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  1. That sounds fine. I thought that people would want prizes. Also in regards to the EU vs US... What about other countries that exist outside of those regions like Australia. Just waiting on more people to show interest.
  2. It's should be a lot of fun.
  3. Hey everyone. So who else is loving this beautiful game? If like me you must be wanting to play this game a lot more and what better way than a tournament via https://www.thecrucible.online/play It's a really accessible in browser way to play Keyforge and I am looking at starting up a tourney. It would begin in the new year once all the craziness of the holidays has calmed down and am looking at a matchup system where you play with a deck you own and have scanned in yourself and it would be a best of 3 game for you and your opponent. You would have a week to play. The event would last four weeks, I think. I suspect this might garner a lot of interest and from what I saw in SWLCG online events, I would need to organize groups depending on timezones. I am also looking for prize support in exchange for recognition/shameless plug, so let me know if you can help. If I have to purchase prizes then there would be a small fee for entry so defray the cost. I may end up buying a display for the winner and splitting up another between winners so the entry fee would cover the box and shipping. I live in Ottawa so shipping to North America is not bad I hope there is intetest so post and let me know. Pretty pumped for this. I hope you are too. AussieJedi
  4. is there another one that I could use. I havent got the best graphics card and need something that requires a system with a lesser graphics card. I have a Intel(R) HD Graphics card Thanks for the help
  5. Dont think that the T-47 is out at release. I think it comes out later.
  6. So, what you are saying is if I want to make fuel tanks or storage containers, then Sketchup is the one to go with?
  7. Thrawn would be great. he gets better when the opponent has has a quality paint job (aka artistic skilz) on his minis.
  8. Hey to those out there who 3D print. Looking at doing some designing myself. What programs do you find to :a)the easiest to use and b) preferably free Many thanks
  9. Today I opened a box and it did have a Vader. The legendaries I also got were: -Poe Dameron -Commanding Presence -Black One -Han Solo -Falcon -Vader Pretty happy with that. Fun Fact: I was at my local game store and picked up two boosters for the first time and scored Jabba and a Han. I like those odds.
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