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  1. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    Okay now I'm sacred, this may be a sign of the end times people.
  2. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    Well she was at the castle gates where he was leading the charge against her defending forces so a one in a million shot during the heat of battle I'd say is a fair play. AS to Toturi not pressing the issue, again a death during active combat is different from an assassination, and the whole hesitancy is playing to his specific character of he over analyzes everything and so to the other Lion he is seen as weak and "cowardly" when in reality he is just considering the ramifications on the game 4-5 steps ahead of everyone else.
  3. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    I wouldn't call it a farce. She lost him in battle to a well timed and coordinated counter attack that he, in his eagerness to claim glory, walked right into. She rages against it as yes she is grief stricken, but at the same time she is not a stupid woman, and her having the clarity of vision to comprehend that someone is trying to manipulate her and refusing to fall into their trap plays better to the proud Matsu who bows to no man, than the grieving widow blind to nothing but her own desire for revenge.
  4. Schmoozies

    Starting Value on Honor Dials

    I'll be curious to see the ruling but my take would be no you can't use Good Omen as "-" or Blank is not the same as 0. But that would just by my gut call and am curious what the actual response will be.
  5. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    But it was also a result of the Story choice from the first Worlds. 1. Duty - Send Doji Kuwanan back to the Osari Plains so that Tsuko can meet him in an honorable battle. One of them may not survive. 2. Justice - Send Doji Kuwanan to the Imperial City back to his sister Doji Hotaru. He will talk to Hotaru about what happened with the mysterious ronin who attacked them in the name of the Lion. Together they will investigate the manipulative politics and uncover who is trying to instigate more blood between Lion and Crane. Shogun at Worlds selected Justice so there was no question as to whether he was living or not after that.
  6. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    Ha my master plan finally comes to fruition
  7. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    Still waiting on actual proof of your conspiracy theories.
  8. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    How does anything in test support this point. The Lion did not challenge Shono specifically they invaded a Unicorn holding in retaliation for Altransarnai breaking the wedding agreement. In that case the expected response should be a military retaliation by the Unicorn, which all falls in line with the apparent plan to further highlight themselves as the wronged party to justify their push to declare open war (as evidenced by Mitsuko's orders to force a full on confrontation with the retaliatory Unicorn army rather then permitting a one on one duel as the Lion did when they first took the village). Nothing in Shono's exchange with his mother when he volunteers to lead the force that goes out to retake the village suggests that he questions his mothers ability to handle this Lion raid. He is marching out to demonstrate the fact that he supports his mother and will defend the territory of the Unicorn on behalf of his mother as support of her decision to end the engagement. He says it himself: ”Wait,” Shono spoke. "This is a test. Such an attack is beneath your notice, mother. Send me instead.” Once more, the retainers exchanged murmurs. Altansarnai regarded her son. ”Shono," she began. He stepped forward, meeting her eyes with a determined face. "They sent Mitsuko because they believed it would divide us. They think they can leverage my personal feelings against the clan. Let me show them that such tactics do not work.” He looked to the others. ”Let me prove to all that your future champion cannot be so easily manipulated!" He says it himself the entire reason he is volunteering is to demonstrate that he stands with his champion and not against her. His personal misgivings are irrelevant as this is a matter of honor for the clan. There is no argument that he is at times more inclined to present the view that conforming to the expectations of the other clans may make assimilation easier and earn them greater acceptance, but how much of that is colored by his personal feelings and love for Mitsuko, does he resent having to face her on the field of battle for sure. But he is doing his duty and supporting his mother. And yes Altransarnai is far more aware than her son of the greater battlefield that is Rokugan politics, she's seen the fact that the Unicorn efforts to curtail the conflict for Toshi Ranbo have been invalidated by the subtle maneuvering of the Scorpion in convincing the Emperor to declaring a moratorium on IMperial Decrees until the resolution of the Emerald Championship and the appointment of a new Emerald Champion. The entire reason why she was intending to follow through on the marriage in the first place was that she recognized that backing out after the agreement in principle was reached would have been fuel in the courts for the Lion and the other enemies of the Unicorn to use against them. Altandarnai's core philosophy as presented in Curved Blades is that the Unicorn do not abandon their old ways and just merge with each new culture they encounter they take the useful traits that they find there and adapt them to fit the needs of clan as a whole, they don't abandon things they adapt them and merge them with their already held ideals. It is not the Unicorn way to blindly throw anything away for what is new and shiny (in this case Bushido) and that too abandon the traditions that have served them well during the time they were outside of the Empire would be a betrayal of the Clan. To a Rokugani perspective where "courtesy", "honor"and acceptance of facts as presented to you are the expectation it would seem quite scandalous and far fetched, but again that's the point, the Unicorn are the Outsider view that bucks the expectation of society. And you are completely ignoring my challenge Ujiaki is an example of a conspiracy acting "openly" to undermine the position of his champion and shuffle him off to the side so that the "big kids" can get on with running the clan the way it should be done. There is nothing being presented to suggest that their is anything of the sort goign on in the Unicorn. Literally everything we've seen is the clan rallying around their Champion and their traditions, and the only real voice of disagreement is Shono who is upset at the "loss" of his love and whose main point is that they need to forge closer ties with their neighbors and that given the prevailing political climate it is a bad idea to give them further "proof" of the Unicorn's barbarism.
