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  1. Don't sweat it too much, Sol. I am a new GM as well, and just started a campaign I wrote myself with my group. THEY LOVED IT! even more then any of the precons. It's really about being adaptable. I have found that I lean toward an "yes, and..?" type of approach. I always let my PC's do what they want, and there are consequences typically. That's why I love the narrative dice. not only does it give the PC's some flexibility in telling the story, (taking some off your shoulders) but it also allows you to give them some setbacks if they fail. Or even if they succeed with Despair or Threat. Also, once you get a feel for the stat blocks, you will be able to be a lot more on the fly. And worse comes to worse, if your PC's REALLY throw you for a loop, take a 10 minute break and whip up a map or some mobs. They'll like it much better probably if they realize you are creating a world that changes with their decisions instead of saying, "that shopkeeper is indestructible." (terrible example, but you get it.) The best advice I've gotten is HAVE FUN. I'm probably 8 sessions in, and we are having a HUMONGOUS time. This game is really, REALLY sweet. gl:hf
  2. I'd say I'm about an 8. I have very little comic knowledge, and a lot of pre-Republic era is rusty. A claim to fame that I have is one time my brother and I were waiting to get into the front of Top Thrill Dragster. It was the first weekend it was open and kept breaking down. We waited in line almost 3.5 hours while playing a Star Wars game. Basically you had to name something from the star wars universe that began with the first or last letter of the previous answer. We were still going strong when we finally got to ride. XD
  3. So, I forgot to mention one thing: I have little to no rp'ing experience myself. Haha. This was waaaay more difficult than I thought. I have a newfound respect for the guy who did run the 3-4 sessions I did play in. So I guess I have questions about actually being a GM. The nuts and bolts of the mechanics (if I may be simultaneously redundant-cliche-punnergraphic) of setting the scene. 1) So, my resume is pretty good. I did forensics in high school, acted, I have read the EU extensively, and I have loved star wars for a good part my quarter century on this earth. How do I now use these skills? I know that seems fundamental, but does it just take a few sessions? The box is pretty on rails, and I feel like it did not offer a lot of opportunities to RP or really get into character as GM. 2) Two of my players are sci-fi players in a star wars universe. (I hope that sentence makes sense.) One is a huge fan but just inexperienced and not quite sure of his RP footing. (I guess really none of them has their sea-legs, yet. I may have also answered my own question.) The other just doesn't say a whole lot, and he has pretty extensive experience, albeit in other systems. (Werewolf and vampire masquerade, I believe.) I'm afraid that my floundering has him either filled with mirth or symapthy. My question here is: How do I help them focus more on what I think EotE is supposed to be about? That sounds rather dictatorish, but what I mean by that is simply I love Star Wars. I love the ups and downs, (Triumph and Despair), the hilarious yet threatening situations, (3PO and the comlink on the death star), and how the characters slowly grow to respect and like each other. So "by what it's supposed to be about" I mean the outcome of the situation because of the dice, not the outcome of the dice. Oh, yea, and then the situation. 3) I saw someone earlier suggested watching youtube videos of a play session. Does anyone have any particular posters or anything they like? Just somewhere to get started would be great. Thanks, again. Sorry that was so rambly, (if I may be so free with the English language) but I feel as if the first session didn't go as well as I expected. Also, the PC's seemed terribly OP to the enemies. I also had a few questions about the Begginer Box campaign as well. 1) Does the first group of Gamorreans use minion rules? 2) I tried to buff the minion stormtroopers from 3 to 5. Does this mean they would roll 4G1Y? I may just need to reread the section on minions again. 3)Why do the players roll initiative? Does the player who "wins" get to determine what slot he wants? Do you just roll it to determine what slots the PC's get and which the NPC's get? Also, do minions all act in one slot? Or do seperate groups of minions each roll for a slot? Who do minions attack? 4) I have a trandoshan melee weapon user. For him to attack from medium range, does it cost his manuever to go from med -->short then his action to move from short-->close? so he has a "wasted turn" basically? or can he take 2 strain to take the additional manuever and then as an incidental go from short --> engaged and make a melee attack? 5) My wookie wanted a bowcaster, so I gave him one with the profile of a blaster pistol. My assassin BH wanted a carbine to scale off Ranged [Heavy], so i did the same thing, carbine with dmg profile of a blaster. Do I need to do something similar to my melee user's Vibro-axe? Or is part of the disadvantage of using that is closing in and being attacked? 6) Can you spend 3 advantage thusly: 1 Boost die to next PC and 1 boost die to the on deck PC? Thanks for reading and listening. If any of these have been answered in depth, please feel free to link other boards. I will definitely take the time to read them. Peace.
  4. WOW! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all of my questions and really put some thought into your responses. There is no teacher like experience, so your advice is invaluable. Character creation went well, but I'm afraid that they didn't raise their characteristics high enough. But we shall see how the skills balance that out. I have also been listening to the Order 66 podcast developer Q&A and that has also been extremely helpful. Thanks again for the warm welcome and please keep the advice coming! Every group is different so all this helps a lot.
  5. I'd capitalize GALACTIC EMPIRE. love the pan down, too. other than that, fantastic!
  6. well written and thought out. I also like the civilized counterpoints. well defended and good all around advice by everyone. thanks all.
  7. Awesome! Thanks for all the help. I will let you know how it goes or if I have any questions. So far I'm loving this community!
  8. Excellent advice. Thanks, gentleman. 5-6 hours seems a bit scary! Haha. I planned on running the box campaign with this group, (the other time was with my accommodating wife and brother). Is this a good place to start? I also have the free rpg day adventure, and the one that came with the GM screen. Any suggestions of an order? Or should I just go and make my own after the beg box? (I've been a star wars fan all my life. Lol. Plenty of adventures bouncing in my head.) I just know that the first one is very well structured and introduces each element slowly.
  9. Hello all, I have been lurking on these forums a bit. I have finally finished the Core rulebook, and have only been through the beg. box campaign once. Tomorrow night I am hosting our first session and just had a few questions in order to gain some tips or advice. 1) My PC's consist of 3 1st time RP'ers and and 1 fairly knowledgable person. Do you have any suggestions how to balance the narrative or handholding to accomodate these "skill" gaps? 2) For our first session, we are just building characters (steps 1-10) and probably going over some sample die pool interps. Do you have any suggestions for anything else to cover? 3) I plan on having the sessions last for about 2 hours. Is this a good time? We are probably going to meet only 1-2 times a week. 4) As a GM, should I make sure to keep track of info that the PC's are privey too? I'm a big fan of "if you have a rifle hanging over the fireplace in chapter 2, it should be fired at someone in chapter 10", but I have no idea if this is something that I should keep up with. Thanks for taking the time to read these.
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