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  1. I like all these playmats, but however my playmat is so much better
  2. But the english version of this pack is not yet available in Europe?
  3. WOW! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/3/15/home-is-behind-the-world-ahead/
  4. Emilius

    Surge as Shadow effect

    Agree with GrandSpleen
  5. Emilius

    FAQ 1.9 Released

    I use Strange Eons to write the new text, print the card (only the text box) and insert it in the sleeve
  6. Oh my God! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/12/8/the-wilds-of-rhovanion/
  7. Emilius

    Legolas and Explore the Island

    Yes, you can add progress on the active location, but not on the quest card
  8. Why is it available in France and not yet in the rest of the world? 🤔😞
  9. Emilius

    Bolg and Quick Ears

    I have asked to Caleb (that I thank). This is the answer: Hi Emilio,If you cancel the first Goblin revealed with The Door is Closed or Quick Ears, it is still the first enemy to be revealed. Canceling that card also cancels the surge granted to it by Bolg’s ability. If you reveal another Goblin enemy after the first one, it will not gain surge because it is not the first Goblin revealed that round.I hope you’re enjoying The Battle of Five Armies!Cheers,Caleb
  10. Emilius

    Cards too powerful?

    So I was right and playing the correct Boromir in the last months 😜
  11. So, thanks to Favor of The Valar, this mean that if you increase your threat more than 50 ( for example from 49 to 52), do you decrease threat level from 52 to 47 or from 50 to 45?
  12. Emilius

    Current Quest timing question

    The rules says: At the beginning of each quest phase, if there are one or more side quests in the staging area, the 1rst player may choose one to be the “current quest” until the end of the phase instead of the quest card that is currently active via the quest deck. While a side quest is the current quest, any progress that the players make is placed onto that side quest and any card that target the “current quest” target that side quest. Progress must still be placed on the active location before it can be placed on a side quest. Any progress that is made beyond the current quest’s total quest points is discarded; do not place progress on any other quest card in play. I would play to NOT put 1 progress on the main quest at the end of the phase because the current quest was the just completed side quest.
  13. Emilius

    The Black Serpent strategy

    Finally a Victory against THE BLACK SERPENT scenario! One of the most difficult played. Killing that bastard is very difficult. 19 very long rounds; first deck ends with a threat score of 47, second deck with a final threat of 49, after having reduced the threat two times with two Favor of The Valar and one time with Gandalf, appeared at the time of need. Epic! In the first photo you can see the dramatic situation at the beginning of the Combat phase of the 19th round. In fact, 2 heroes, Beregond and Grima, do not resist the last attack. The others survives, but Kahliel and Legolas with 2 wounds, Gimli with 3 and Aragorn with 7 wounds! But it is Aragorn, with all his abilities, that inflicts the final shot to the bastard, who finally screams, at least this time! Highest score, 299, ever obtained in a scenario, but I'm sutisfied, for today...