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  1. I keep reading about doing 36" bombing runs with my helicopters, but I can't find where in the rule book it says that the compulsary move does not count towards your regular 2 actions (move and/or shoot). The only place in the rulebook I can find relative to this says that the compulsary move is resolved like a normal move action, thus taking away from one of the actions an aircraft can perform.
  2. I play regularly against an allies player who is ARtillery and indirect fire weapon heavy. We regularly run into the debate on wether artillery (ignores line of sight) also ignores cover because, say a ruined wall which provides hard cover can have a line of sight drawn from the observer to the target without intersecting another piece of terrain, but the wall is blocking line of sight (and providing full cover) from the direction of the artillery weapon. So far the league "overseer" has ruled that it does not ignore cover, but for future play outside of the league I would like to know if that's a house rule that's been established, or the way the game mechanic is actually supposed to be played.
  3. For clarification: There are two sets of hard-cover ruins right next to each other- the building on the north has walls on the north and east sides and is completely open on the south and west sides. The building on the south has walls on the south and east sides and is completely open on the north and west sides. If a unit deploys in one of the buildings, a unit deploying in the other building will have clear line of sight between the two. I was told this means I cannot deploy in the other building because it has now negated the cover that the building ruins provide. I must instead deploy on a different piece of terrain that has the line of sight blocked by a piece of cover.
  4. So I got into an argument over exactly what constitutes line of sight and cover for a FUBAR deployment I was of the mindset that as long as a unit was in/on terrain that provided cover, this was acceptable. My opponent stated that they must also have a blocked line of sight between units in cover. In particular there were two partially ruined buildings which had walls "cover" on two of the four sides- these walls did not block line of sight between the two pieces of terrain therefore, if my oppenent deploys into one of those pieces of terrain first, I cannot deploy into the second piece of terrain because it did not provide cover from the direction of my opponent's units.
  5. Heyas. I've been playing dust for a couple months and have about 12 games under my belt. A lot of questions have arisen due to some un-clear rules from the rule book. My play group would be deeply grateful if we could get some resolution from more experienced players with the following: 1) Do grenades require a LoS to use them? the paragraph says they can be lobbed "over walls, through doors and windows." I have interpreted this as not needing a line of sight to throw a grenade over a wall onto the enemies hiding on the other side 2) If I am within 3" of another enemy who has hit me already in close combat, am I required to only use close combat weapons? 3) spray weapons seem to get worse the more people I kill with them. it states "Roll number of dice equal to models in the squad." so if I'm shooting at a squad of 5 soldiers, I roll 5 dice. I manage to kill 2 of them, leaving 3 people standing. next time I only roll 3 dice, killing 2 more and leaving 1 standing, so the final time I only get to roll 1 dice? Or is the "Models in the unit" mean how many models its supposed to have when it's at full capacity? 4) Walkers and cover. the rules as we understand them say that if you can draw a line to the walker's base it doesn't get cover… but what if 90% of the walker's base is behind cover, but I can draw a line to that last 10%? is it supposed to be if I can't draw a line to "A" part of the walker's base it gets a cover save? Thanks in advance
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