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  1. OggDude thank you for your hard work. I have been using your program for years at this point and have never had any real issues. Just a quick question. Am I the only one that cannot seem to craft Melee/Brawl weapons or Lightsabers? I posted my error report previously along with a screen shot. If there is something I did wrong no problem but I would love to know what I could have done. If more information is need I am more than willing to supply anything that maybe needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Here is the text for the error if that helps.
  3. I received this error when I attempt to build melee/Brawl and Lightsaber weapons with the crafting button
  4. I figured it out. Been using this program for years and never had this happen. I must have been half asleep when I did my last update. I did not finish Juyo Berserker specialization. Finished and all good now.
  5. A little help would be awesome. Some reason all my Force rated Careers and specializations have stopped working and give me this error.
  6. EE-z98

    GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    awesome! Thanks for the work. My son and I have been talking about running a Fallout game.
  7. EE-z98

    Jagannath points and jail

    in that scenario I would say he did everything possible. NO loss of points.
  8. EE-z98

    Jagannath points and jail

    in that scenario I would say he did everything possible. NO loss of points.
  9. EE-z98

    Jagannath points and jail

    I would look at the situation. If the Trando took a disproportionate number of enemies down before he fell. In that scenario maybe, he is gifted with a vision of the Scorekeeper. The points may go away BUT because of the nature of his honor towards the Scorekeeper he is being given a chance to redeem himself.
  10. EE-z98

    Jagannath points and jail

    The first thing you do in jail is insure the tale of the savage last stand is spread. Then he begins to take over the gangs in jail to get facilitate his escape. Think the Kingpin from Marvel. Jail was never an obstacle for him and it shouldn’t be for your PC.
  11. EE-z98

    Jagannath points and jail

    as long as he didn't kill a weak scrawny nobody. If he found the biggest dude and ripped him apart then I would say he gets some points.
  12. EE-z98

    Can We Talk About This?

    another group had the Wayfarer-class medium freighter Former Glory. An unique ship named the Darklight A xiytiar-class heavy transport Long Haul The light Freighter Redhawk One of my favs, a Ghtroc 720 named the Better Luck Just to name a few.
  13. EE-z98

    Can We Talk About This?

    A Consular-class Light Assault Cruiser Reviver
  14. sounds great. Fridays will work. Where at? And if you could give me an idea what kind of game you will be running. Myself and my son use OggDude's Character generator to make and store characters. After getting an idea about what kind of game we will craft characters to fit in. If you want we can forward pdf copies of what we make before the game for you to take a look at.
  15. We are open to must any day after 5pm.