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  1. I understand what you're saying here. I think its a compromise FFG made to keep combat fast and deadly. You could make fight more Star Warsy where your local friendly Storm Trooper misses most of its shots, but one hit takes down almost anybody. But that way, fight would probably take longer and be less interesting (miss fight isn't fun). Or you could make hits easier but deal less damage overall so your LFSS hits quite often, but isn't as devastating ; this way, you feel each round gets you closer to the end of the fight, each hit eating away some hitpoints until it's too late. Stimpacks are a way to help players stay up longer and able to chain fights faster to keep the game going. I played the old WEG SW D6 RPG and I had tons of fun, but I think FFG is better because every player can contribute and feel useful whatever the encounter. I can put up with health potions if it can keep the game faster and more fun for everyone. Also, I find it very satisfying (as a player or a GM) when the encounter is over and one player got knocked out while the others have barely a few hitpoints left, where a miss would have doomed the crew. The players feel they have overcome something big and feel a sense of accomplishment. I don't feel you get the same feeling when you don't get hit once in a fight because hit = kill (or almost). One last thing... Having Stimpacks also helps mitigate the advantage you get when you go first in a round, when you win the initiative. If shots where deadlier with no easy way to get back up, then the Initiative roll would matter way more and players would feel pressured to get those skills (Vigilance and Cool) up. Now I can have a slow Moe still useful even if he acts after everybody else. For me, all these represents good reasons to trump a little Star Warsy feeling for a better gameplay experience.
  2. I don't get all the fuss about Stimpacks. In my games, we only take one maneuver to draw a stimpack and use it. We also have a medic with 2 ranks in Stimpack Specialization. Our characters usually carry 2 to 5 stimpack each. Since the fights are fast paced, it's very rare for an injured character to wait for the medic to move in and use a stim on him, so we usually use it the good old fashion way, ourselves with a lower healing count. Our character have around 200xp to their belt and some pretty normal gear too (no armor above 2 soak and weapons with around 7 to 9 dmg ; no auto-fire or lightsabers yet). Games are tailored to give our players a real challenge and combat encounters usually come back to back quickly to put some pressure on our players. They have time to prepare for their coup `; making plans, scouting the place, getting the gear, but once its started, its pretty fast and deadly. So no natural healing between fights or multiple medpacks. Stimpacks are a must. Even in our previous game, where our characters had more the 600xp each, stimpacks we usually pretty much needed. I had a character with improved armor master with an OP armor with 2 soak, cortosis and ranged defense 2 ; he also had around 17 wounds threshold to boot. In their final decisive battle in that campaign, I felt so joy die inside me when, after hitting him a few times and getting him above 10 wounds, he used a stim to negate 2 rounds of shooting at him. Other then that precise moment, I never once felt their were OP. Rivals and Nemesis scale with the skills of my players, the number of Minions also. Environmental effects make hits harder for the character. Combats are made to challenge them, even with a few stimpacks uses. I make sure that they use their stimpacks carefully and can't easily resupply once the mission started. That makes each stimpack more precious. My point is... Are stimpacks the problem or something else ? (like giving the players too much downtime? or OP gear? or too easy encounters? or too many one-trick combat ponies? etc.) Before changing the rules, make sure the problem isn't something else. Maybe you should start by telling us what level of gear your characters are using? what is their XP level? what kind of fight do they get in? how much downtime do they get between significant encounters?
