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  1. Schmoozies

    Deck Building Challenge - Imperial Deck

    I'd swap Shameful for Pilgrimage as its not as good on Stronghold where it forces you into defense and if facing a low Glory clan the 3 Province strength is not as good as the 5 on Pilgrimage. I'd also likely drop Born in War for something as you are short on Cavalry characters so getting it out could be problematic.
  2. Schmoozies

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Oh that was spotted, and confirmed in the AMA when the preview was dropped, as soon as the card came out. Really if your opponent uses the discard themselves effect that is on them but I don't see it getting past the first round of hot potato before one player or the other determines that their attachments are more valuable than an opponents.
  3. Its likely a little early to say for certain since (outside of Jigoku) testing most of us have only had the new cards for a week to experiment with. My predictions are that Scorpion will take Worlds this year, more on the power of opponents being unprepared for the new tricks than the overall power of the expansion.
  4. Schmoozies

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Sure he's got two on them in the art work, He's just not using them at the moment
  5. Schmoozies

    Quote from the RPG

    Either that of the sitting Emperor has a soft spot for her and plans to give his son a run for his money in his golden years, since he is technically the only one actually authorized to use that seal as his own and everyone else is using it on his behalf.
  6. Schmoozies

    RPG Lore - Kachiko & Hotaru

    Its partially this, although the prophecies of Uikku also did give them hints of the return of Fu Leng, and as the Phoenix delved deeper into their meaning following the start of the clan war they believed that the scrolls would contain a method to contain him again or possibly defeat him for good (which they sort of did). Personally one of the things I'd like to see explored that got very much glossed over in the first iteration was what effect did carrying the final scroll in his heart do to Togashi. Just being around the others for short periods was enough to tempt and corrupt most mortals and he carried one on his person for 1,000+ years (admittedly using multiple bodies but it was still his psyche in contact with the scroll) so should that have had an effect on him. Was it possible that his inscrutable nature and tendency to speak in riddles was not just him trying to be enigmatic and avoid contaminating future events that he had foreseen but a sign of his own madness being brought on by Shadowlands taint. Imagine if as each scroll was opened the remaining scrolls took on more of Fu Lengs taint in an effort to contain him until the final remaining scroll (trapped in the body of Togashi) bursts from the well spring of power it is unable to hold back and Fu Leng ascends combining his powers with those of his brother.
  7. Well that's partially an after effect of the shape they went with for the dials. But not all official FFG dials do. The Kotei acrylic ones only have 1-5.
  8. Schmoozies

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    What no Akodo Godeigo or Ikoma Ryozo
  9. Schmoozies

    RPG Lore - Kachiko & Hotaru

    OR the divergence in the story that we've seen so far could lead to all sorts of shenanigans leading up to that point. There are all sorts of ideas that could be used for Ryoshun, for example he fell in different part of the world and was raised separate from his siblings. Without the support and countering influence of his brothers and sisters he rose to power and his followers came to dominate the region that they resided in. Being a unique divine entity in the eyes of his followers a monotheistic church developed around him and his descendants have been the "head" of that church for 1,000 years. They have conquered their section of the world and are now spreading to new areas. The Unicorn could come into conflict with them in their holdings outside of the Empire and we see a conquering threat that forces the clans to unite against an impending invasion.
  10. Schmoozies

    RPG Lore - Kachiko & Hotaru

    Since the concept of the Second Day of Thunder is so integral to the setting I'm not surprised that it will be looming threat over the course of the game. The question will be how do we get there and what changes are possible due to the new setting. Ideally I hope it will be left as a back burner issue for as long as possible with the rising issues in the game being such that it can be the culmination of the first edition arc and possibly used as a suitable tipping point to establish a new order going into an eventual 2nd edition of the game when the time comes.
  11. Schmoozies

    RPG Lore - Kachiko & Hotaru

    So far everything about Daisetsu is different, even more so with the Emperor's final decree. The Tsunami is nothing like the coup, one resulted in a massive upswing of Ronin and destabilizing of the established social order with the ousting of a great clan, banishment of another's champion and the ascension of an inexperienced and ill prepared heir to the role of Emperor. The Tsunami has been a major issue for the Crane and the resulting food shortages that resulted are causing unrest but not to the same extent that the coup did. The main driver is the tension that it is precipitating with the other clans who were either used to the Crane being the bread basket for the rest of them, or are reacting to the movements of the Crane as they try to recover their lost standing. I know you have a bug about the minor clans but them being kept and conforming for the most part to the setting as it was established for this time period as per the old timeline is not a bad thing as there were fans of most of those clans and so giving them a nod that their favorite characters may still have a role to play in the RPG or future story developments is not a bad thing. So far large chunks of our story line are already different. Perfect Land sect is new, elemental imbalance/unease of the Phoenix with Meishodo is new, tsunami is new, Unicorn/Lion war new and all give us interesting story directions for going forward. Are we seeing many of the same faces, yes but what would have been the point of buying the game and resetting to this time period (the most popular for the game) if you weren't going to at least visit some favorites. Are historical incidents from periods before our new starting point being left largely alone, yes because you only have so much space for fiction so leaving those as established fact where possible makes the most sense as it means you can later reference them if needed or if the desire so takes you can re-write what's needed and change things up on the fly.
  12. Schmoozies

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    Personally I'd want an Ikoma for the Lion choice just because their nature seems more suited to smoothing out the differences between the different clan troops that would be drawn into the Imperial Legions.
  13. Schmoozies

    L5R Miniatures game

    Asako Azunami would beg to differ with the comment about the Elemental masters all being Isawa. The Isawa don't have a Daimyo in the traditional sense they have the council who are a collective Daimyo (fill the same role)
  14. Schmoozies

    RPG Lore - Kachiko & Hotaru

    Uhm, you know Daisetsu wasn't a thing (in this form at least) in the old lore right, plus the whole Elemental Imbalance, Tsunami and Meisheido are all new threads that are unique (at this point) to the FFG timeline. Their have been plenty of steps taken to differentiate this version from the AEG version. Will there be some similarities yes, and will those of us who were old fans hold out for call backs to some of our favorite moments sure, but nothing says that things will or have to be repeated in the same way. its like the Walking Dead comics versus TV show. They are following the same basic thread line and eventual destinations are the same (we will eventually build to a 2nd Day of Thunder since its a fundamental part of the setting but nothing says it has to be the culmination of the first major story ark like it was in the old game) but the path to get there can take difference routes and go explore new directions, some characters can be changed or have their roles swapped around (compare comic Carol to the show to see what a difference it can be), new characters can be introduced and become integral to the setting. Its a reboot, you take the chance to revisit your setting and take the stuff that worked and add your own sensibility to it.
  15. Schmoozies

    Wasp and Fox confirmed

    That just shows you how good the other Shinobi are, Scorpion don't even suspect it.