  9. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    Because she is weighing the immediate certainty of one life versus the potential loses that a war may entail. Further she is taking steps to try and mitigate the fallout by sending word to the Emperor of her intention to break the agreement and concedes that she will submit to "his" judgement on what the consequences should be and she was willing to accept the consequences of that judgement no matter what it was. The Lion are the ones who decided to escalate the conflict by seizing the village before the Emperor's judgement was handed down. She shows plenty of compassion to the pain that Shono is going through over the loss of a woman he has come to love during their courtship she understands the pain that he is going through and while he is only focused on the short term she has to focus on the wide term effects of what going through with the marriage may have entailed, including the resentment that he and his bride would face from the retainers who resent the fact that she was forced to step aside to placate the Lion. She tries to avoid putting him in the position of potentially having to face her by planning to go out and face the Lion herself, its Shono who steps up and convinces her that he should lead the force and not his mother. He recognizes that its a ploy by the Lion to try and divide the Unicorn and that only by showing his support of his mother will he be able to prove them wrong on that front. You have heard of a no win choice right, you know where regardless of the option chosen one side comes out ahead of the other. In the case of this deal the Lion have two opportunities either they get the land, the horses and to thumb their nose at the Barbarians and show off to the rest of the Empire with the implication that the position of Ikoma Daimyo (a vassal of the Lion Champion) is more important then the Unicorn Champion thus raising their own political profile. Or if the negotiations, fail they have the pretense to allow them to walk in and claim the lands that they want while waiving away any guilt with the excuse of we are just claiming what is rightfully ours in recompense for the dishonor the Unicorn have done us, which is what they ended up doing here. You keep bringing this fact up but if that there must be some grand conspiracy against Altransarnai but then fail to provide any concrete evidence to support it, just baseless conjecture on your part (funny how it runs the same as your argument that Kakita Yoshi is so shrewd that his mishandling of the Crab was actually his precognitive knowledge that the Crab and Mantis would enter into an agreement, #kakitayohsiisafool). If there was meant to be the sort of conspiracy you describe here with two factions of Unicorn working against each other over the goal to undermine Altransarnai and bring the Unicorn more in line with traditional Rokugani beliefs there would be some sort of mention of that some where in the story. But there has been nothing of the sort, every single Unicorn fiction has shown that while there is definite tension between the Unicorn at large and the Empire over their culture and how it does and does not acclimate to traditional Rokugani culture, the majority of the clan is supportive of Altransarnai, heck even the Utaku (the most traditional and closest adherents to Bushido of the Unicorn families) were opposed to the marriage. “The Lion tricked us! You did not know the cost. If you marry him, you leave the clan, and we lose a great leader. We agreed to this marriage before we knew you would become his trophy. Before we knew that by Ikoma custom, the wife takes the husband’s name and joins his lands. We did not ask for him to join your house because we did not know we needed to. It is no loss of face to claim the deal has changed, and if that saves this woman’s life, then all the better.” Curved Blades page 7. Kamoko clearly advocates against the deal, and yes she can be argued to be on a warmongering faction since she firmly believes that the Unicorn can stand up to the Lion and need to in order to show their superiority, but those are presented as her views and are being presented as her opinion not those of some greater conspiracy. The implication was something along the lines of well we have an agreement in principle that Altransarnai will marry a Samurai of the Ikoma, now as we work out the finer details of the deal like the specifics of what holdings may change hands as part of the agreement we mention oh by the way she will have to take his name and abdicate her position because you know tradition. Here's my challenge to you show me one concrete in fiction example of some proof of your grand conspiracy, anything that shows their is a faction within the Unicorn working to undermine their champion. We have it in the Lion where we clearly see that Ujiaki is plotting to undermine Toturi and gather support from the moment he is introduced, he is obviously pushing for a way to remove Toturi from the board to free him from scrutiny over what he is doing. We further see it in the Crane Unicorn war where there is the question of who hired the mercenaries that have been masquerading as both Lion and Crane troops, and who arranged for Kuwanan to be delivered to Tsuko with the assumption that in her rage and grief over the death of Arasou she would execute him and give one more reason for the Crane and Lion conflict to escalate (he is after all at the moment the heir to the clan). These are clear examples of some sort of conspiracy going on in the back ground of the Lion so there is every reason to believe that what ever faction is behind this plotting would have an interest in inflaming tensions between the Lion and Unicorn to keep the Lion military mobilized, especially since all signs were pointing to some sort of pending intervention by the Emperor in the Toshi Ranbo situation. Add the long standing resentment that the Lion have felt for the Unicorn since their return resulted in them having to forfeit significant areas of land to the returning Unicorn and left them with the first notable example of a Lion army failing since they were unable to cope with the cavalry tactics that the returned Unicorn brought with them and yes I'd say we have ample reason to see why a faction of the Lion may be pushing to aggravate the Unicorn so much that they make a misstep that will give them a pretense to petition the Emperor to allow them to go to war (oh look what the end result of the negotiations were). FFG has been very careful to ensure that we are being presented in most cases with ample evidence that the clans are not black and white good and bad guys, they all operate in a grey area that is more realistic of a society trying to live up to an unattainable ideal and so locked into their mindset that they struggle to deviate from it in any way.
  10. Or reduce the cost to play Gaijin cards, or reaction to cancel an honor loss when you play a Meishodo card
  11. Schmoozies

