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  1. Is it real? It seems a fake. what is the source?
  2. I will enjoy for sure! Thank you for your wonderful blog!
  3. Interesting! Why you don’t share your decks on ringsdb?
  4. I agree with Halberto. Ethir Swordman is op.
  5. It seems that with the new reprint, some cards have been modified. See below the example for LEGACY OF DURIN”. It also seems that the modified cards will be inserted in the next faqs. Do you have any news regarding this changed cards? Do you know if there are other cards that have been modified during reprinting?
  6. And only if he is engaged with a player
  7. Just sleeved Roam Across Rhovanion, received two weekend ago. Then, I have played THE BLACK SERPENT and with a final attack of 16, it is defeated during the 13th round, after 3 and a half hours of play on the first try after a long time I did not play it. A really really tough and difficult scenario. It took me eight rounds just to get through the first scene. One of those scenarios where you really need to think well about every move and what you can get to meet. Very beautifull! Final score 190
  8. Where can we found a cards spoiler of these two quests? Is it somewhere? ?
  9. Hello, where is it possible to buy Attack On Dol Guldur POD in Europe? Could you give me a link of an online store where to buy it in Europe? Thank you in advance!
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