  3. I think you're doing way too much for this player... I don't think he should deserve that much time and effort. If he's always acting like a murder hobo and always eager to go happy killing stuff, then why the **** does he play a jedi ?!? Just make a bounty hunter or something without Morality and case closed. And if he goes murdering someone, then slap him with 10 conflict points. If he does it again, then give him 10 more. Morality can drop way fast once you go murder hobo. ... Anyway... just to help out a friendly neighborhood GM... Use the Temple Guard Lightsaber Pike Hilt : Defensive 1, Linked 1, Stun 4, Unwieldy 3 Then you can go for 2-3 options. 1) Use the Kimber Stone crystal : Damage 9, Crit -, Stun Damage quality ; 2x Damage +1 mod, 1x Concussive +1 mod, 2x Disorient +1 mod. 2) Use the Damping Emiter : reduce damage by 2, increase crit by 1, remove breach quality, add Stun damage quality ; 2x stun damage +1 mod with either a) Etaan Crystal : Damage 6, Crit 2, Breach 1, Sunder, +2 damage when using Improved Reflect ; 2x Damage +1 mod, 1x Crit -1 mod, 1x Parry (Talent) mod, 1x Reflect (Talent) mod. b) Solari Crystal : Damage ? (AFB) , Crit ?, Breach 1, Sunder, Defensive 1, reduces strain cost to activate Reflect by ? ; mods ? (Its in Disciples of Harmony, but I don't have my book right now). Going with those options, you can make a quite powerful non-leathal Lightsaber. Good luck with that player.
  4. Now, unless the GM sets the fight in complete empty space, the pilot should be doing piloting checks every round just to move around in the battle (chase or no chase). The problem I have with this kind of ruling is that it adds dice rolls and makes fights longer. To motivate pilots to just make that Piloting check, I'd add this simple house rule : If the pilot doesn't take an action on his turn, add a Boost die to this piloting check. This would mean that the pilot is concentrating on his task (piloting) and not doing anything else. It does allow the pilot to make other maneuvers like Accelerate, Evasive maneuvers, Stay on target, Punch it or Angle deflector shields. Since those maneuvers don't need a skill check, it wouldn't add dice rolls and not make fights longer. This way, if the pilots make a roll on each combat round, those truly good pilots can use their extra advantages to pass on some boost die to their crew or give setbacks to their enemies. This way, the pilots gets to shine a little more then usual but doesn't come close to the true piloting talents like Tricky Target, Defensive Driving or Brilliant Evasion. What do you guys think about this ?
  5. How would you set the difficulty to pass trought some kind of gauntlet ? American Ninja Warrior style or Whipe-out... I've been thinking a lot about all of this lately and this is way I figured out this morning : - Base difficulty = difficulty based on predictable adverse conditions (how steep the climb his ; how narrow the path is ; how far the target is) - Setbacks = unpredictable events that might make success harder (rain ; smoke ; disturbance in the Force ; ice ; falling debris) - Upgrades = action that has the potential to lead to catastrophic outcome (bottomless pit ; thermal explosion ; starting a riot) Let's take a look at a Whipe-out course where you have to hop from pole to pole with some logs rolling down towards you, with soap and foam sprayed on the obstacles and some badass wind. Unfortunately, you are behind on your opponent and need to catch up, so you try to go faster and don't take time to watch everything that is going on. Now you could set the base difficulty to medium since the poles are narrow and you've got logs rolling down on you in a predictable way. You could also add 3 setbacks for the soap and foam making the obstacles slippery and for the wind knocking you off balance from time to time. Since you can't take your time and have to go faster, you could upgrade the check once. Final difficulty could be RPPBBB. I think that's a good RAW interpretation of the situation and would be accepted by all the players attending. Now, if your players had to pass through a small hole in the wall to go somewhere, but you have one player that is a tiny Chadra-Fan and another player is a huge Herglic, you'd probably give both players different difficulty. For the tiny Chadra-Fan, you could set the difficulty to easy while the Herglic would have is difficulty set to medium. The determining factor is the size of the 2 characters because the opening to go through is narrow. ... Now here is my interpretation of the Falcon chase in the asteroid field in ESB. - Falcon : The Millenium falcon is silhouette 4, the asteroids are rather big and spaced, I'll set the base difficulty to 3. Unfortunately, you're going full speed (4), so I'll upgrade the check 4 times. Also, there are lesser asteroids that are flying in every random directions hitting the Falcon, they are doing any damage, but they are making the flying a lot harder, so I'll give 2 setbacks. The total difficulty would be RRRPBB. - TIE Fighter : The starfighter is rather small and nimble, the asteroids are rather big and spaced, I'll set the base difficulty to 2. Unfortunately, you're going full speed (5), so I'll upgrade the check 5 times. Also, there are lesser asteroids flying in random directions hitting the TIE, they are making the flying a very hard to do, so i'll give 3 setbacks. The total