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  1. The punchboard the maptiles come on is numbered, so even amongst terrain pairings I assume there’s difference.
  2. My copy definitely does. It’s got a fungus monster issue and magical pyramids amongst other stuff.
  3. Sushi Chef actually seems really useful, having not gotten around to playing my copy yet.
  4. I pulled: desert biome 2.3, 3.32 and 3.34 badlands biome 6.11, 6.12 and 7.1 character packs 5.3 Harmonie Marello - Heiress Eliana Moreno-Rojas - Police Officer Pemma Je - Monk Nelson Kellor - Fisherman Biff O’Bannon - Lumberjack Ethan Hansen - Mobster 5.6 Fernando Toro - Explorer Alex The Shadow - Agent Masaki Satomura - Sushi Chef Felicia De’Leon -Wcologist Lauretta James - Postal Worker Anna Karim - Painter Small card packs- 4.4 6.12 6.11 1.2 3.32
  5. Considering Clan War is ancient and dead, does anyone know of any theme appropriate miniatures out there that won't be a long running treasure hunt?
  6. My rpg groups normally are from 7 to 10, has anyone tried out the system with a larger group? Does it flow okay? How do encounters scale?
  7. It's around half and half for combat focused versus not. I've got 2 standard style Jedi, a shadow Nightbrother, a Trandoshan bounty hunter, a buddy cop duo marshal and warden, a pilot, a mechanic, a protocol/assassin droid, a smuggler, and an enforcer.So far things are going well. Combat moves much faster than dnd, which helps quite a bit. I'm handling small details by between game messaging to give each player a chance to get more personal stuff done. Everyone's having fun so far, but I'm sure there are issues I haven't thought of. In terms of campaign stuff, I've got a world set up post The Force Awakens with characters they interact with having goals and timelines. I reconcile these with what the players do, and try to adjust accordingly. Closer to a sandbox style with me dropping lots of hooks and seeing what they bite on. Balancing is definitely a part in not sure on at all. I take standard stat blocks and give them a bit better equipment and higher thresholds, but it's really a guessing game if a challenge holds up. I can't really split it up or run more often due other RPGs and scheduling in general. It's basically just a window for everyone to have a good time together, hit some interesting high points to have us discussing for a couple weeks, and collectively tell an interesting story.
  8. I'm running for 11 players right now with only 3 hour sessions every couple weeks as a single GM. Anyone have advice on the subject?
  9. For me, there's nothing stopping females from being important in the Imperial structure at all. I believe there's at least 1 canonical female Moff, and of course Mara Jade. My Stormtroopers are around 60% clone during the Rebellion Era, just cause that's a number I remember finding on some basic research I did when I determined I was going to run a game. It's more of a numbers thing than anything else. In terms of alien representation, I assume a few different things. 1. The more core world you are, the more likely you are to find racist Imperials. It just seems entirely unlikely that on places with tenuous control as is, the Empire would be able to be nearly as functionally racist as it could where the bulk of it's resources are being directed. 2. The Core World Imperials are a lot like the Hutts. Functionally racist, until proven otherwise. Bothans, Falleen, Chiss, and a number of other races have clearly proven themselves as capable, and thus have earned their place. 3. It's a lot harder to think of the Empire for me as this massive racist body. First, you had the Galactic Senate, which was comprised of aliens dictating policy when the Emperor and Moffs weren't. Then you have all of Clone Wars to wedge into there, where Republic, clones and all, are working closely with all kinds of different races. That's a lot of massive systemic racism to accept from the bulk of the galaxy in only 20 years time. 4. In my games I assume the galaxy is full of both good and bad people. Not every Imperial is going to be a monster. Not every Rebel is going to be a saint. In particular, I assume that there are plenty of bad people who fell in with the Rebellion due to their hate of the Empire. It certainly seems like it's a time where beggars can't be choosers, and there are likely terrorist organizations that found working with the Rebellion to be an easy way to work toward their goals with a much larger support group. I accidentally ruined my first Edge campaign's PC group from joining the Rebellion in this very manner, which really cemented it home for me. The party drunkenly outted their Rebel contact as a known terrorist known for a few successful bombings after a successful Underworld check revealing that info to them. With the PCs drunkenly blabbing this info all over, the Rebel tried to clean house, so to speak. Not every criminal the Empire is hunting doesn't deserve it, and there would certainly be plenty of Imperials who believe in the sanctity of the law, or in protecting their community. Lot's of idealist Core Worlders likely sign up for the Imperial Academies, and on massive metropolitan planets, why would there not be aliens who've grown up under the umbrella of the Empire who feel loyal and patriotic towards it.
  10. The overall campaign plot started from the idea that my 3 first session players all were owned by Teemo. A smuggling/racing droid, a Bothan Technician, and a Trandoshan Bounty Hunter. The next session I got two more players, who are rising stars in the Black Sun, a Twi'lek information broker and a Cyborg thug. The droid's big campaign arc is going to be meeting his father, and finding that his creator caused his brother to unleash a new wave of combat droids out into the galaxy. The Bothan owes huge money to many people, and he has to confront that by going home and talking to his rich parents. The Trandoshan's downward spiral began due to a welched bounty, where he lost to a Jedi. He has to find a way to reclaim his honor. The Twi'lek is going to learn that there are some secrets people weren't meant to know, when something he learns turns the Black Sun against him. The cyborg is going to have to pick between his heavy debt to the Black Sun, or doing an unthinkable act. Which is more important, his life or his soul?
  11. I designed a Outer Rim water world called Elak. It's full of human pirates (that could use help smuggling and the like) Aqualish being used as a slave race on the verge of upheaval An active swoop racing community A water collection company that sells the planet's resources offworld run by Gungans
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