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  1. I'm interested to see what happens if you remove the large percentage of at home players affecting the preferred mode (hyperspace vs extended). I have a feeling that group tends to "want to use all my stuff*
  2. Most prize kits have always been faction specific. Most of the time, that being rebel or imperial. Let other factions have a chance.
  3. I mean, during 1.0 I had almost 2 years were it was just me and one other guy playing constantly. We grew the group from irregulars. Now in 2.0 we have a solid group of 5-6 people playing at each of the 2 nights a week at two stores. You have to out in the effort and yeah there is going to be slow times. It comes with any form of this hobby.
  4. I mean, I won a rather large tournament because of them when 2.0 dropped, top 8ed another system open and they have been everyone's "boogie-man" since nantex came out as well. So I'm not sure that outlook is really well thought out.
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of prize wall. Get use to the fact you aren't getting them all unless you go to multiple events. You can get more from side events though, outside of that, be prepared to buy extra tickets off people.
  6. Kinda the part where it says standard ship, that would be an epic ship. So it is quite literally in the rules. Also I think I was either 5th or 6th on the Friday aces high at worlds with 4 lom. Great little ship. Creates a neat meta game interactions with him.
  7. All 156 ships except huge ships usually make the trek with me. That includes all cards and cardboard. Doesn't take up much space and I can usually bring it all in on one trip. I just take my quick grab box most of the time though into the store unless I know someone is borrowing something.
  8. That's fair, I got the agility part mixed up with the actual wording. My bad. Thanks for the correction.
  9. You do realize you are tractored as soon as a single tractor token is applied to you. You only perform the boost/barrel roll once your token stack matches the base size.
  10. Read the rule reference on tractor beams, who ever places the token gets to pick the direction.
  11. Not in my experience. As I couldn't reply to both you and the other guy. I don't think he will get cheaper either. He's to much of your list and to much of a gamble when facing the unknown lists of a tournament. His chassis and force are good. But the cost and i5 hamper him from being worth it.
  12. I know exactly what he is, he's also way to expensive for what you are getting. That's my point. He looks good on paper, but he ends up taking up half your list, and if your opponent has any i6s or i5s of their own, he becomes no where near as good. Look at other ships around his point cost and what you get for them. If he ends up fighting an imperial list of Fel and Vader, he's going to crumple real fast, even with that impressive stat line.
  13. I am in the boat that kylo is probably the biggest bait ship in the game. He looks good, performs well, but is very much not worth his points. Meh pilot ability and only 2 force and only ps5. I personally believe you should try to stay away from him. Backdraft naked right now is probably the best 39 points you can spend in the game. QD with a Gunner and FCS is a great ace Hunter and cheap too. After that I think it's flavor to taste for the rest of the ships. Tavson while really good, also is a chunk of your list. FOs came down in price a lot as well.
  14. Nope, and that's per person. If you do the larger cabin with 5 it drops down closer to 700 a night, per person. 3 nights for the experience. Basically a land locked cruise ship. Sounds fun, if the experience is done well I can see it being worth it.
  15. Nope, wasn't the biggest fan of it, plus I help supply mats and I don't want someone nitpicking the fact that it was a custom, regardless of how well it was done.
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