difficulty would be RRRRBBB. - Star Destroyer : The Star Destroyer is HUGE, the asteroids are way to close to each other to safely navigate, I'll set the base difficulty to 5. Since the captain is afraid of being Force Choked by Darth Vader, he's going full speed (2) in the hopes of catching the Falcon, so I'll upgrade the check 2 times. Also, there are lesser asteroids that are flying in every random directions hitting the SD, fortunately, they can't really knock it off course, so no setbacks are added. The total difficulty would be RRPPP. Since every craft is flying between asteroids, I'd give each somekind of cover, increase defense by 1. Also, since there are many smaller asteroids that could easily fly into the line of sight and take the hit instead of the craft, I add 2 setbacks from environmental effects. So all shots receive 3 setbacks due to environment. Now that makes sense to me... ... Base difficulty should be based on the silhouette of the craft in relation to the available space to move in the environment (much like our Chadra-Fan and Herglic scenario). Since it's not a flat mindless application of the rules, the GM can use is personal jugement to make a fair ruling. Upgrades should be based on speed of the craft because it makes reaction times much shorter and increases the chances of a catastrophic event, aka major collision. Setbacks should be added based on unpredictable environmental conditions that affect your skill check, like rain, smoke, solar interference (visual scanning only), etc. It's almost RAW, but it makes more sense to me. What do you guys think ? ( My suggestion feels more or less like what Rosco74 noted earlier. Thanks for the suggestion. )
  6. In A New Hope, when they flee the Death Star, Chewie does basically nothing while Han and Luke shoot down the Tie fighters pursuing the Falcon. With that in mind, Richardbuxton does have a point that a freighter needs a good captain and not a pilot. The best pilot of the Resistance does fly a StarFighter. I don't want to change the narrative aspect of the game to get a tactical simulator with hex tiles. My first idea would have been to change Range/Speed relation to a Hex Tile conversion. But it would move away too much from the narrative style and would make space fights last longer, especially for chases. WEG D6 space combat looked a lot like a tactical combat sim with all the maneuvers and all. I don't really want that in FFG. I want to keep it clean and simple. That's why I fear that my first idea about Terrain difficulty being tied to the base difficulty to move isn't a good one anymore. Why ?? Because in ground combat, environmental effect adds setback to combat checks. So if it's raining, you add 1 setback to all your actions... to climb a mountain or to shoot at a dude. If you're fighting several TIE fighters in an light asteroid field, you add 2 setbacks to move and to shoot at those TIE fighters. It keeps the combat system streamlined and keeps the talents like Skilled Jockey useful. I don't really like it, but changing it would be too much of a problem. ... My head is hurting... I've been thinking about this subject the whole day... I just realized that we are raising Skilled Jockey beyond useful to must have in our design philosophy. Take other talents that remove setbacks, notably the BRACE talent. Brace talent is the Skilled Jockey for ranged combat. Brace removes setback dices on ranged checks by 1 for each rank of Brace. Are all gun fights in a tornado or a rainstorm ? No. So this talent can be useful at times, but it is not always useful for every fights. With Skilled Jockey, if every space battle should be in an asteroid field or in a crowded space station vicinity or in a starship junkyard, then every space battle would generate setbacks (in addition to those negative handling ships) and Skilled Jockey would be useful all the time. With that in mind, should you move the Terrain difficulty from setbacks to base difficulty ??? I still don't know... ... There are good arguments to change the system, there are other equally good arguments to keep the system. Right now, I've got the feeling that the usefulness of my character will depend on the quality of the encounter tailored by the GM. In that case, I fear that the usefulness of my character isn't in my hands anymore. ... Syrath : How does that work when your GM asks the group to make a piloting check every turn just to move around ? Does he rolls every enemy there is ? I'm afraid doing Piloting checks every turn for every ship would make Space Fights way longer and broke the pace. In our last game, each round was fairly fast, especially for our pilot (me) since I had mostly maneuvers to do (I go there and do evasive maneuvers ; I speed up and go there ; I angle the deflector shields and do evasive maneuvers ; etc.). It wasn't the most fun, but it was fast. ... Side note to Imperial Stormtrooper : RAW, the Piloting roll at the start of a round during a chase is not the character's action for that turn. Once that roll is made and position has been established for the round, the characters take their turn normally, but can't use maneuvers to move. Since the chase is actually a move maneuver, in our group, we count that move maneuver has their free maneuver for the turn. So if they want to draw a blaster, they have to spend their action or spend 2 strain to get another maneuver for the turn.
