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  1. Hi Tyberius, Yes, again, welcome to the game! We are some of the friendliest and helpful bunch of people you'll ever meet in a card game. I have played my fair share of card games in the past and I can definitely tell you there is something alluring and irresistible about this game. It's deeply strategic, the card pool is practically an embarrassment of riches, deck making is easy and intuitive without any unreasonable constraints, each choice you make in your head when playing is MEANINGFUL, and each match can potentially yield surprising twists and results that you (or your opponent) didn't see coming. It's no secret that CoC is FFG's beloved little darling and it seems - for the time being - that they have yet to give up on it (there are TWO big box expansions coming this year, one which is being released this week and another in a couple of months, never mind the promos, Draft packs, and Dreamlands print on demand they are doing in support of the game. That's a lot of CoC love in 2015.) BUT.............! (you knew this was coming) I am obligated to tell you that the player base is small, much smaller than Thrones and shamefully smaller than Netrunner. If you are a competitive player, you may have problems finding other players in your area (I don't know, maybe you already have a community you can turn to). Tournaments for CoC are always a bit hit or miss........a good tournament is when at least 10 people show up. Anymore than 10 and that's a cause for celebration. However, if you are not hardcore competitive and just want to play with your friends or loved ones, by all means, get this game. You won't regret it.
  2. Hey all, thanks for your impressions. I read Skids' ability but it doesn't make sense to me: Once during his turn, after rolling dice, Skids may reroll all dice showing a result of his choice. How can you "show a result of your choice" if you're rolling them randomly??
  3. One of my initial complaints was that this expansion took your core set, and kept a small amount of its content. After playing for a while I wouldn't want a core set that was replaced with the mechanics of SoA. I'd much rather they decide to release expansion packs that alternate their content between something like Unseen Forces, and then a pack like Streets of Arkham. Specifically, I'm already itching for a Shores of Innsmouth expansion. I'd much rather they keep this core set, and then depending on what you want out of your experience you can choose the expansion path you go down. There were times that left me frustrated at the end of a SoA game, getting stuck in Other Worlds because of event cards and gates popping up, and sometimes I don't want that when I play Elder Sign. Unseen Forces lets me avoid that if I want to mix things up. Redriipper's feedback has me worried now. I am ambivalent of picking up 'Gates of Arkham' now........... FFG, did you read this?
  4. I really really like your thinking Xfoley8. Not to go against you or anything (because I like your ideas) but don't you think adding ALL of that stuff might go against the spirit of 'SoA'? I.e. this is meant to be a quick 1 and a half hour game?
  5. I really like your idea of adding back in the Museum cards with a house rule. Anything that preserves some of the components from ES gets a thumbs up from me. I don't really know how I feel about "Streets of Arkham" essentially being a brand new game that *happens* to use the Elder Sign mechanics (like a mod of a computer game). I'll still pick it up. Jake Yet Again, did you play SoA yourself? I would still like to know if you (or anyone else) thinks it provides a harder challenge than the base ES game.
  6. Hi Spalanzani, First off, I'm jealous that you get to play it before I did! Second of all, I'm dying to know: Is playing the 'Streets of Arkham' mode harder than the regular Elder Sign mode? If yes, how much? A bit or a lot?
  7. I don't mean to sound negative (I'm not, the more card games the merrier) but I'm getting huge flashing signs of combining and cherry picking from some of your best LCGs here to form this new card game. You're managing your resources that your cards provide (SW LCG's resources or GoT's gold), you're fighting over a strategic event card (CoC Story Cards or Warhammer 40K Planets), by competing in four struggles (CoC's four struggles or GoT's three challenges) in order not to bust the objective value (Blackjack). Is anybody else getting this vibe?
  8. Seeing as how AGOT, CoC, SW:TCG, and W40KC were all designed by Eric Lang, yeah, I'd say there's going to be some similarities between any of his games. You could say that Eric has essentially been refining his one trading card game design over and over and this latest version looks pretty sweet. Also, look at the game overview more carefully: while it is true that there is a central deck that is played in the middle and shared between the two players, the major difference is that you are completing one card (planet) at a time, starting from the leftmost card of the 1st player. Meanwhile, you can still deploy units to the other cards (or planets) down the line in order to try and secure your future. But you must always keep an eye on the battle at hand. Brilliant? Yup
  9. Another thing that I find that EH does better than AH is accessibility. It takes less time to explain to a new player what their Actions are and what they're supposed to do in order to win. Most people can understand and then immediately start playing (i.e. making meaningful choices) because the threats on the board after setup are very clear.
