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  1. As far as I know, no expedition cards have been previewed. I assume the card you are talking about is the one with a rope, pickaxe, and statue on the back. That is an adventure card.
  2. Implementing history is always a PITA when programming. Have you considered moving to a transactional model? Yeah, that would be one way of doing it. Basically, keeping track of all changes in like an audit trail, then when figuring out XP, see when a skill was bought (or rather, which transaction index) and base the cost on as-of-then career skills. Of course, the only place this happens is with skills, so it probably wouldn't be worth it to have a full audit trail of changes. I don't know, I'm still thinking about it Since the problem only occurs when buying new specializations what if you had the program perform a check when you buy the new spec to see if the expected cost and the actual cost of the spec were the same. If they are not the same put the extra refunded XP into another field called Wasted XP or something like that.
  3. Are you sure you are looking at the final update? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/StarWarsRPG/force-and-destiny/support/Beta%20Errata%2010.pdf
  4. I don't always catch sidebars I'll add them for the next release.Wow, no pictures of hyperdrive sleds anywhere. I ended up cobbling one together. It's actually based on the Vulcan shuttle from Star Trek, but I put some beefy engines on it Page 187 of FaD has a Hyperdrive Ring. The description says it is a type of sled. It doesn't have a mention of the limit to the number of jumps like the sled from EotE does though (or a cost), so I don't know if you want to make it a seperate item or not. I was looking through the list of starfighters and I noticed that several of them have None listed for Sensor Range. This didn't seem right so I started double checking. These are the ones I found but there may be more. I only checked the starfighters, so there definitely could be other starships with the same problem. Preybird - Close HLAF-500 - Short Delta-7 - Close
  5. Is the Hyperdrive Sled (EotE Page 255) already included somewhere? If it is, where? If not, any plans to do so? Same questions for the TIE/sh and TIE/br (AoR Page 272)? I know I could do it myself, but then only my group would benefit.
  6. This would be a GM Grant, if I add it. If I get enough people who want something like this, I'll put it in. As a temporary solution you could create a piece of equipment with the appropriate bonus in the data editor.
  7. How about something that would be the urban (or maybe galaxy wide) equivalent of Survivalist. Something that let's you track, locate, or identify people. I mean, if a Hutt hires you to bring back a certain Rodian and tells you the last place he was seen was on Ord Mantell, that's not a lot to go on; the galaxy is a big place. All the combat skills in the universe will not help you in this case. In previous threads a lot of people seem to have guessed that one of the specs will focus on bringing the target back alive.
  8. Ogg just answered this question for someone else on the previous page. You need to take the Technique talent and then you get a button at the top next to "Remove" that says "Choose Skill Char".
  9. Is it only that one picture of Zam that is causing the problem? If you haven't had the problem with any other pictures I'd start to suspect the image is slightly corrupt somehow. Maybe open it in some editor or other and save it as another format or edit a single pixel or something to get it make a fresh file.
  10. While I definitely think it's cool that the designers are willing to answer questions, it really seems like quite a lot of the questions got side stepped. A significant amount of the answers were about the feel of the rules rather than the mechanics of the rules. Too many of their replies came down to GM intervention rather than addressing missing, vague, or potentially incorrect content. Why is the Dragoon the best pistol ever (or at least close)? This got completely skipped. Why do the A/KT armors have a useless ability? Because a GM might add random strain on characters without a rules reason and the players need some way to mitigate that. Does the T-Wing have missiles or torpedoes? They didn't even want to hear the question and said the stat block is correct. Too bad the stat block contradicts itself. There were a few more, but you get the idea.
  11. I know this has been mentioned before, but it easily could have been lost in the deluge of requests you get. Is there any chance you can make the group sheet put the obligations in order from largest to smallest? Currently it seems to go from smallest to largest. i assume duty is similarly backwards, but I'm too lazy to check.
  12. One of my player's just found this tonight: In the Artisan tree, Imbue Item should not be connected to Force Rating. When I was double checking that just now, I also noticed that all the talents at the top of the tree are connected to each other. This doesn't appear to be how it is in any other tree.
  13. Just a suggestion. If you don't want to kill off or abandon these characters, send them on a series of suicide missions to win a reprieve. Watch the WWII movie The Dirty Dozen for inspiration.
  14. I remember coming across this rule before, but I can't find it now that I'm looking for it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  15. I got another email from the programmer. Apparently the Hangout version had the same flaw, but is now fixed. I wonder how many online groups will suddenly find their rolls more effective.
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