  7. I was playing a pilot in our last game and I realized that there isn't much to do when your the pilot of a speed 3 freighter. Flyby/move, Accelerate, Stay on target, Evasive Maneuvers are all maneuvers and don't require a roll. Gain advantage needs to be at speed 4. So my character was boosting shields, trying to hack enemy systems and stuff, the same things our co-pilot was doing. I think the co-pilot has way more fun things to do and more meaningful rolls to make. After the space combat scene, I looked at the attachment to improve our ship speed to 4 so I could make GtA rolls and be somewhat useful. I was thinking that at least in a chase, the pilot gets to roll his piloting skill and maybe pass on a few boosts or setbacks to friends and foes. That way, he could show off his skills and have a semblance of influence on the combat. But that got me thinking that if I had a Silhouette 4 transport with Speed 4, the difficulty to move at top speed during a chase would be RRPP plus setbacks from the terrain. That's really hard and most starting characters (we have reached 100xp last night) couldn't pull it off. And going under speed 4 means that you can't do the GtA action on your turn. So you're kinda screwed as the pilot. So my main question his ? What can pilots do to be fun to play ? (except using the guns since we have more crew then guns) On a side note, I was wondering if everyone was using RAW for chases. I feel the difficulty is way too much and that it doesn't feel right. A slower vessel has more chances of succeeding the roll then a fast ship and so win the chase. So how do you guys handle it ? We passed a house rule in our group. We decided that if you failed your roll in a chase, you could either have your ship slow down (affecting the distance traveled on that round) or take Hull Trauma (equal to remaining fails +1) to reflect some collisions with the terrain ; despair results in a minor collision RAW, so you roll a crit against the ship. With that new rule, chases can now look like the Truck chase in the beginning of Beverly Hills Cop where the truck just hits everything in sight but keeps ahead of the cop cars. I went mountain biking the other day on one hard trail, I was afraid for my life the whole time. Compared to some flat land where I can go full speed, I felt that the difficulty of the terrain had more of an impact on my perception of how hard that ride was (of course, if I had gone full speed on that trail, I would have died right there on the spot). So I'm kinda rethinking the way you calculate difficulty to move in a ship. Base difficulty should be terrain difficulty, updated a number of times equal to half speed rounded up. Setbacks should be from your ship handling (size of ships are usually integrated in the Handling stat to represent bulkiness, so you don't double count bulkiness when calculating difficulty to move) and from some precise random events such as a solar flare, a ship explosion, rain, etc. Using this method, the difficulty to ride through a dangerous asteroid field (terrain difficulty of 4) at full speed (4) in a rundown YT-1300 (handling -1) would be RRPPB compared to RAW which would be RRPPBBBBB. Using this method, the difficulty to ride through an evenly spaced ships convoy (terrain difficulty of 1) at full speed (4) in a rundown YT-1300 (handling -1) would be RPB compared to RAW which would be RRPPBB. I feel RAW makes both places feel about the same difficulty, but in reality, the asteroid field is way more deadlier. And you don't count bulkiness twice. What do you guys think ?
