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  1. Nah they are poised to become the next power couple in the empire.
  2. Also Kudaka right up there confirming her best girl status.
  3. Hey you play with someone elses deck you run that risk
  4. WE also have to consider that Yori's corruption was baked into the setting at launch in the old game. He was the one who had convinced Kisada to use the Shadowlands to subjugate the Empire and unite the clans under one banner to turn their full might back on the Shadowlands. So the retcon's were more to explain how the usually "uncorruptable" Kuni daimyo had fallen that far.
  5. So for those who keep saying that the CCG is a better model to "grow" your player base. Hasbro just cancelled their Transformers CCG due to sales. If that franchise can't make it as a CCG I don't see a relaunched L5R having a hope.
  6. Weirdly got my Miya Satoshi yesterday but am still waiting on Tengu Sensei that I had re-upped my VIP for at the same and Shiba Tsukune who should have shipped a few weeks earlier. Contacted Privateer and they are sorting it out but still a little annoying. Especially since they also confirmed they have no records of my subscription having been active for the Bayushi Kyo model that I was also missing. I'll have to dig through my payment history to see if I was charged for that one.
  7. So my current best girl list: Kudaka (sassy pirate girl for the win) --> Linmei (equally sassy pirate girl just had less screen time) --> Spike --> Fuu & Umi (and yes they are one choice).
  8. WE already have Hatamoto's from the previous season (per the current hall of heroes) and they had previously announced that Hatamoto status that was supposed to expire will be extended indefinitely (likely until the new tourney season can be started up again). It suck s for those of us who have missed out on chances to qualify over the last few months, but hopefully they figure out some way to extend a similar option to the wider community (like say restarting the Imperial Assembly hint hint) in the near future
  9. I don't know that even that would be enough. He blew up the ancestral home of the Kakita that is pretty hard to come back from even under the most dire of situations.
  10. But some times you need those weeds as they can provide vital nutrients that in the long term help the paddy thrive.
  11. Zentaro's clan letter explicitly called out that she was at the castle as she was instrumental in stopping at least of the assorted Daidoji assaults on the gates.
  12. They confirmed during the Gama trade show presentations that all their RPG lines (and yes L5R was called out as one of those lines) will be continuing under Edge Entertainment (along with the long talked about Zombiecide RPG and other products soon to be named) and that it was part of the trend to consolidate different design streams to specific studios across the Asmodee group. I suspect we are still several months away from any formal announcements of new product from the studio as they will be getting up to speed with the new lines and consolidating what ever freelance work may have been underway prior to the shift. They also did confirm in another interview that they were separating the in house FFG studios into two branches. One to deal with miniature game products (so X-Wing, Legion and Aramada) and the other for board and card games (and interestingly they did say that Imperial Assault was being kept under the board game umbrella instead of the other mini's games) which does make me wonder if they plan to move those aspects of the studio over to another wing (possibly Atomic Mass) as part of the further consolidation.
  13. And we will likely get a hint of the next Cycle as they are approaching the period where pre-covid this Cycle was due to wrap up and they would have been prepping for the next cycles announcement and warm up blitz.
  14. I'm hopeful we are getting a new board game to replace Battle for Rokugan. Possibly a Descent re-skin to tie in with the Roleplaying line
  15. Role if handled correctly was a decent idea of a way to force regular meta shifts without needing to drastically change your card pool. The difficulty was that they were making it a reward for winning and thus the clans that were doing well got to lock into their best roles and those with playtest knowledge had a pretty big advantage in steering choices if they were listened to. And since they gave into player demand and opened the roles it's now an irrelevant complaint.
  16. Yeah that sadly isn't going to happen. FFG just isn't of the scale that Wizards is to be able to invest in play testing the way that Magic does. And realistically that doesn't actually change the primary issue (buy in cost) as moving to a "big box" model would still need to priced accordingly. So too match a two cycles worth of cards (the equivalent of a magic set) you are looking at roughly $150-180 per set because the current clam shells are likely a lot cheaper to produce and individually ship then the boxes would be, but since you are shipping less frequently (quarterly versus monthly) you may have some savings there. So getting an equivalent card pool to Magics out there would require you to have the core set ($120 for 3) 3 Deluxe boxes ($40 each or $120) 7 Clan Packs ($20 each or $140) and 2 big boxes ($300-$380) for a total of $680-$740 dollars (you could break that down as $57-$62 per month if a player were starting from scratch and wanted to build up a collection over a year). Annual turn over then assuming you rotate 1 Deluxe, 2 clan packs and 1 Big Box a year ends up being $230-$260. i thing there is way to much focus being placed on the total for a player getting the full pool in one go, when realistically most new players aren't going to all in at once (unless they are buying a collection used) and most players would be doing the stagger or monthly purchase method. I know I reference in an earlier post but to repeat most players can get started with 2 cores, a deluxe box, their clan pack and probably a cycles worth of cards from the various packs (so roughly $230) and even that is likely only the sale to someone after you've already "sold" them on the game. Its a still cheaper then what you realistically would be paying for Magic to build up a proper competitive deck for more then casual store play (I mean its not unheard of to see a single competitive deck that has $600+ worth of cards in them) but it looks a lot less intimidating to a new player then your proposed model since they can choose to focus their purchases on specific cycle packs and build an "ideal" clan deck while you slowly build up a collection.
