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  1. The Current ship is a WAyfarer Medium Transport that had part of the Presurized cargo hold converted into holding Passengers. Named the "Yuna Puna" (First class in huttese). Was hastly painted over cause the other paint job was done by a color blind nausarian. Thier other ship they got from Long Arm of the Hutt. Has a persistent smell of rotting wookiee flesh. Players named it "The Epsilon Explorer" unknown to them the Former Trandoshen Owner had a Gammorean lover whole is also a famous Opera singer and has been looking for the ship and her love. Any Despair rolled while operating the ship will start blasting her songs over the internal speakers.
  2. My group started with Escape from Mos Espa, and Long arm of the hutt, then they made new characters and continued the storyline. They wiped the transponder on the ship and were told to leave for the minos cluster. Really learning to GM as i went. I had them Planet hoping but the players were not taking any initiative. Without anyone to boss them around they just did nothing. Did "Debts to pay" and "Beyond the Rim" and "The Sissar run" and from there got them hooked up with a Crime boss. So i had them get hired on as crew and security for a troupe that was doing a tour of the Minos Cluster. I got 3 planets left, and they are starting to realize they are hip deep into the Criminal world, and things are coming to a head that they are not in control of. THe Crime boss (A Shivistian Black sun Lieutenant) is moving in from outside of sector and is trying to stir things up. Trying to revitalize the Rebellion in the sector to create more conflict and sell weapons to both sides, while local bosses are using the lack of law enforcement to carve up their empires, and exploit the citizens of the sector. THe endgame is to have the rebels (with weapons bought from the crime boss) drive out what remains of the EMpire, and then the crime bosses put their own people into positions of power during the Transition. Next adventure has them doing a version of Strike Force Shantipole, but only find the Research base with Walex Blissex in charge deep in the Mestra system. Using that to lead into Crisis in cloud city and Jewel of Yavin. After that it will be a few short adventures trying to Rally the Rebellion in the sector and then a final battle over Travin where the Moff will flee to the Kathol Sector.. and maybe Darkstryder campaign?
  3. No problems, glad they used dice from another line instead of new dice. Tho, personally i hate D8 and rather they used D10 instead
  4. Defiantly room for expansions. Databank deck has obvious gaps. Not too hard either to add more planets, contacts, and market items with a small expansion box. Right now it seems very "Light" for a typical game
  5. I had one time where I just gave the PC that was captured a NPC sheet to help the other players out. Just took the player aside, told them "Secret info" and allowed them to lead the rest of the group for a bit. Worked rather seamlessly
  6. The whole reason for doing the Grand Prix, is it allows the players to be at the party where the Jewel of Yavin is going to be auctioned if they win. Also the Writers wanted to include the iconic cloud cars in some way. There are other ways to get to the auction. It is up to the players what method to use. Having done numerous races in my game. usually I just keep track of speeds at each leg, and separate the participants based on the speeds and Success/failure. a lot of fudging is involved and usually try for a "photo finish" at the end. Leader = Top speed and Success 2nd place = Top speed and Failure 3rd place = Next highest speed and success 4th Place = Next highest speed and Failure. I usually start by describing the leg, and what the other participants are doing. Let the player know the setback dice for the leg. An ally can "plot a course" to reduce the setback by one die. The player then sets their speed and create their dice pool for the "Race" it is assumed that every participant is using a maneuver to Fly/Drive. and can use their action like normal, or as another maneuver except fly/drive (Full throttle, Punch it!, Evasive maneuvers, etc). Really helps to "Pre-roll" the NPCs or have other non-participating players roll for the NPCs. same method can be used for chases, and when they move to same "place" it is close range for combat type stuff to happen... even Riders attacking Riders/Vehicles or Jumping from one vehicle to another.
  7. In my group they tried to convince the R2 Unit to join, and were all nice and chummy. Then they totally bought the idea that "Pirates" were in the mines and told EV-8d3 to stay and guard their back, and even gave them some weapons. Nice double cross when they found the miners and then up-armored a mine cart to take out the Droids A-team style. Truly one of the favorite adventures I ran with my group. Both Droids escaped in the Cargo hauler. all while spouting Droid themed Marxist quotes. They have been minor comedic villains that appear, taking control of droids and sending them out to wreck havok. So far they are only in the background. But pretty much any time there are Malfunctioning droids trying to start a Revolution, they are involved. They have yet to face them since the first adventure.
  8. I stopped buying Star wars books with NJO stuff. Then decided to pick up Aftermath series, and finally "Heir to the Jedi" to see if it got any better. stopped buying the books again
  9. so this player is bringing a character just to kill the other characters? nope... not happening
  10. Why does a blind man wear blackout glasses? because for normal people it is a bit disconcerting to talk to a person who's eyes do not focus on anything, or have scars. Same with Miraluka, they do not even bother with trying to use their eyes.at most they might be able to know when the sun is out.
