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  1. I have not used that many walkers and speeders in a game even though I do have that many models to actually try this! There are rules for snowspeeders and tow cable attacks on the site for people to experiment with: http://xwingassault.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/66/snowspeeder-rules-wip#latest This makes the tow cable attack quite a challenge to pull off and with a fair chance it will not do much damage, but it still is capable of destroying an AT-AT in a single go. So a ratio of 2 to 3 speeders per walker is about the right balance. So feel free to try out the rules yourself and if you have any questions I am always happy to answer them.
  2. You are kidding.... I look forward to seeing their AT-AT at Legion scale alongside Legion scale X-Wings and TIE Fighters. They will fit so well on the Legion scale tabletop moving at Legion scale speed. Legion does not even come close to replicating Star Wars land battles with air support... it was never intended to do this anyway. A bit like how Epic is not really the best representation of huge scale ships.... that is why there is Armada. I am not concerned if people like my rules or not, I have had a lot of fun playtesting new missions and working on a Clone Wars expansion for my own amusement.
  3. I hope they never do a Clone Wars expansion.... So that is why I spent a lot of time doing this:
  4. DB Draft

    A Game of Clones

    Personally I have only ever envisioned these as two distinct factions that only fight each other in the Clone Wars time period. Cross faction/time period shenanigans is not for me. Forgot to include a view of some Homing Spider droids!
  5. DB Draft

    A Game of Clones

    Thanks, the size of the models is pretty much correct AFAIK. All the flying models are from Shapeways except the large droid (HMP Gunship), not quite the right scale but the only model available. The Clone Z-95 is meant to be much bigger than the Z-95 we have in the game. The Jedi fighters and droid fighters are very small and certainly contenders for only having 1 Hull!
  6. DB Draft

    A Game of Clones

    I was inspired in part by the new Star Wars Battlefront II to work on some Clone Wars models to integrate into a game of X-Wing. This includes rules for ground units as well which are plentiful in this era (error to some!) The models are from a variety of sources including micro machines and Shapeways. Here are some pics of some of the units: More info on the basic ground combat rules can be found here: http://xwingassault.com/
  7. It seems the phrase "Ground Assault" is very popular for these sort of ideas! Quite independently of the above rules I have also worked on ground based combat and the full rules can be found here: http://xwingassault.com/ Infantry are the most interesting ground units to represent. They should be able to move a reasonable distance as well as take up defensive positions to improve their survivability. Just because a snowspeeder can fly several hundred times the speed of a man doesn't mean it would move this fast when attempting close air support. Movement is vital in a game as it literally dictates how many turns of activation a game needs to run to achieve a desired outcome so the more movement the better the game experience. Of course having transport vehicles then becomes the best way to move infantry over the battlefield. The best way to speed up gameplay is to not have ground units have to pre-plot maneuvers like flying vehicles. Ground vehicles activate by their relative "Skill" so can then move in a more reactionary way which is far more realistic. Nothing worse than two enemy ground units closing with each other and then suddenly one veers off before contact due to them "wrong guessing" where their opponent was planning to move to. This works for flying ships but not for ground units IMHO. So yes I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments on what a ground based game should have to be compatible with the range of X-Wing ships. I would be very interested to see what ideas you come up with. I hope you have a chance to look over my rules and see if you think they are similar to what you are thinking about. Mini Luke, Leia. Han, Chewie, C3-PO, R2-D2, Vader, Probe Droid, Wampa and Tauntauns are absolutely necessary!
  8. I have already had a go at doing this and it works for me. It still uses all of the basic X-Wing rules but with changes to better reflect ground units and infantry. Infantry activate as a unit (platoon) formed of multiple bases (squads) and ground units do not need maneuver dials or a separate damage card deck. If you want the game to be fully compatible with X-Wing then it may be easier to use the same style of activation they use such as being based on the skill (training) of the troops. So low skill troops must activate first and higher skilled troops can better react to this by activating afterwards, then in the combat phase the higher skilled troops attack first... just like in X-Wing. Full basic rules and downloadable 2D models for Hoth can be found here: http://xwingassault.com/
  9. I have been playing my own version of "Ground Battles" for X-Wing for a while now: The infantry is 10mm and a stand represents a squad of 10 soldiers. The AT-AT is around 10cm tall (4") and fits the Gozanti very well. Just thought I would speculate with pictures.
  10. I am not sure they have conventional shields, only containment shields for traversing from space to atmosphere. Anyone with more info on this?
  11. I have been using photobucket for years but now it seems they no longer allow pictures to be shared from them on 3rd party forums.... unless you pay them more than $1 a day! So all of my posts with pictures are now pretty much screwed. Can anyone suggest another photo-sharing website that is: User friendly for non-techie people Free to use Allows sharing of pictures on 3rd party forums and not just URL links... I want to see the photos! Thanks in advance!
  12. I am also starting a collection of these ships. So if you want to collaborate and share ideas then that would be cool. There are a few topics about this already but my interest also includes ground based vehicles (MTT transports, AT-TE walkers etc...). Basically if I can find the models then I want to include them!
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