  8. The only bonus that I can remember from the top of my head that does "stack" is the advantage bonus from Superior, but it only applies if you can successfully activate the off-hand weapon ; any other bonus from the off-hand weapon does not apply to the pool. So Accurate on both weapons would not result in 2 boost dice. Let's say you dual wield 2 blaster pistols ; main-hand modded with Electronic Sighting System with +1 Accuracy, and the off-hand modded with Superior and Blaster Actuating Module which adds a setback die to the roll. You have to choose the worst pool only when dual wielding 2 weapons using different skills or characteristics. Here they both use Ranged(L). So the dice pool doesn't change. If the character has Agility 4 and Ranged(L) 2, shooting at a target at medium range, his dice pool would be YYGGBPP (gains the Boost die from ESS on main-hand, doesn't get the setback from BAM). If you generate 2 advantage to trigger the off-hand weapon to hit, you'd get a bonus advantage from the Superior quality (which can be used to trigger a crit from either weapons, recover strain, etc.). Rule of tumb : static upgrades and activated qualities apply from the off-hand ( dam +1, crit -1, Blast, Burn, Concussive, Disorient, Ensnare, Knockdown, Linked, Sunder ) ; dynamic upgrades dont apply from the off-hand ( Accurate, +boost die, Inaccurate, +setback die, Auto-fire, Guided ). Hit and Crit modifiers (Pierce, Breach, Vicous) apply only on the hit/crit from that weapon, not to both weapons. You can crit once for each hit. So if you use Auto-Fire, you can crit once for each hit generated ; if you use Linked, you can crit once for each hit generated up to linked rating ; if you dual wield, you can crit once for each weapon hit (2 advantages to trigger off-hand hit, x advantages for main-hand crit, x advantages for off-hand crit). Hope this helps
  9. Wookie doctor is the classic OP spec ... it's far from ironic or oxymoronic. Trandoshan singer (Performer) Chadra-Fan / Polis Massan / Drall enforcer (Any Brawling Spec) Hutt Pilot (Hot Shot) Whiphid Politico Aqualish Proctologist (Doctor) Here are a few ideas... I like the last one... subtle but so funny
  10. Hello Munchkin! No shield in any of the books grant Defensive 4... tops i've seen is Defensive 2. Same for Armors... max Defense from Armor is 2 and they cost 12000$ to the minimum. By RAW, you are right about the 8 total defense. But like Ghost said... the rules are mostly in limbo and up for changes after they reevaluate all those interactions. So feel free to choose which ever rules suits your group the best.
  11. I understand that you can't make too easy or else it will be abused... But opposed athletics check could also be pretty easy... Master Bounty Hunter : Br 4, At 0 Pirate Captain : Br 4, At 0 Smuggler Baron : Br 2, At 0 Assassin Droid : Br 4, At 0 Black Sun Vigo : Br 3, At 0 Emperor's Hand : Br 4, At 2 Rebel Cell Leader : Br 3, At 0 Imperial Assassin : Br 3, At 2 Imperial Royal Guard : Br 3, At 2 Those are all the relevant Nemesis from that SWRPG Cards that I had. So an Opposed Athletics check would not be that hard to pass. Anway... right now, RAW stats that to disarm an opponent, you need a Triumph on a melee check. You'd then need a maneuver to pick it up. Since there are not called shots in this game (mostly), you could just ask your player to roll a brawl attack and see if he rolls a Triumph or 3 advantages (not sure about this one).
