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  1. No problem. Just hope it was helpful. This is definitely a grind of a game to win, especially in one's early plays. But, I guess a co-op that is tough is a lot better than one so easy that you ask yourself why you go through the motions of playing it. At least with EH the wins you do get feel like you truly accomplished something!
  2. Unfortunately, no, as each investigator has their own separate encounter phase in which their combat would take place. Each investigator in turn would get their combat during their encounter phase in which they must encounter all monsters on their space starting with non-epic monsters before any epic. This is why monster control can be important to prevent a build up. However, if two or more investigators are on the same space many abilities and/or items may be of assistance. Also there are several Tokyo cards that may help with monster fighting. I recommend trying to keep monsters from building up to heavily on any one space, work on getting items to boost your characters, and try to maximize any chance of gaining improvement tokens. Hope this is of at least some help.
  3. I believe this option was removed from the expansion due to the fact that many found the game to be too easy with that option. But, as I always say, "It is your game, play the way that provides themost fun and challenge for you (just make sure any other players are aware of any house rules before starting)."
  4. According to this page you will need 2 FFG green packs and 2 FFG yellow packs. Look to left of screen . FFG usually list this information for all their games on the games page. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-rebellion/products/star-wars-rebellion/
  5. For number one the only other thing I would like to point out (as it recently happened to me) is that you may be unlucky and only draw systems from the Probe deck that are unavailable due to Imperial presence. This happened twice to me during a late game situation. I saw that my opponent had clearly deduced where my base was and before he could arrive I attempted a Rapid Mob only to draw 8 systems at which he had presence. Next round he arrives at base, battle is fought, and at end of phase I again attempted to Rapid Mob only to once again draw 8 cards where he had presence. The Empire: harder to avoid than ants at a pick-nick since 1977!
  6. These numbers tell you where on the build queue to place units constructed from the planets resources. Found in Learn to Play book Pg 10 Advance Time Marker Bullet = II "Build Icon: Each player builds one unit matching each resource icon in his loyal and subjugated systems (explained later). For subjugated systems, he uses only the left-most resource icon. He takes these units from the supply and places them on his build queue (see below) in the space matching the number to the left of the resource icon." Also in Rules Reference Pg 3 Bottom Left Column, BUILD UNITS "To build units, players simultaneously builds units. Each player places one unit on his build queue for each resource icon in his loyal and subjugated systems. The number next to the icon indicates the space on which the units are placed. For subjugated systems, use only the first (left-most) icon." Edited for spelling grammar and better citation of rules.
  7. Would be tedious, but one could copy all text and past into a text document (Word or Open Office) and reinsert line breaks and such.... Just an idea. Definitely saves on the unicorn blood!
  8. Just my $0.02, but I have pretty much bought all available releases and yet I always find myself entering tournaments with one of the same two lists and always performing extremely well. The two lists mentioned are, 3 Bounty Hunter piloted Firesprays or 3 B-Wings with Two A-wings. Triple BH just brings so much damage soak that it has staying power and shooting coming and going is really helpful. The AABBB list is a little more technical to manage, but basically the A-Wings hang on the back line until needed to block a lane against swarmers and/or take out B-Wing softened targets on clean up. These lists perform so well that I actually found myself becoming bored with the game so I started building lists for fluff and theme and only playing casual. Now all this may be down to spending inordinately more time playing/practicing than others in the two metas in which I play or pure luck, but this is just my experiences and $0.02. Thank you.
  9. or a clue using This problem is common to ~25 mythos cards out of ~60 in total In your example you would place and Eldritch token on the mystery. The rules are a bit fuzzy to some folks due to wording, but the easiest way to handle the "advance the mystery" items is to simply place one of what ever gets you closer to solving the mystery, if possible, and take the appropriate resource from game supply and not any specific player. This is to act as a free advancement of mystery. Maybe this is why it confuses some folks, as this game rarely if ever "helps" one win ;-) Hope this helps. ​EDITED FOR GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION
  10. Improvement tokens add to ones base skill value and ate not considered a "bonus" in the same sense as items...etc. I hope this helps.
  11. Rules Reference, Page 11, "TESTS" 4th bullet: "He may use one effect that provides a bonus (for example “Gain +3 [WILL]”). If multiple effects provide a bonus, he uses only the highest bonus." This does not state that this is per card type, only that in the case of multiple bonuses that the highest, regardless of source, applies.
  12. Below is an excerpt from the Reference Guide. I have highlighted sections that are relevant to your question. That doesn't really answer my question because they were delayed during the Encounter Phase not the Action Phase. Nothing in those descriptions mentions the Encounter Phase; only the Action Phase. I get that during my next Action Phase I become "not delayed" but what happens during my next Encounter Phase? My main question is what happens to the actual Encounter that I drew? Do I continue it where I left off during my next Encounter Phase? Do I start the whole thing over? Or do I draw another one during the next Encounter Phase? There's nothing in the rules to say what happens to the Encounter when an investigator becomes delayed during an encounter. The referenced rules that were posted and highlighted in red are not for the action phase alone, only the second item refers to the action phase and can be ignored in your situation. If you become delayed in your encounter phase and the card has no further instructions after directing you to become delayed, you lay your investigator on their side, discard the encounter card, and end your turn. During your next action phase you must loose (use) both your actions to right your investigator, at this point, if their are no monsters present* (if a monster is present your must first encounter it), you may encounter the gate again if it was not closed, or you may have any other location encounter that is valid for your current space. Hope this helps clear up any confusion you may have had remaining. * - A monster may have appeared during the subsequent Mythos phase or may remain on space if certain items, or spells [Mists of Releh] were used before previous encounter
  13. Rules Reference Page 6, Right Column, DEPLOY ORDER, Item "2. Purchase Structure", second exception point... "» A world cannot contain more than one structure unless a card or faction ability specifically states otherwise." Rules Reference Page 7, Right Column, FACTORIES, Item "2. Purchase Structure", second exception point... "» Some cards allow a player to have two factories on the same world. That world’s unit capacity is doubled when determining that player’s deploy limit." Rules Reference Page 13, Left Column, STRUCTURES, second bullet point... "• A player cannot build a structure on a world that already contains a structure unless an ability specifically allows it." Hope this helps to answer your question.
  14. After buulding the three stages of the Mythos deck, shuffle each before stacking.
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