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  1. Finally a Victory against THE BLACK SERPENT scenario! One of the most difficult played. Killing that bastard is very difficult. 19 very long rounds; first deck ends with a threat score of 47, second deck with a final threat of 49, after having reduced the threat two times with two Favor of The Valar and one time with Gandalf, appeared at the time of need. Epic! In the first photo you can see the dramatic situation at the beginning of the Combat phase of the 19th round. In fact, 2 heroes, Beregond and Grima, do not resist the last attack. The others survives, but Kahliel and Legolas with 2 wounds, Gimli with 3 and Aragorn with 7 wounds! But it is Aragorn, with all his abilities, that inflicts the final shot to the bastard, who finally screams, at least this time! Highest score, 299, the greater I ever scored in a scenario, but I'm sutisfied, for today...
  2. O H M Y G O D ! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/9/14/assault-on-dol-guldur/
  3. This is another overpowered combo with just only 2 cards, that should need an errata. The best solution is to add the sentence on her: only one per phase (the same need is for Boromir tactic)
  4. Good Point 👍🏻
  5. During setup you are following stage 1B instructions, so the current quest is the main quest. Anyway, the choice of the current quest is done only at the beginning of the quest phase and finish at the end of the same quest phase. So in the other phases the main quest is the active "via the quest deck". The rules says: At the beginning of each quest phase, if there are one or more side quests in the staging area, the rst player may choose one to be the “current quest” until the end of the phase instead of the quest card that is currently active via the quest deck. While a side quest is the current quest, any progress that the players make is placed onto that side quest and any card e ects that target the “current quest” target that side quest. Progress must still be placed on the active location before it can be placed on a side quest. Any progress that is made beyond the current quest’s total quest points is discarded; do not place progress on any other quest card in play.
  6. It seems Azog, from P.J. films
  7. Good points Mr_Underhill, thank you
  8. It's august. He is in holiday
  9. Regarding Boromir: I have played him with the nerfed ability. IMO is better with the "limit once per phase". Most of characters in the game have a limitation on their ability: limit once per phase or limit once per round: i.e., the following heroes: Glorfindel lore Beravor Frodo Baggins Prince Imrahil Bifur Eomer Grima Haldir of Lorien Mablung Galadriel Denethor Argaland Prince Imrahil tactic Gimli leadership Legolas spirit Kahliel Fastred Quickbeam Faramir leadership Beregond spirit Aragorn fellowship All these heroes and a great number of allies are limited in their actions during each phase or round. Boromir doesn't. So he is too powerful. The point is that there are hundreds of ways to reduce the player's threat. So, imo, the possibility to use a character's ability many and many times in a round is broken...
  10. Do you have defeated The Black Serpent scenario in solo? I'm playing in solo the Harad cicle with my 3 Hunters deck (Aragorn lore, Gimli leadership, Legolas spirit). I've defeated all the quests until Beneath the Sands with this deck (also the pod The Siege of Annuminas!), but this scenario is terribile in solo. What is your deck used to win against it? It is hard, official rating 8.
  11. All cards you control are discarded in the same time (when) you are eliminated, so Grima included. Then the first player token passes to next player, but in this situation you lost
  12. I think also that the final sentence "If Derufin leaves play, the players lose the game." should be active when he leave the game. So the players lose the game in any case
  13. I have the same question. What do you think about? Technically Derufin should loose the 2 malus on willpower because you control him Do you agree? DERUFIN: Gondor. Forced: After the players travel to The Stone of Erech, the first player gains control of Derufin. Dusk. Derufin gets -1 Willpower Midnight. Derufin gets -2 Willpower If Derufin leaves play, the players lose the game. THE LORD OF THE DEAD: Undead. Oathbreaker. Spectral. Cannot have attachments. While you are engaged with The Lord of the Dead, treat all printed text boxes on characters you control as if they were blank (except Traits.)
  14. Hello, I have a doubt! I'm at stage 3B of The Siege of Annuminas. The quest card say: "Progress cannot be placed here while Battering Ram is in play" Battering Ram is a location with 5 progress point to clear it. My question is: if I quest succesfully with a result of +15, can I put the eccessing 10 progress on the quest card or I need to win the next questing phase? In others words: - the progress are put simultaneously, so I can't put progress on the quest because the location is stil in play? - or first I have to put progress on the location, explore and discard it and then put the remaining progress on the quest? Thank you for your reply
  15. Thranduil hero and Meneldor ally