  17. The actual problem its the size of the card pool you end up with. Two cycles are about the equivalent of a single set of Magic. So for example the current Magic set block is Core set, Ravnica and Theros blocks. October Ravnica with its three sets and the 2020 core will rotate and be replaced by Core 2021 and the new Zendikar block. What that means is that at any time you have a core set and 4-6 expansions legal for your card pool (or the equivalent of 8-12 Cycles plus the Core). Current rotation plans would be about the same with the clan packs and deluxe boxes filing out the equivalent of an expansion and a half (or likely two full Expansion if we get a third deluxe box this year or next) and then the remaining cycle legal cards filling in the missing space. You realistically need a larger card pool for L5R then magic as the clan restrictions act as a bigger limiter on your card pool then colour does in magic as you are stopped from mixing dynasty options unlike magic where you can freely mix the colour pool if you wish but the current pool with effectively 6-7 cycles being legal at a time gets you about as close as could be expected without significantly increasing the size of each cycle.
  18. Total full set buy in (up to end of Cycle 4) at MSRP you are looking at $698.20 plus tax, and a more reasonable cost to build a single competitive deck if you were staying clan focused and buying selective packs is $200-$250. That's is the same as saying you bought 2-3 booster boxes and even then you are likely still actively having to hunt for cards after that.
  19. I mean I've gone to the trouble to set up a draft set from my collection (and aside from asking players to bring their own spare Good Omens and Wandering Ronin I was the only one who had to put any effort into it) and you know what we've had plenty of fun playing with it.
  20. Bit of a fallacy here. Yes, you could play for "free" if your local scene was willing to take pity on you and just give you cards, but the same can happen in the LCG if your locals are focused on a single clan as you can split packs and only take the cards needed for your faction. And that person playing for free is only a body sitting at the tables but isn't' actually contributing anything to the community beyond that being a warm body. They aren't supporting the store that is bringing product in and supplying play space they are literally just a body for the other players to punching bag against. CCG gives the illusion of being cheaper, but that is just it, an illusion. The buy in for a single cycle costs $89.70 plus tax and gets you a play set of that cycle. You now have every option from that set and there is no need for rare chasing or secondary market hunting. A single booster box cost you roughly the same and you are now left with hunting for cards to finish your deck by trading and secondary market purchases and that is likely only going to get you 2 or 3 decks out of the process (and even that is just a fun deck as I've never seen a magic deck that was limited to only 1 expansion that wasn't just a for lol's deck). I know you'll say that you have to multiply that by the cost of each cycle, but no player has to buy the complete cycle in one go, you can very easily tinker on the deck building sites to figure out what packs you need and then just go out to buy those packs initially and then over time build the rest of your collection. Was there a bigger community at your store for the CCG then LCG maybe, but that is just anecdotal proof from your store, in my local scene we went from having a non-existent CCG scene to an active one that was supporting regular play at 4 different stores (between weekly meetups and monthly tournaments) as a direct counter. **** we still have an active Netrunner community running that has 10-20 regulars coming out for a dead game. The only thing that kills a game is whether you have a community that is willing to rally around it and from what you've described your communities issue wasn't that they liked the old game more, its that most of your players sound like they were cheap and wanted someone else to carry the frate for them.
  21. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the modern Mantis clan mindset
  22. Both come from RPG adventures. His loyalties are part of his character write up from the Winter's Embrace adventure. The details of Satsume's death are part of the Palace of the Emerald Champion adventure and while they don't say Satoshi was explicitly involved you can uncover evidence that Satsume was in communication with someone he referred to as his peer in the capital that was sending him Kolat inspired propaganda and seemed to be actively trying to recruit him. When that failed an assassin was ordered to murder Satsume.
  23. Provinces in Skirmish are neither face up or face down they just are. Therefore its X should be set to 0, so still effect 0 Glory characters.
  24. In fairness we did see that image first in Behind the Empty Throne and it was implied to be at the time the edict was being read in the first place.
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