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  1. I do not think it would be uninhabitable. We are talking about a near cataclysmic event that wiped for what we know to be the main city of the planet and anything near it. Sending ejecta up into the upper atmosphere. Constant sandstorms, nuclear winter, Electromatic interferance in the atmosphere, raging storms. But to be honest, not many would know before going there what happened to the moon. and players could easily say "This cannot be the right place" and "I have a bad feeling about this"
  2. Oh I don't mind the Obi-wan/Maul duel. But it was anti-climatic from the Teasers for the episode. Since it is a kiddie show you really didn't see where Maul was cut... assumed it was a sucking chest wound to allow Maul to have a pseudo final redemption
  3. Just finally got caught up in the episodes. Lets just say the last 2, were really low end filler episodes with huge plot holes and crappy writing. Super spy takes over Chopper, and instead dies when Hera's says "Don't mess with my droid" and somehow overloads his entire ship without killing Chopper via Transmission. Ezra despite being told not to, goes off on his own, falls for a trap, loses a Trainer A-wing, Chopper and Ezra almost die, and the climax is the shortest most anti-climatic lightsaber duel ever in star wars. I was really starting to enjoy some decent Episodes in the Series and then we have these 2.
  4. The Eclipse... the Empires answer to The Emporers shrinking genitals
  5. Not AoR. But I follow the Old WEG Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp freighters using some information from the Minos Cluster.
  6. THe ship was broken apart, crashed, in a jungle for 20 years, and stripped by the surviving crew. it is a total loss, and nothing more then scrap metal. It was basically read herring. The players found some rumors that there was a vault in the lower cargo hold. It is there, but there is no feasible way of getting it out without a full blown salvage operation. My players spent most of a day cutting through bulkheads before the survivors found them via the Droids beacon.
  7. I think someone would be quite upset that the million credits they spent went to a bunch of low lifes and the person who was suppose to get it was dead. most hutts would gladly spend ten times that amount to recover it, and make an example you do not just take credits from a hutt and not give him something of equal or better value in return
  8. IMHO making the Rebellion Leaderless assumes they all went to the battle of Endor, seems kind of stupid. But i agree, having the Galaxy balkanize under Moffs, Grand Moffs, and Admirals makes sense. It is the Rebellion/ New Republic's work to reform and unify the Galaxy. The Empire is based on an Ideology that the Emporer is the supreme leader and loyalty is demanded. Take away the Emporer and everyone who thinks they are a step down from the Emporer will try to fill in the vacuum. The Rebellion/New Republic is the opposite, allowing free will, dissent, and collaboration. Most of the new Empire will work to consolidate their power, and won't have much aspiration to go beyond their borders. Non-aggression treaties would be the first thing, and the best way to combat that is to create friction between nearby powers and make them expend their energies against each other. which would allow a third party to come in and take over. for the average Citizen, it is still bad. I Understand the creation of the sandbox, but what do you players want to do in this game and what is the scope you are going to create? I would make sense to figure out if your goal is a New Republic, or just a Dark age and work towards that with the help of the players and the time frame for that to happen personally, I never liked the idea of the Rebellion only lasting for about 4 years from ANH and RotJ. Always seemed too short for me
  9. Also have a nice PDF i made converting some rules from WEG, and combining them in this topic: "Swoopchasing!"
  10. As stated above. Taiming the Dragon, also the one part in Jewel of Yavin I also have compiled some ideas into a PDF found in this topcic: "Swoopchasing" Feel free to use it, modify it, and do whatever you want with it
  11. A few things are needed to jump IMHO and the way I work Hyperspace in my game universe 1. Free of gravity wells. Arbitrarily 6 rounds of a travel from leaving atmosphere, which can be modified a few rounds by a good/bad astrogation roll. Micro jumping only works in Deep space FREE of a gravity well.. so you still need the rounds to escape the planets gravity. 2. 1-2 turns of non-evasive fly/drive maneuvers to set up the jump for the Navicomp.. basically on autopilot as the Navicomp aligns the ship to the desired course which is free of any potential collisions Larger ships like Star Destroyers just set up a blockade in this area to deny escape from the planet (Example is the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth in ESB, Escaping from Naboo in TPM) Smaller ships can intercept, but will not be able to deny a jump That is why you use Interdictors, Gravity mines, or even slicing attempts. to prevent travel. Or some crafty criminals can attempt to disable the ships hyperdrive when they are landed.
  12. I do not like Chuck Wendig's writing style. It is random, and disjointed, and full of Writers Fiats.
  13. Found this gem done by Eric Trautmann who did editing for the old WEG line for star wars. He just did a Galaxy guide for the Rogue one main characters in the style of a West End games galaxy guides. Some interesting takes on Chirrut Îmwe as a "zama-shiro" Martial Artist with an "Echo Box" and some stats on Cassisan's multi-purpose blaster, and Baze Malbus' Illegally modified Repeating blaster
  14. Do a forum search for the jewel of Yavin, there is a lot of great advice and variations. The best thing you can do, is make the Bidders, and main characters important to your players. I have already introduced Aris Shen to one of my players as a former classmate while they took a class taught by Shreya Ordassa. And have already built a positive relationship with Aris and my players Another player has had dealings with Hutts, and I will use Kathlo to further his background story and obligation The smuggler character in my group is going to have a lot of contacts and know some of the in's and outs of the cloud city, and has already starting building a reputation as a Racer.
  15. If the Imperials were blockading a planet, I think they would have put a ship or something out near the usually hyperlane entry point so that anyone who did hyper in they could quickly ID them, and even scan/inspect/board Seems rather cheap to allow them to hyper out in a single round and not have to face some Imperials. But as RAW states, transponders work at close range. The best an Imperial could get at range is a size of the ship, and it's class.