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  1. Its almost like the Scorpion players like to downplay how good their stuff is. How weird.
  2. More observing that a stronger Scorpion deck is not healthy for the game, and that seems to be where these previews are leading at the moment. With Phoenix you had a weak deck that was getting propped up by the pack, here we have a strong deck that will only be improved by the additional tools that they are getting here.
  3. Because Scorpion needed more movement tricks and ways to cheat characters into play
  4. Depends Shiba may be able to recognize how far the Empire has fallen from the ideal that the Kami originally represented and may have come to realize that the hand on the tiller is no longer the one your want in control. Plus while the hosts have the knowledge and experience of the previous champions they aren't controlled by them so it could be Shiba there screaming in his head about everything he's doing wrong while he feels that he needed to do something to course correct the Empire. And with the loss of Ujimitsu from the collective after the event so of the Phoenix Novella it would also go to explain why Tsukune may not be aware of everything he was up to.
  5. It would make his apparent foolishness make a little more sense, but I don't see it personally
  6. Schmoozies

    Why Waning Hostilities Works

    If Waning Hostilities is played than as per the developer rulings each player has a hard cap of 1 conflict for the turn and nothing can override that.
  7. The other option could be Ujimitsu (who was still Phoenix Champion while Satsume was alive and also died under mysterious/unexpected circumstances). Maybe he was a more devoted follower of the Path of Man than originally suspected?
  8. Schmoozies

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    Except that when Lady Doji failed to produce an heir (and assuming we take the the old lore as being somewhat representative of his issues with Children) it took four different ladies Doji before one stuck you would think the Seppun and the Emperor would have dusted off the back up plan at some point.
  9. Schmoozies

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    He could and its thanks to his choices that the greatest clan was eventually born. But the Emperor is the direct descendant of the first Emperor and is the divine representative of the heavens on earth with the power to make anything the "truth" just by uttering it. If he decided to name an illegitimate child his heir than that is the new "truth" and everyone falls in line.
  10. Schmoozies

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    Yes the Third Champion was born after his father had a night of drunken revelry to celebrate his marriage
  11. Schmoozies

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    Robert wasn't a frail elderly king though he was still in the relative prime of his rule when he died, and he left a gaggle of heirs around, just none with his queen.
  12. Schmoozies

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    Old lore Sotorii's mother was your typical Crane Imperial Bride (note she started as a concubine and was only married after she became pregnant) and died a few years after giving birth to Sotorii and had pretty much no other real backstory. Daisetsu's mother was the Emperor's fifth bride however she was kidnapped by Bloodspeakers while Pregnant with Daisetsu and was sacrificed soon after his birth.
  13. Schmoozies

    Hisu Mori Toride

    it adds a third conflict
  14. Schmoozies

    Hisu Mori +Saves interaction

    Sacrificing the character is a cost of the ability, so if any effect prevents the character from being sacrificed you would not have paid the cost so the rest of the effect is unable to resolve.
  15. Schmoozies

    Dead Ningyo

    Under the same logic as the Spirtcaller Hisu Mori sacrifice ruling they should stay in the discard.