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  1. The argument is it forces clans to switch off their ideal role selection for at least short periods. The classic example is Meta Crab would likely not be giving up Keeper of Water anytime soon if they weren't forced to by virtue of losing the role.
  2. but you wouldn't pronounce his name DAIS-ETSU, It would be More like DAI-SE-TSU or DAISETSU so you have a se sound not a sh and her name would be SHA-HAI
  3. maybe but its a little counter to the purpose of joined names where you are combining a part of each persons name and making them flow together, this just add a prefix to her name.
  4. I still hope that our next 7 Thunders end up being characters no one would suspect. My preferred route is they are the named 3 drops from core set (and yes I'm aware the Crab is dead but there is always the Shadow Samurai route to deal with that). I mean the families all match well to the original thunders (once you realize that the Crane Thunder was Doj and Kakita's daughter so shares the blood of both families thus Making Kaezin or Assami viable choices).
  5. Dis we settle on Daishahai as their couple name. I always think of them as either DaiHai or ShaiSetsu myself.
  6. Yes but the palace wards have failed, and Prince Daisetsu has been taken from the palace. And Kachiko may want someone she can better control in charge of the Palace Guard
  7. He's chief of the Seppun Guard so yeah he's probably taking backlash, but he wasn't specifically responsible for the Emperor at the time so may be able to get off with just a demotion and Roninhood.
  8. yeah Ishikawa stayed in the capital while Kaede took Toturi into hiding
  9. I always took the binding to be removing it from its natural habitat personally.
  10. I thought Meishodo was more like a traditional name magic, as you learn the "name" of the spirit you bind it to a physical object and are able to compel it to perform effects for you through that object.
  11. Unicorn I think are the least likely to back Sotorii just because my expectation is they will be having a massive Lion problem very shortly as I predict Sotorii is likely to hand Shori over to them and say go get the Unicorn who obviously brought about my fathers death and have disrupted the wards in the castle (as evidenced by the cut he received from Shahai that didn't trigger any warning to the guards). I think it will be the factor that forces Shoju to act and assume the position of regent (which actually shouldn't be required as Sotorii is an adult having passed his gempukku) for the troubled heir. The question is how will Sotorii handle the power play by Shoju? As to Crab and Mantis it really comes down to which Prince offers them the most gain. I can very easily see them backing Daisetsu as he promises them the resources that they seek if they help put him on his throne.
  12. We've seen a few instances of this attitude creeping into his dealings with his brother, and it seemed for the most part to be limited to his attitude towards his brother. The fact that it flared up in this circumstance seems as you mentioned very justifiable so while I see it as something that we may potentially build on I'm not sure how much I'll read into it for now. What still strikes me as more important is that as far as we know Daisetsu still has his brother's death poem and will he be able to leverage that into support against Sotorii.
  13. I could see Daisetsu initially setting out for the Scorpion lands. He has a high opinion or both Shoju and Dairu is his best friend. Now that plan may very well change once we get word that the Scorpion are "supporting" Sotorii that may necessitate a change of plans. At that point turning south towards the Crab may be the best choice they see.
  14. Depends on how they are treated on the run. Early Shahai is pretty much a no go since she is absolutely not a Bloodspeaker at this point. That said if she finds herself turning to more extreme and darker magics to protect Daisetsu as they are on the run it could very easily lead to her stumbling into Maho. Especially if she feels the need to release the kami she has in her current talismans so they can return to the palace to protect it (something I can easily see her doing since she at least suspects that she has compromised the wards) and if she crafts new talismans from local kami where ever she is at the time and one of them happens to end up being a kansen that inhabits a skull talisman and like to be called Grandfather and offers to share secrets to grant her power to protect her Prince then we are right back to old Shahai territory.
  15. Its also worth noting that we again have it confirmed that Daisetsu hasn't had his gempukku yet. I'm sensing an excuse for him to change his name while in hiding. If they have him go through an emergency gempukku while he's running or he just chooses to adopt a name to disguise his identity what better name then Daigotsu. Keeps the O5R fans happy and really he is looking more and more like someone prepared to tear the old order down, especially now that he's going to be on the outiside looking in on the mess his brother is likely about to make of things.
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