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  1. Yes, they are almost useless on any tight or cluttered map….but it's still fun to watch you opponent's face when one of the monsters appears on the map and the waves of concentratin that appear as they resolve how they will be attacking it….expensive..but fun
  2. Many thanks all for the responses. I was wondering as I didn't want to invest in walkers that were limited. Now that I know they are not..I can feel better about buying them and trying them out in battles.
  3. I was looking at the heavy walkers before I purchase one. I am a bit confused and please excuse my ignorance but here goes. Enemy has a "Fireball" in play and you move a medium walker into his line of sight but its in the Fireball's back side. Can the Fireball spin on its axis/orientation to engage the medium walker in an attempt for reactive fire? If the Fireball forgoes reactive fire, does the Fireball then need to change its orientation in its activation/movement to "face" the medium walker? I ask this because it looks as though the Fireball has a limited arc of fire as its weapons are mounted in a trunion to the major chasis of the walker. The FAQ 1.7 says a vehicle that takes up TWO spaces must spend a move action to change orientation. I understand that the heavy walkers take up FOUR spaces..but I am wondering if these heavy walkers are treated in the same manner. There also seems to be a difference in the "build" of the heavy walkers as the Allies use the chasis as a mount for the main weapons where as the Axis has a base with a possible turnable body on theirs. Please also pardon the wall of text as somehow the forums will not let me form paragraphs here today.
  4. Sounds good. Our next purchases will be some Grim reapers and such. I was also looking to buy the USMC Heavy weapons and the Germans Heavy AT Grenadiers and then some more light infantry for both sides..not sure what we want to double up on. I may purchase a MCW M3 and a Kampflaufer III on my own just to give a bit more variety to the medium walkers options. We have decided to hold off on any air units to include the SSU until we get resonably good with what we have now. I just hate having to refer to the rules every turn just to make sure we are on track..lol…the "heavy iron" walkers can stay at the FLGS for a while cause like I said we need to get the basics and such to good memory and learn to use what we have.
  5. Hello All, Before anyone looks bad at my topic/post here please understand I have spent about 12 hours researching the various threads on “what to buy after the RCS”. My friends and I were looking for a new game and after spending a lot of time researching Dust Tactics/Warfare, I decided to purchase some of the units for our war gaming club. Having spent some time researching, I have hit “the wall” so to speak. Listed below is what I have purchased so far. Looking at the purchases, I have several questions. Should we attempt to flesh out both the Allies and Axis factions? or Try and purchase some Sov units to give more flexibility to our games? and Do the Sovs have enough units so far to field a competitive army per se with what is avail ie. no Armor 3 infantry? Right now the games are/will be strictly friendly..if that’s an option..lol..However our LGS has started a region league and they hope to field tournament quality matches soon. With this in mind we know our games will definitely need to rise in quality. Any and all help suggesting are greatly appreciated. PURCHASES Core Set (Revised) Terrain Tile Set Axis Hero Pack (Stefan/Totenmeister/Grenadier X Allies Hero Pack (Action Jackson /The Priest /Johnny One-Eye) Axis Blutkreuz Korps Untertoten Squad (Axis Zombies) Allies Assault Rangers Squad (BBQ Squad) Axis Aufklarer Sturmgrenadieren Squad (Recon Grenadiers) Allies Recon Rangers Squad (Recon Boys) Recon Grenadiers Light Panzer Walker Medium Assault Walker Medium Panzer Walker The Boss The Gunners Special Ops Rangers Battles Grenadiers Operation "Cerberus": Campaign Expansion Light Assault Walker Operation Seelowe French Legion/Brit Commandos Axis Gorillas Tank Busters Special Ops Grenadiers Kommandotrupp
  6. Having spent the last 2 hours trying to read all of the varios thread about what ships are possible in teh X-wing Miniatures line, I see that most of players want to see the TIE Bomber and teh B-wing as both were used in the first 3 movies. I have to laugh at anyone wanting in include the "Lamda Shuttle" as a piece as lets face it..the game is about a "dog-fighting" style game. The Lamda Shuttle was nothing more than a way to get from point a to point b….never fired a shot and even in the movie set construction only the ramp was ever made as a movie set/prop. The wealth of information that is out there that relates to Star Wars canon gives many options for the model makers to choose from. I kinda like the idea of the TIE Bomber and either a TIE Defender or a TIE Hunter as new Empire pieces. My choices for Rebel Unit would be obviously the B-Wing, but also the ARC-170 as it was still used heavily by the Rebels as a recon unit and such formations or the Z-95 Headhunter, also still in heavy use by blockade runners and the Rebels. The possibility of having a GAT-12 Skipray Blast boat as an Rebel dedicated bomber is possible to offset the inclusion of the TIE Bomber. To sum my BS up..lol I say the 4 ship Wave 3 will probably be made up of: Empire Unit 1 TIE Hunter/Defender Empire Unit 2 TIE Bomber Rebel Unit 1 B-wing Rebel Unit 2 GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat
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