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  1. I just also don’t get why canon Disney Star Wars is so afraid of intergalactic stuff. Humans (sentient beings) are naturally curious by nature. If they’ve had FTL technology for over 1000 years; I don’t know why they didn’t ever try to leave the galaxy and colonize others. Once the Emperor took over; I would be by Andromeda by 18 BBY.
  2. I know that Batuu is said to be the last settled world before Wild Space but has it ever been identified in Legends OR canon, the last settled planet at the very edge of the galaxy; right before the Intergalactic Void?
  3. Here on Earth, we have catalogued and identified millions of galaxies. We even recently confirmed the presence of exoplanets in other galaxies and we track radiation and radio pulses from them. Since Star Wars is 1000x more advanced than us, do you think they have mapped out a lot of galaxies and have used advanced telescopes to see whether any of the planets in other galaxies have planets that support life. We estimate that their are 2 trillion galaxies in the universe but we can only photograph 100 billion. Do you think the astronomers of Star Wars can photograph galaxies at the edge of the universe (if the universe of course has an edge).
  4. What could be something that would be considered the most valuable artifact in the galaxy; that could literally be worth 1,000,000,000 credits? I might use this in a roleplay.
  5. What could I call a special spacesuit that can be used to go onto a ships hull to do repair WHILE still in hyperspace? Hypersuit seems like an obvious choice but I googled it and it’s the name of a real world AR suit. Hyperspace suit and Hyperspace survival suit don’t sound good. Also so has this ever been depicted in Star Wars before. A suit that lets you go out into hyperspace? Also could it work based on existing Star Wars rules.
  6. Their was a guy who used Ssi-Ruuvi enetchment technology to transfer people into Human Replica Droids. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Human_replica_droid Hypergates exist https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Hypergate Zero point energy was experimental. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Zero-point_energy Im giving up. This is impossible. 😡
  7. Good catch on the droid learning. I didn’t know those stats. As for the rest; https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Teleporter https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Mind_control_device https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Reanimation_serum Wookieepedia has an answer for virtually everything which makes my quest so hard.
  8. Class 1 hyperdrive exist. Nanotech is mentioned in both Legends and the new Canon. It is mentioned in the book Master & Apprentice which takes place in 39 BBY. The learning droid brain is good but I think droids already do that. C-3PO learned to pilot in ROTS and protocol droids aren’t originall programmed to do that. 3PO learned it. As for cloaking, I don’t think it’s that rare. Personal cloaking devices exist. Thanks though
  9. When trying to think of tech or science in my Star Wars story, I oftentimes ask myself. “Could it be done?” I look at all the science and tech that currently exists in canon and Legends and most of the time- I say “Definetely.” Even though we don’t see it; it’s probably their and certainly plausible. Shakdov thrusters? Never saw them but I’m sure Star Wars scientists could build an engine to move a star. Dyson spheres (which actually appeared in SWTOR) could be done; they would just be expensive and a waste of time to build. All genetic engineering feats can be accomplished based on what they have and any type of droid to do any function can be created. We don’t see an orgasm inducing drug (probably because it’s inappropriate), but their chemistry and desire to achieve it probably happened 100’s if not 1000’s of years before the New Republic. We don’t see everything but based on what we do see; it’s only logical that the other stuff also exists. Teleportation and time travel appeared in Legends and in Canon are only utilizable with the Force. I have to assume that in canon, they have been proven to be impossible to do scientifically or it exists in a lab and is not mainstream yet. The latter is probably what is true. Also anything to do with nanotechnology is probably child’s play and I’m sure that they are starting to go pico and femtotechnology. Intangibility is too controversial and I think remains to just be a force power. That being said. What would be something of a challenge for a scientist to create or would be stumping them? That’s what I want my scientist to tackle. Something they have no base for and have to start literally from scratch and would be grasping at straws for.
  10. Ehhh. I agree somewhat but a lot of the time, scientific concepts are mentioned; just rarely are they explored in detail.
  11. Yes you are correct. Now that I remember, the “future tech” from the MedStar book described a tech like Food materializing. Its a great idea but it would make Star Wars a post-scarcity society. Also I think the “ingredients” are probably some type of gel or liquid that can be made into anything you want.
  12. Right off the bat you’d say teleportation and time travel but that has appeared in Legends and matter replication pseudo-exists with the food synthesizers. Based on this; I’m sure they can synthesize objects or at least make them really quickly. Im looking for something that the Star Wars denizens would consider “science fiction” and yes that term has been used in Legends. Admiral Motti speaks of the Celestials as Science fiction in the Essential Guide to Warfare and in one of the MedStar Healer books, it is referred to as a future fic. So canon or Legends, sci fi exists. I want to write an RPG profile of a crazy scientist who is looking to accomplish an “impossible” task. What could he be trying to do? Immortality and Intangibility excluded. Too obvious.
  13. Avoiding but if you have a really interesting idea that does; I'll take it .
  14. I’m trying to write a story about a scientist in the Star Wars galaxy who is working in the University of Coruscant of the Disney canon New Republic. For his work, he wins the Star Wars equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Physics (but in the story it could be something in the fields of physics, chemistry or biology). What could he have done to win this prize? Science heavy ideas obviously encouraged. The year is 24 ABY.
  15. In all of the “canon” and Legends Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars sourcebook; is their an example of a piece of tech that can “beam” information into a targets brain?
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