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  1. Way to early for the Grey Crane. I would expect it will be a Ronin of some sort, likely reflecting the group that has been presenting themselves as working for both the Lion and Crane to stir up trouble in that conflict.
  2. Schmoozies

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    All duels are now implied to be participating
  3. Schmoozies

    Revealing Provinces

    Border Fortress also lets you reveal a province.
  4. Schmoozies

    Glory Counts and ties

    While I get feel this is the correct answer as well, the whole no game state change excuse always annoys me. There is technically a change, as the card has left the players hand thus their hand size has changed. I realize that FFG has ruled that isn't sufficient so as to avoid players just "discarding" unplayable cards to avoid passing, but in this case the card is a valid play (we can resolve its effects by holding a glory count) and we then have a tie so the final effect leaving no winner or loser so the effects of the glory count fizzle, it would be the same as a tied duel the effect that initiated the duel is still valid, however the final effect of the duel will fizzle due to the tie.
  5. Schmoozies

    Rules Backward Compatible?

    Sadly the old AEG game is not compatible with the FFG version
  6. Miyako's Undertaking since it involves infiltrating the Perfect Land Sect in Dragon lands could maybe be squinted at and argued that it is a Dragon card as well despite the Scorpion border. But honestly I would assume Kharmic Balance is the Dragon story card and is tied to Yokuni's visions. Crane its harder to pin down
  7. Schmoozies

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    The main issue is he takes up one of your 10 conflict stats and there are better impact bodies that could end up in that space. I can maybe see him in HMT Lion as another cheap scrificial bushi to drop and activate your box, but I don't see playing him otherwise. Unless to claim that sweet wandering ronin bounty than he goes in every deck.
  8. Schmoozies

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Kujira's are conflict characters so your order is slightly off. its: 1. Pass, play a Sneaky Shinjo with the fate. 2. Attack with Sneaky, charging in Yoritomo for first attack. 3. Gaijin Customs Yoritomo for the defense. 4. Buy Kujira's Hireling. 5. Attack with Hireling and spend all your money on him. 6. Try not to lose. 7. Lose a lot.
  9. They are canon to the same extent that many of the other alternate campaign settings were.
  10. Schmoozies

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    You can also use it to set up extra Tsukune targets of rings you really want to claim again at the end of the conflict phase if you don't care that much about favour or are up enough on the glory count. Severed with Tadaka will be the real soul breaker. This now means Phoenix have 6 ways to ensure even when you go for Earth Ring while he is in play you don't get it.
  11. Schmoozies

    RPG Playmat

    My only concern would be the placement as if you are using a GM screen you are either going to obscure either your view of it as the GM or the players if you have it behind your screen. I also wish it had a grid on it and they had included a range band ruler on the sides to make using it for tactical skirmishes a little easier
  12. When it comes to the minor clans the official ones should be considered: Historically Badger Clan Centipede Clan Dragonfly Clan Falcon Clan Fox Clan Hare Clan Mantis Clan Sparrow Clan Tortoise Clan Wasp Clan In addition there are a few that were destroyed or disbanded: Boar Clan (believed extinct but Ronin do show up claiming to be from the clan periodically) Snake Clan Tanuki Clan And post Clan War several new clans were founded Bat Clan Firefly Clan Monkey Clan Oriole Clan Ox Clan FFG has also added a new Cat Clan with the 5th edition RPG so there is the possibility we will see more minor clans in the future but for now these are the ones that can be considered canon based on actual previous official publication.
  13. Never an official Shark Clan. They were a fan creation from someones personal canon.
  14. Schmoozies

    Children of Tradition

    Its a little more then that though. Sotorii had lost the duel when Dairu struck him on the first pass, so him turning and continuing to attack was a massive breach of his own honor and in most cases would have led to the transgressor being at minimum disowned by his family and more likely ordered to commit Seppuku. Now admittedly being the heir he wouldn't be facing that severe a repercussion for his actions, but he should be facing some sort of censure from his father (as we are eventually seeing with him being passed up). Technically Daisetsu was actually doing more to preserve the integrity of the throne and prevent a scandal if word got out that the Crown Prince lost a duel and in his anger killed his opponent, who also happened to be the son of one of his fathers chief advisers and the heir to the Scorpion clan. Now admittedly that was not what was going through his mind at the time, but it is the reality of what occured.
  15. Schmoozies

    Children of Tradition

    Well she is the mother of his brothers best friend. I think I may have seen too many videos that misspell the Emperor's name that have that as a main part of their plot.