  11. yes. Search the forums. There is several good threads on the Adventure.
  12. I have a gunslinger in my group, literally handed him a weapon as loot to help his character and he did not like it and tossed it for credits. so i gave up handing them specific loot. only other loot I give out is breadcrumbs and other plots. also just use some "junk" loot that can be sold for credits.
  13. it my game I recreated the Mag-pulse torpedoes. They bypass shields and disable a ships weapons temporarily. The ships can move, but has no "Teeth" which allows for a poorly armored ship or fighter impunity to attack it. IMHO they are better than Ion Torpedoes for game balance wise then ion torpedoes since Ion cannons still have to deal with shields.
  14. i hear people using programs and getting some beautiful maps, but they use objects/tokens and just cut and paste. Not understand that it is beyond the program but all the additional resources like chairs tables walls and doors that make things look so much better. I have a hard enough time making circles and boxes that look like crap on the final product
  15. My Shadow/Thief who spent a lot of time on the streets was able to nab a MINT speeder bike. Painted it gaudy colors and bemoans every tiny scratch
  16. This is NOT a gear based game, this is a skill, talent, roleplay based game. I have a player with 400+ XP and still is using a Regular blaster she started with. The ship they start with should break down, and become a credit sink. The weapons they find after looting the bodies are "hot", or require permits to carry. They want a rarity 5+ piece of equipment it requires a quest, or if they do find one it is damaged or inferior and costs 2 to 4 times as much.
  17. One of the things i notice in this is "wear" seems to happen with Damage to WTT or STT. Wear can also occur IMHO as the parts get old and basic maintenance is not maintained due to lazy, or minimal crew.
  18. I do not think it would be uninhabitable. We are talking about a near cataclysmic event that wiped for what we know to be the main city of the planet and anything near it. Sending ejecta up into the upper atmosphere. Constant sandstorms, nuclear winter, Electromatic interferance in the atmosphere, raging storms. But to be honest, not many would know before going there what happened to the moon. and players could easily say "This cannot be the right place" and "I have a bad feeling about this"
  19. Oh I don't mind the Obi-wan/Maul duel. But it was anti-climatic from the Teasers for the episode. Since it is a kiddie show you really didn't see where Maul was cut... assumed it was a sucking chest wound to allow Maul to have a pseudo final redemption
  20. Just finally got caught up in the episodes. Lets just say the last 2, were really low end filler episodes with huge plot holes and crappy writing. Super spy takes over Chopper, and instead dies when Hera's says "Don't mess with my droid" and somehow overloads his entire ship without killing Chopper via Transmission. Ezra despite being told not to, goes off on his own, falls for a trap, loses a Trainer A-wing, Chopper and Ezra almost die, and the climax is the shortest most anti-climatic lightsaber duel ever in star wars. I was really starting to enjoy some decent Episodes in the Series and then we have these 2.
  21. The Eclipse... the Empires answer to The Emporers shrinking genitals
  22. Not AoR. But I follow the Old WEG Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp freighters using some information from the Minos Cluster.
  23. THe ship was broken apart, crashed, in a jungle for 20 years, and stripped by the surviving crew. it is a total loss, and nothing more then scrap metal. It was basically read herring. The players found some rumors that there was a vault in the lower cargo hold. It is there, but there is no feasible way of getting it out without a full blown salvage operation. My players spent most of a day cutting through bulkheads before the survivors found them via the Droids beacon.
  24. I think someone would be quite upset that the million credits they spent went to a bunch of low lifes and the person who was suppose to get it was dead. most hutts would gladly spend ten times that amount to recover it, and make an example you do not just take credits from a hutt and not give him something of equal or better value in return
  25. IMHO making the Rebellion Leaderless assumes they all went to the battle of Endor, seems kind of stupid. But i agree, having the Galaxy balkanize under Moffs, Grand Moffs, and Admirals makes sense. It is the Rebellion/ New Republic's work to reform and unify the Galaxy. The Empire is based on an Ideology that the Emporer is the supreme leader and loyalty is demanded. Take away the Emporer and everyone who thinks they are a step down from the Emporer will try to fill in the vacuum. The Rebellion/New Republic is the opposite, allowing free will, dissent, and collaboration. Most of the new Empire will work to consolidate their power, and won't have much aspiration to go beyond their borders. Non-aggression treaties would be the first thing, and the best way to combat that is to create friction between nearby powers and make them expend their energies against each other. which would allow a third party to come in and take over. for the average Citizen, it is still bad. I Understand the creation of the sandbox, but what do you players want to do in this game and what is the scope you are going to create? I would make sense to figure out if your goal is a New Republic, or just a Dark age and work towards that with the help of the players and the time frame for that to happen personally, I never liked the idea of the Rebellion only lasting for about 4 years from ANH and RotJ. Always seemed too short for me
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