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  1. Hello all! I am looking for anyone interested in playing Star Wars: The Card Game regularly, that live in Hampshire or West Sussex as my current play group is a small one and I would like to find more people that love this game! Whether you are an individual or a group I'd love to hear from you! I live in Basingstoke in Hampshire and work in a small town called Emsworth in West Sussex, hence these being the locations I am looking in. I drive and so can travel a small amount from these points on the map! Many of you have probably seen videos all over Youtube of groups playing this game and getting the most from it due to playing a range of people and this is what I would like to see happening more in the south of the UK. I look forward to hearing from any of you, lets see more UK Gamers playing Star Wars! Thanks, Maximosa_23!
  2. Hey all! So i was wondering what people thought about the possibility of FFG releasing anything other than chapter packs for aGoT: card game in the future? I ask as someone who provides all the cards for a gaming group of about 8 people and love the core set and deluxe expansions but dislikes the chapter packs because they aren't (in my opinion) an efficient way to add new decks with equal chance of victory. I have bought 2 core sets and all 6 deluxe expansions to create 14 decks but am concerned that in future i wont be able to add to it. What do others think?
  3. A big hello to all you fellow game of thrones enthusiasts! I have looked at forums discussing how to make martell and greyjoy decks using 2 core sets but i have only the one myself! In addition to this i have just purchased the kings of the sea and princes of the sun expansions (reprint versions) So my question is this: Can you make a greyjoy and martell deck out of just the two expansions that stand a chance against the core 4 decks (which are completely unmodified)? I am not looking at playing in tourneys etc just to have 6 fairly even decks to play with as a group of friends! Bare in mind I am supplying all the decks and cannot afford any further sets at this time. Alternatively, any suggestions on decklists built from the 2 expansions mentioned and core set that produce 6 decks that have a fairly even chance of victory? New to the game and really appreciate any experienced thoughts Thanks Maximosa
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