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    Well since all indications are that the Ide are competent, and since there is zero indication (aside from your unfounded speculation) that they are plotting against Altransarnai (hint good storytelling would have indicated that there was this sort of plot afoot either in another story like we had with Ujiaki plotting to "remove" Toturi as the head of the clan, or flavor text) we have to accept one of two facts. Either they had a momentary derp moment that we are supposed to hand wave off for story, or the Ikoma actively concealed information like the Ikoma marriage "tradition" that likely hasn't been in an issue for the majority of the clans since they either don't marry high ranking females to lower ranking Ikoma unless the intent is for them to join the Lion's household. Since this tradition may have been an issue centuries ago when it first began the other clans likely grew accustomed to it and it just became one of those default things that you either automatically refuse or as was more likely stopped being enforced during the time the Unicorn were away from the Empire until a smart Ikoma diplomat saw it as a way to thumb their nose at the "barbarian scum" and provoke them into a cultural misstep that would give them a pretense to escalate the "cold war" that the two have been in since the Unicorn returned to the Empire and reclaimed their ancestral territory from its Lion "caretakers". As for the marriage you're right it was probably generally know that Anazaku was already married, and that he may face a dishonor for setting aside his wife. However since his first marriage was one based on an alliance, not initially romantic, and he was being directed to set that aside on the orders of his Lord for a new more "important" political marriage the dishonor that would be incurred would be minimal. What could not be anticipated would be that over the years he and his wife had come to genuinely love each other, so much so that she could not consider the thought of going on without her husband. As to Bushido tenant, everything about the game both old and new has been about how no person can truly live up to the tenants of Bushido so each individual and clan tends to focus on those that they deem the most important and prioritize them over the others when they come in conflict. For Unicorn it has always been the case that they view Compassion as the most important. The idea that Altansarnai would just happily go along with the marriage once she saw full scope of the collateral damage that would go along with it is actually worse for suspension of disbelief.
  12. Worldly will fit well with the Explorer theme so I'm happy to see it as well.
  13. Schmoozies

    Toronto, Canada Kotei

    We have a Kotei for Toronto, Canada on the list of Kotei's to be held in February 2019. Unfortunately all we know is that its supposed to happen in February, with no specific date attached as yet, and the venue is still TBD. As a Toronto local I know I'm very interested in this event and have reached out to the OP team to see if they can provide some more details to make coordinating advertising with the local play group, and hopefully the wider audience, easier as being a Canadian event there will be a few additional hurdles for US players to consider. The biggest will be the need for passports for US citizens if they are flying into the city, and if driving while they will need specifically need a passport they will need proof of ID and Citizenship (such as a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, or a Certificate of Indian Status) that they may not have considered and may need time to acquire. So my real question has anyone seen any more concrete details on the Toronto Kotei as yet?
  14. Your know that the vote was telling us the name of the character and confirmed that it will be a generic archetype character, so we knew we weren't getting a named character out of it right.
  15. Schmoozies

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    It really depends on role. If you are on Keeper than yes Pilgrimage or Rally are probably the right call. If you are seeker though it depends on Element as you will want the economy boost that an early flip by your opponent to bring you to fate parity for the turn, so those two provinces likely need to be in the row to maximize the odds of being hit turn. I'm not sure I agree Entrenched is the right province of stronghold as yes the ability to flip with Captive while nice does mean you aren't able to run Upholding Authority to mitigate the penalty for the province you are likely to lose anyway if revealed turn 1, or Public Forums to act as a speed bump and delay the break you expect to take.