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  1. I actually have a question regarding skills with no actions: mind if I hop aboard? Is it legal for a knocked-down hero to use the Stand Up action (which takes two actions) and then use a no-action skill, such as Prayer of Healing?
  2. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding Blast: what happens if an attack which normally targets/affects multiple figures also gain Blast? Can the same figure be affected by the attack twice? As an example, let's say Tarha the Widow uses her heroic feat, which allows her to attack two different figures in LOS (iirc, the attack targets both figures) in order to attack two adjacent figures, and the attack gains Blast via an equipped weapon. What would happen?
  3. Point 1# closed as well then :-) Rico said: Also, I prefer 'Dark Seduction' over 'Dark Charm'. Sexier! That's the litteral translation of the Italian name of the card (which is 'Seduzione Oscura'). We Italians like it sexy :-P And you can guess the jokes that go around when I cast it on my friends xD
  4. Thank you both! For situation #1, we ended up interpreting the rules as Dam did, not causing the fatigue loss and allowing me as the OL to move the hero. Any third opinion tipping the balance for Dark Charm?
  5. Hello everyone, This weekend we've been able to play the third Act1 quest (Death on Wings) and the Interlude; everyone had great fun, but we did run in a few situations in which we really weren't able to determine the correct ruling. Disclaimer: I own the Italian version of the game and I'm not familiar with the English names of all cards/monsters/etc, so please bear with me. Feel free to point me to the correct name in the replies! When the OL moves a hero by using the 'Dark Seduction' OL card (which allows the OL to move the hero 'as if it were one of his monsters'), is the hero affected negatively by effects such as the 'Web' ability of the master cave spider? When a hero figure leaves the table for any reason, for example when exiting in the first encounter of Death on Wings, what happens to familiars controlled by the player? Is the player still able to control the familiar in subsequent turns, or since his figure left the table the player is not entitled to playing his turn and activating the familiar? What happens when a figure is moved to a lava space not during movement but because of other effects, such as the master ettin 'Throw' ability? Are they defeated or it doesn't count as 'ending their movement' on the lava space? Moreover, when such an effect forces the figure to be moved more than one space, does the figure take 1 damage for each lava space it passes through, since it counts as if the figure did move through all the spaces? Regarding lava and large monsters: the rulebook clearly states that they are automatically defeated only if all of the spaces they occupy are lava spaces, but I did not find anything explaining if and how they take damage when moving through lava spaces. Do they take damage only if their 'collapsed' form enters a lava space, 1 dmg for each space entered? Thank you for your help!
  6. Just to be clear on the art of the tile, I've picked up a quest which uses tile 17B in the second encounter: http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/descent/htmlpreview/73/
  7. Just for confirmation, taking tile 17B (L-shaped) as an example: OO OO OOOO OOOO Can you move diagonally on the inside corner of the map? According to Steve-O's answer, I'd say no, since the two spaces shares a single black corner. Is this correct?
  8. I understand, thank you for the clarification. …I think that we will have to devise some house rules in order to prevent this kind of placement xD
  9. I thought that heroes could move through militiamen, since they count as friendly figures for them?
  10. Hello everyone! I've finally be able to play a sizeable chunk of the campaign (First blood, Castle of Daerion and Cardinal's Plight), which both my friends (as 4 heroes) and I (as OL) enjoyed immensely. Our common background is essentially Talisman and, in minor part, Arkham Horror, with a few of us having played Hero Quest in the past, and Descent really struck us as being a great game. That said, as usual there has been a bit of grumbling regarding balance coming from the heroes' side, which only won First blood. In particular, in two situations some players felt that the game favoured the OL a bit too much. So here I am: do you think that these two adventures and/or playing with 4 heroes favour the OL? Important note: we did totally botch the use of Prayer of Healing, as both sides understood that it required one action to be used; which makes feel me bad, since this may have affected the outcome of Cardinal's Plight. Anyway, this is more or less what happened during our games: 1. Castle of Daerion: in the first encounter I was able to kill 3 citizens out of 4, meaning that I had 3 zombies placed right next to the NPC at the start of the second encounter. Thanks to very good attack rolls on my side and very bad armour rolls on theirs, I was able to deal 20ish damage to the NPC on the first round using the 3 zombies and the 2 ettins. Needless to say, I easily won the encounter on the second round. 2. Cardinal's Plight: I badly lost the first encounter, mostly because I wasn't able to pass the test to get zombies out of the grave; I also think that I misused my OL cards, rerolling attack rolls instead of characteristic tests to get some zombies. In any case, I wasn't able to get any zombie out. That said, I was still able to win the second encounter; in my opinion, because of the following errors on their side: a. The heroes didn't clear both rooms before opening the door to the Cardinal, which meant that I was able to place two Shadow Dragons on the turn they opened the door to the Cardinal. b. The heroes opened the door to the Cardinal on their last action, leaving me a full turn with the newly placed Dragons before they were able to reposition themselves or kill at least one of them. This allowed me to move the dragons out (using a lot of OL cards) and basically block the way out of the Cardinal's room with one of them; when in the end they were able to kill the dragons and let the Cardinal out of the room, I was able to attack him with a zombie respawned from the entrance and kill him with a Critical Hit OL card (since the Cardinal only had 4 hp left). Thank you for any feedback/experience you will be able to share!
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