing. Before the event started, everyone turned in there deck lists and the TO was verifying them. My friend was concerned because this was potentially giving that person an unfair advantage knowing what plots people are running and what other cards are included in their opponent's decks.
  13. The icon tells you what chapter pack cycle the card is from. The crown icon indicates the card is from the core set. The other icon is the pin that the Hand of the King wears to show his position. Thus, "Littlefinger" is card number 28 from the core set and "In the Name of Your King!" is card 28 of the Westeros cycle. Future cycles will have a new icon and start the numbering over at 1.
  14. We had a strange situation come up tonight that I think we ruled correctly but I wanted to confirm. My opponent was playing Hayley Kaplan, which reads "The first time you install a card each turn, you may install another card of the same type from your grip (paying it's install cost)." She had two free MU and installed a Cache, putting the three tokens on it. Here's where it got tricky. She wanted to trigger Hayley to install a Self-modifying Code, trashing the Cache to make room for it. Would she have the opportunity to use the paid ability on Cache to remove the tokens for credits before installing the SMC? We decided that it would not in fact work because Hayley's ability happens immediately after the first install and there would not be a paid ability window between them since it is not actually a second action. Is this correct?
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