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  1. Thanks for the response. I'll will recommend to my DM that determining basic conditions (is there armor or cover) should be effortless, but discerning specifics about those conditions (type of armor or cover) should require some level of effort during combat.
  2. Hi, Im new to the game and had a quick question regarding combat awareness. What is required of the player if he wants to evaluate an enemy to determine if he has cover or is wearing armor. Simple things like.... He is standing behind a barricade, which is concealing certain body parts (and knowing which body parts are concealed)... He is not wearing a helmet (His head is exposed and should not gain protection from his armor)... Is this free action, accomplished with basic observation while performing other actions like shooting or aiming? Does it require a skill test (while in combat this will consume actions)?
  3. muzzified


    Salamander117, Which part of the midwest are you from? I'm from the cincinnati area. I currently run a Deathwatch game with a group of my friends. I'm actually looking to join a group as a player, while running my existing game. If you are interested in joing mine a running one of you're own that I could join that would be perfect. Im really trying to learn the finer points of the game since im pretty new to the system & rules. Message me back if your within an hour or so of me. Thanks, Muzzified
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