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  1. depends on what kind of an adventure you want, I guess. If you're going for a combat oriented thing, with light story - sounds fine. To my personal preferences, I'd be interested in having more story background about things, and different ways this can be approached.
  2. Turns out.. this is false. Ankaur Maro comes with an infantry figure and no tray for it, so now I'm stuck with all my figures being in trays except for one miniature. (I expect the same is for other heroes as well)
  3. Trays are amazing for storage too, so..
  4. I don't see them doing "catalog" of spells ever. It's gonna be upgrades, with special skills, etc. Tho, I could imagine some spellcaster unit, havinglike 3 slots for a spell "upgrade", to have several.
  5. That sounds like you're basing it on Warhammer. Just because Warhammer did Orcs are funny, Demons are scary, doesn't mean everyone else has to follow suit
  6. And it will be enough for a 200 point army once you actually add in Upgrades.
  7. Well, first of all - the game was balanced around 200 point games. Other than that - it's getting different choice, I see that you're not really impressed by the upgrade units, but to me they are AMAZING. They look great and are very unique and they give the Accuracy symbol some meaning as in a core game - it's useless. Also, seems that you're only counting miniatures - but each of those expansions also comes with a lot of new cards and different upgrades. Those require design and testing time too (arguably even more testing time than models do) so you're not just paying 25 dollars for 4 miniatures In any cases, it doesn't seem like you're excited about getting more stuff, and if you're not excited, by all means - don't
  8. In the specific situation a 2x2 Reanimates unit just shifted out of the terrain in question, in such a way that only it's back lane was touching the terrain with it's side... And then the Golem took the terrain and atacked them, destroying both back Trays in one swoop. Speaking about... how do you place units when exiting terrain? Does any point of the side have to be touching it? or if you're wider, maybe every Tray possible must be touching it(that would make much more sense).
  9. So in yesterdays game I had a situation where a rune golem in a forest, was smashing my Reanimates. In his godlike smash he separated reanimates away from Terrain. Does the Rune Golem get to close in and leave terrain in contact with the reanimates?
  10. personally, I was planning on only collecting Undead.. but Uthuk looks awesome, so I might get into them as well (since it's quite some time away, I'll see what happens with Runewars by then). Alongside Elves which gonna be for my girlfriend, I think my household will only be missing a proper human force. But w/e, they're humans. Let's just crush them
  11. So if I use magnets and glued discs.. what's the lifetime of the magnet until it demagnetizes ?
  12. Just did the eye shine effect, decided not to do a highlight pass just now. Need to base my trays and then will continue working once more reanimates and ankaur maro arrives.
  13. Link or something? as is now, there's not much to discuss here
  14. If we keep calling Runewars armies "generic elf, human and skeleton armies" instead of their actual names (Daqan Lords, Waiqar, Latari Elves) and put that up against Warhammer's Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts etc, itwill always look generic. If we reverse that we could say "So yeah, Warhammer has some vampire faction, a mummy faction, while Runewars has Daqan Lords, Waiqar the Undying, Latari Elves.... " Anyways, I'm not saying that Runewars lore comes anywhere close to what it should be (compared to Warhammer with much more lore), but we're REALLY doing it a disservice if we're also reducing down what little we have.
  15. So, before this lore book, I thought that Terrinoth is really generic.. but reading this, I've come to believe that Terrinoth just needs more lore written for it. Demon worshippers, Waiqar, Dragon story lines are all nice and cool... but they're just too short in terms of quantity to really make it good, just yet. I hope they work further to expand the lore :/
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