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  1. A small sidenode to your mental restraint example. You could use the same trick with the "Ballistics" power which would be incredibly overpowered so as a GM I would probably be careful when allowing this method to be used.
  2. It is strong, maybe even broken, but the way I read the rules it should be allowed. Remember if you don't maintain the power and lose initiative the next round you are in trouble. Anima have a lot of these things that feel broken but the GM can usually play around any "one trick ponies" out there. Here is how I would counter it as a GM: 1. I would invoke the "limits subject's freedom" for +20 to the check if used in combat to limit my ability to attack. 2. I could use a nemesis char with matrix cancellation to punish many small abilities. 3. I would use a high initiative character to punish the -20 defensive projection. All in all this is strong but no more overpowered the a lot of other stuff.
  3. I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to use the same power several times in one turn: "Characters can use more than one Psychic Power per turn, depending on their Psychic Potential score. When it comes to using their mental abilities, characters may employ as many Powers as they wish during the course of any given turn." - The use of psychic powers page 192. Just remember that you split your potential doing this so the target will likely end up with some pretty easy PsR rolls. "Characters wanting to use more than one Power per turn divide their Psychic Potential the Powers they want to use. They are free to allocate more points to those Powers they wish to enhance the most. For instance, a character with a +50 Psychic Potential using two mental abilities may choose to apply +15 to the first Power and save the remaining +35 for the second. It is not possible to apply less than +10 to any given Power. Therefore, a character with a +40 Potential can use only 4 Psychic Powers per turn by splitting his potential into four +10 bonuses." - Psychic potential page 192. Finally if you want to maintain the powers it will take 1 innate slot pr. maintained power. In the end it is possible, but likely not useful unless you are a fair bit stronger then the target.
  4. Thank you for the quick response. I would still like sort of rule reference if posible, which book and what page and so forth if anyone knows I agree on the counter-counter attack houserule you mention, while I cant find anything in the rules against it it seems abit messy at high levels.
  5. I have two questions which I just can't seem to find an answer too. 1. Is it posible to get a negative final defense? The rules would seem to surgest it, but it makes no examples with negative final abilities anywhere in the book that I can see. The reason I ask is that the Anima Calculator app refuses to give you a negative value so I figured, maybe i missed something? 2. Can you counterattack a counterattack that misses? This is ofcourse only in cases where the attacker have several attacks, but is the attacker misses and the defender then miss the counterattack, can the attacker counterattack the defender? I would really like to know this and where in the rulebooks I can find these answers (if such answers is there).
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