  12. It's not always a tug-o-war... You can learn easy to use techniques to disarm an opponent that don't require great strength. If the player describes his action has just trying to yank out the object from the opponent's grasp, then I agree it's a simple tug-o-war with an opposed Athletics check. But it could be other skills too... If my player asked to grab an opponents gun out of their hands, I'd say : "You can do that, how do you do it ?" And then, I'd choose the skill to roll depending on his description. Case 1 : "He's holding a polearm, I grab the shaft and pull it out of his hands" : Verdict : Opposed Athletics check Case 2 : "There are big explosions, he's focused on shooting my buddies, the roar of starship racing across would cover my footsteps. I try to sneak up on him and yank it by surprise" Verdict : Stealth check opposed to opponents Vigilance, add boost for explosions/straships, add 2 setback because he's using this weapon to save his life, upgrade once because he's brawnier then the player. Case 3 : "My character is well trained in arm to arm combat (got 4 ranks in brawl), so he knows techniques to disarm an opponent. I grab his arm and twist it, pulling on his pinky finger to have him release his grip then I pull the gun from his hands" Verdict : Brawl check opposed to opponents Resilience, add 2 setback for the special effect desired. Case 4 : "We are in the middle of a huge jungle, I try to looked very scared, I scream at him "oh my god, a Rancor" and then I start to turn around, looking like i'm about to flee.. then when he turns to look back, I grab his gun with lightning reflexes" Verdict : Deception check opposed to opponents Cool, add 2 setback because of the small opening the opponent is lowering his guard, upgrade once because he's brawnier then the player. Case 5 : "We are in the secured room where the auto-destruct button his, i'm facing off with the dud who wants to blow up my ship. I put a large smile on my face and tell the guy "before we fight to the death, let's shake hands like civilized people" Verdict : Charm check opposed to Discipline, add 2 setback to take the swartz ring from his finger while shaking his hand. There are numerous ways and skills to use if you want to disarm someone.
  13. I recently watched the movie "Rush Hour" where you can see Jackie Chan teaching Chris Tucker how to grab a gun from someones hand. It is possible to disarm a person even if they are trying to hold on to their weapon. So what your player wanted to do was something cleary possible and doable. The only real questions would be : - what check to make ? - what difficulty to use ? Skulduggery could fit the bill. Remember that stealing something is not always about stealth, but sometimes creating a distraction or using speed. So maybe the character fakes a move to the right so the Nemesis would raise his guard on that side and lower is guard on the other, leaving the hand holding the object vulnerable to a quick steal. In this case, I'd probably advocate an opposed check against the Nemesis Vigilance rating, maybe adding 1 or 2 setbacks depending on the importance of said object and the general chaos surrounding that fight. I wouldn't add Adversary or other defensive bonus to this checks difficulty. Brawl could also fit the bill. The character grabs the Nemesis hands and twists it in a way that he losses all strength in his hand, allowing the character to grab the object with relative ease. In this case, since it's a melee attack, the difficulty would be 2 purple with 2 setback added for specified aim effect. Adversary and other defensive bonus would be included in this check since it's a brawl attack. Coordination, Athletics, Stealth could also be used, but your player should have a pretty good story to motivate those skill uses. Hope this helps
  14. Taking your players loot away might be the quick and easy path... even if I like the copperbell's idea. So they made a deal with an arms dealer to sell their stash of guns... unfortunately, that arms dealer works for the Hutt Lord they robbed them from... Oups! The Arms dealer sets up the meeting and rigs the place. With a good Perception Roll, some players could spot the hyperconductive foil wirred to a stun-pulse generator they are standing on... Now the Arms dealer, with a convincing voice and smooth tone tells the players that the guns they are selling belong to Bimbo the Hutt, whom he works for. They do have a problem there... but before they do anything foolish, the Arms Dealer says he won't sell them off to the Hutt if they do some work for him... He's been looking for a few "hard hitting dudes that can get the job done" and he could use them... they would get credits for their work also... Now that's a Win-Win scenario for the players... Then the Arms dealer does offer less money for the guns that was agreed upon since they are his guns afterall... maybe 20% market value... If all goes according to plan, the players don't get to shoot at the Arms Dealer and take the job... they also sell the guns at 20% market value like you offered before... the players will not feel cheated but might think twice now before getting greedy... Unfortunately for them... the fun is just beginning for the GM... Unbeknown to them, the job the Arms Dealer has is to attack the hideout of a contact they had with the other Patron that they worked before (the one which had them attack the Hutt)... They should quickly understand that they are standing in the middle of somekind of turf war and that they have to choose a side... Either way, they loose because a powerfull faction is gonna be hot on their back... Or they could try to just run away and hope it all goes away.... probably not The goal here is to have your players realise that they have to be smarter or they'll get chewed and swallowed by the bigger dogs
  15. Endless Vigil is now available at CoolStuffInc and my retailer confirmed me that release is today. Once the crates from FFG get processed, the books will be on the website. If you want the book... it's available now
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