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  1. Hujoe Bigs

    First Edition Bomb Tokens Legal?

    It was cluster bombs, I have a set of both the fixed and non fixed.
  2. I mean, calculation tokens and target locks completely counter Palob, arc dodgers and aces if flown right do as well. Which are both list building and game descisions. Sounds more like you fly into the teeth and expect them to be pillows. Sloane is countered by kill order. Either target her or have something that doesn't mind the stress finish off ships. Its difficult but not against any spirit of the game that I see. What I see that is against the spirit of the game is people complaining. Every problem has some sort of solution, you just have to work it out. Points need slight tweaking to get more ships on the board so less mirrors, but in comp play that's going to happen.
  3. Hujoe Bigs

    What is your favorite 2018 X-Wing moment?

    Mynock open, finally a decent sized well ran tournament on the west coast. Also winning it makes me a bit biased.
  4. Hujoe Bigs

    2.0 format. Imperials vs Scum, who you got?

    How about... No. And we stick to the terms that are already established and easy to understand. People got lazy and have started calling extended 2.0, and that's not the correct terminology.
  5. Hujoe Bigs

    3 Trajectory Simulator Punishers

    I actually think 4 skulls would be perfect to fight that list. You out pilot skill them so you can dodge arcs, you can link into focus, and you have the ability to close range to proc concordian. I would of needed to see how you played it, but I do believe that it's very beatable with your list.
  6. Hujoe Bigs

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    I feel like this is a personal attack 😐
  7. Hujoe Bigs

    Has anyone even seen a maverick, yet?

    Brobnar/Untamed/Shadow, have a Maverick untamed "Save the Pack" for brobnar. Works well when comboed with the lava blast in the deck.
  8. Hujoe Bigs

    Your Black Friday Haul?

    Local store had all second edition ships for 7 bucks (no falcons) picked up 2 Y-wings, another fang, a firespray (for 7 dollars you can have 3 and paint one), dial covers for 2.50. For outside of x-wing, new g-sync monitor and a gaming DAC.
  9. Hujoe Bigs

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    But mah aces.
  10. Hujoe Bigs

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    I actually would prefer the ship to get only minimumal touched. 1-2 points. I would rather the stuff not getting use get point decreases. There are going to be a lot of natural predators to gunrunners soon. I also think the fact that people think the game requires you to have to move after an opponent to win, is the exact opposite if what this game should be. It should be a bonus, but just that.
  11. Hujoe Bigs

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Fair enough.
  12. Hujoe Bigs

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Why doesn't this match what is in the info spread sheet?
  13. Hujoe Bigs

    Starter Set 2.0: Did we really need a new set of templates?

    I feel like people are forgetting the important little line down the middle that I wouldn't trust if I saw drawn on to the template...
  14. Hujoe Bigs

    Ramblings of a old X-Wing dinosaur who is stuck between 1.0 and 2.0

    I've seen a surge of old players come back with 2.0. People are excited for the game again. Our local community has gained traction again and getting game nights of 10+ is no longer a pipe dream. This sounds more like you don't wanna play the game any more. Which is fine, I think I've hit that level for Destiny. So I get it. But I don't think 2.0 has had a negative effect on the player base at all. Quite the opposite.
  15. Hujoe Bigs

    Happy Friday - Let's talk B-Wings

    At the Mynock open someone ran 2 with selfessness, Biggs, and bylen. Works pretty well in the current torp meta.