  10. > A quick follow up question - is there any advice on how to build out your domains? Hi Timf, welcome to the game - I'm a newbie too who started out but maybe I can still help answer your question. Generally, speaking, when you play with the pre-built decks from the Core set, yes, your strategy is sound - build up a big domain to the cost of your most expensive card (which could very well be an Ancient One). However, this strategy changes depending on how you build and customize your deck. For example, if you prefer a 'rush style' deck where you have nothing but cheap characters (nothing higher than a 3 cost) then it makes sense to spread out your resources to have your domains as 3-3-3. I typically tell newcomers to the game (I teach it at my workplace) that you can either go 'vertical' to bring out a single big gun like Ancient Ones or 'horizontal' to bring out smaller characters but in greater numbers. Sometimes, I like to put at least one 'Eldritch Nexus' in my deck to ensure that I have a fourth domain that has at least one resource. The reason is that a lot of cards ask you to pay for their Action cost (if you're lucky, it'll only be a cost of 1) and I don't want to dip into my primary three domains to do that. It's wasteful to drain one domain of several resources when you only want to trigger an action that costs 1. Anyways, I'm sure the senior members of the forum have additional advice as well.
  11. That is one disturbing card......... Hey, how come FFG doesn't reprint more of those CCG era cards for the current LCG? Another horrifying card (that has such a good card ability that I must put it into my Shub deck...) is Shocking Transformation. Talk about ugly.
  12. I agree. I think the art is very good at evoking certain moods, namely the creep factor. I have some trouble looking at Y'Golonac because it's just so damned revolting to look at.
  13. Thanks for chiming in everyone. I will agree that converting all of our CoC cards now to the full-bleed art layout would be very late at this stage and probably end up being disruptive for players. Still......it's a nice dream, especially when you compare the old Cthulhu card (core) with the promo that was given out a while back (sooo much nicer.....). Stephen Somers does a great Cthulhu promo and also did a jaw-droppingly great job with the latest Yog-Sothoth (Key and the Gate). http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/330/d/6/cthulhualternate_stephen_somers_by_stephensomers-d6vq38f.jpg I sense a lot of CoC pride here so I want to ask a very serious question. I've been getting back into card games lately and recently sat down for some good ol' Magic with younger players (I stopped playing back in 1997). I was a bit put off by the fact that the art looks so.......samey....nowadays. I can't tell the difference between any of the artists. It's not a bad thing, not by any stretch of the imagination, just.......fiercely homogeneous. What happened to the wonderful variety of art styles that each Magic card had? I feel that having a different art style spread across the game gives character and uniqueness to every card. I liked the fact that I could tell what a Quinton Hoover card looks like versus a Melissa Benson one. Conversely, every modern day Magic card looks like the artists were whipped and brow-beaten to have their styles all conform to the same art direction....regardless if they liked it or not. Then I started thinking about CoC. I believe that there still is this variety of art styles that I crave. I think Cynthia Sheppard (cover of Denizens expansion), as an example, is doing a bang-up job. What do you think? Does the art direction in CoC match (or surpass) the standard put forth by Magic The Gathering? Or is it too different to compare?
  14. Hey all fellow CoC fanatics and cultists, I've had the opportunity to play some of the newer LCGs like Star Wars and Netrunner and I immediately noticed something about their cards and card art: they are downright gorgeous. Especially with the artwork that 'bleeds' right to the edge of the card, giving you that full view of the artwork without white borders. Now, I know that CoC has a few promo cards that feature this 'bleed' style card art, essentially redoing classic cards in this modern style. We know FFG can do it for our game. So why haven't they done this fully and completely with the new expansions coming out? Case in point: with the excellent Denizens of the Underworld box, they are sticking with the white bordered cards. Is there a tournament reason for this? Would the collectors freak out or something? I'm not hating what we have now....quite the contrary. But if anyone has seen the artwork in SW or NR, you'll know it's stunning and I think CoC can have that too.
  15. This is a fantastic post - hat's off to Shining Aqua for the comprehensive review of characters. But like Fenyx, I have a slightly different list using a very different set of criteria: understanding immediately what the heck you're supposed to do with this character. Because everyone in this game is a puzzle piece or a cog in a machine that is supposed to work together in order to succeed, how fast a player catches on of what to do is key to winning this game (unless, you know, you want to boss around all your friends the whole time). In my limited opinion, I think Lola, Lily, and Silas are tops (for the same reasons everyone else gave) but also because they are the most newb friendly characters to play with when someone is having their first session of EH. There's always something for you to do that you're good at and your chances of rolling well are on your side (not for everything obviously but for many aspects of what the game calls for). Next comes Mark, Akachi, and Charlie because you can instantly tell for what specific purpose they were designed for. Everyone else? Start reading and scratching your head. Because the rest read and function strangely. Don't get it twisted: in no way am I saying the rest of the cast stinks, it's just more difficult to click with this character the first time around. Oh, and you best hope you be gettin' Blessed lickety-split lest your deficiencies get the best of you, unlike your well-rounded teammates.
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