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  1. When dealing damage to a ship, do you continue to deal damage cards past the hull value? The RRG is rather vague on the subject.
  2. I haven't played AGoT 1.0, but I can tell you from other FFG competitive games how their seasons work, since they are all on the same schedule. First, is the Store Championship season. Which runs from the beginning of the year until end of March. During the Store Champion season, any number of stores can host a tournament. It is not unusual for every LFGS in your area to have their own tournament (hopefully they coordinate so that the dates don't overlap). Second, is the Regional Championship season, which will run over the next three months. For Regionals, the US is divided into various regions, and a few Regionals will be schedule in that timeframe. When it comes to a Regional, you may get lucky and have one at your FLGS but that is not a guarantee. Third, comes the National Championship. The US National Championship is held at GenCon. Fourth, is the World Championship, held in November. That is the official Organized Play tournament schedule. Along with those tournaments are the Seasonal Kits. These fall outside the pyramid structure of Store, Regional, National, World. There are four seasonal kits; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Stores can order one or more Seasonal Kits. Many stores do leagues where Seasonal Kits are used as prizes (don't know how common this is in LCGs, but it's very common in the miniatures games). Also, stores may have Casual Tournaments where Seasonal Kits are the prizes. Winter Kit information: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/10/12/order-your-winter-2015-tournament-kits-2/ Store Championship information: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/10/2/2016-a-game-of-thrones-store-championships/
  3. Just A Game of Thrones 2.0. I have two cores of SW which I've played a few times. And two cores of AGoT 1.0 with decks built for "board game style".
  4. Fealty is an Agenda that reads: "You cannot include more than 15 neutral cards in your deck. Action: Kneel your faction card to reduce the cost of the next loyal card you marshal or play this phase by 1. "
  5. According to the RRG on page 20, their "put into play" effects are ignored. Here's the text:
  6. There is also this one: http://nanotanks.pythonanywhere.com
  7. The program to train won't be rolled out until it can work for all FFG (tournament) games. You will be able to get certified for just one game.
  8. There is a Kickstarter campaign that is fully funded, but still has 6 days to go (as of the time of this posting), that offers a 6' x 3' playing surface. I bought in for the combo pack of one 3' x 3' and one 6' x 3'. Planning on using the 6' x 3' for both Armada and Epic X-Wing. The magnetic feature may not work great for Armada but it'll be super to have a high quality 6' x 3' surface. I currently play on two 3' x 3' surfaces, kinda sucks that most of the game is played on the seam. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamersdoor/magnetic-war-mats-fix-the-slip
  9. I played 1.0 "board game style" (two-cores with four roughly equal decks), and really liked the game. I have a good friend who was trying to get me to play more competitively, and I never took the plunge, for various reasons. But, with 2.0 it seemed like a great time to jump into playing the game competitively. But, as I've started reading I've come across several things that have me scratching my head. I understand that it's very likely that 3 cores will be needed to play competitively (and am completely fine with it). What is the expectation around Chapter packs? Are those typically, one is enough? Or is it more likely that 2-3 will be needed for competitive play? What is "splashing"? I saw this in another thread and I couldn't quite parse what it meant in context (I'm very new to the lingo of card games). Here's the thread where I saw it: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/175300-cant-wait-to-buy-27-core-sets-so-amped/?p=1620228 Thanks so much. Very excited for this game.
  10. You can spend as many Tokens as you have in a turn, within these limitations; you cannot resolve the same Command twice in a turn, you cannot have more than one of the same Token, and you cannot have more Tokens than your Command Value. Which boils down to, you can use four Tokens a turn. But with the ships we currently have available, you can only spend three due to the highest Command Value being three.
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