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  1. Wedge and full Pivot...yes, I've searched

    Keep in mind Wedge has the exhaust icon, so you have to exhaust him to gain the ability to pivot more than 90 degrees for that activation.
  2. New Content?

    I don't think it's on store shelves quite yet... EDIT I didn't see this thread was longer than a single page of posts.
  3. weird situation Daquan Cav.

    You reform and put your back to the edge. Next turn you march away. Edit I see what you mean. The center point means the back edge of the unit would be pushed off the table edge. Hmmmm. Well unless it is flush with the board edge, even if a turn pushes the corner into the edge of the map, that partial turn will give enough of an angle that a full speed straight March the next round will pull it far away to not be a problem.
  4. weird situation Daquan Cav.

    They can reform. Nothing says you cannot reform through an obstacle. You just can't be overlapping an obstacle after the reform. The diagrams on page 9 of the Learn to Play show this. The text in the L2P is the same as the RRG, there just aren't any diagrams in the RRG.
  5. If you collide with an enemy unit and cannot square up, when you attack you treat it as attacking the edge you would square up to, if able. Any time any unit activates and they are touching an enemy unit but are not squared up, they must attempt to square up.
  6. Rippers in an out of terrain in 1 turn?

    Yeah, even at events organized and staffed by FFG, most judges are just volunteers. Usually they have a passion for the game, but not always. I know FFG didn't organize any of the events at Adepticon this year. Most of it was done by Cascade Games. The Legion events were organized by Adepticon themselves. I don't know about Runewars.
  7. At the Printer!

    That is usually about right, but it's just an estimate made by that online shop.
  8. FFG taking digs at it's own products?

    The game uses objective markers. This new pack is full of 3D objective markers. It was comparing itself to a boring game with only the core set cardboard objective markers. Had nothing to do with Runewars.
  9. Rippers in an out of terrain in 1 turn?

    You can't be on step 1 of something unless you have actually committed to and declared that you are doing said thing.
  10. Rippers in an out of terrain in 1 turn?

    Where in the rules does it say revealing a dial activates a unit? You are making a leap in logic that is not present in the rules. You are arguing semantics on how the before effect works. When it is my turn and I have multiple units to activate at the given initiative, I am "about to activate" 2 different units. You have to commit before you trigger any before ability. In general, this functionally works the same as you saying that doing the before effect is the committal, but that isn't actually the case. If your opponent had a "before" effect that could trigger when you activate your flesh rippers, you would have to declare the unit is activating before resolving your before effect so that both effects can be resolved in the proper order.
  11. Rippers in an out of terrain in 1 turn?

    In order to perform a "before" effect, you have to have already triggered the thing it is coming before. Step 1 of activating a unit is to reveal it's command tool. If you haven't chosen a unit to activate, how do you know which command tool to reveal? You activate a unit. Then you reveal it's command tool. Functionally, it cannot work any other way. Look at attacking. Section 10 doesn't say you declare your attack. No one would argue that selecting your relevant attack profiles is how you determine you are attacking. It is merely the first step you take after you have declared that you are attacking.
  12. Adepticon Painting Requirement

    Last I heard, they don't enforce it as strictly as they used to. Adepticon used to basically be a GW convention. They have obviously expanded since. I live in the area. It's been awesome to see FFG partner with them and help grow their base. Two 128 person Destiny events sold out at a minis convention. Crazy.
  13. No currently existing long form fiction. They have novellas in other settings, though, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a Terrinoth one somewhere down the line.
  14. Legion...

    The core for Legion is $89.95. The expansions are full units unto themselves. You buy a single core and 1 of each expansion and you have 2 ready to go armies for around $270. Wanna customize it a little? Won't have to spend more than $150 extra per side to max out your options, and that's assuming you don't buy 2 core sets.
  15. Legion...

    This isn't 100% accurate. You have a standard command deck, your commander modifies that deck. You have access to every command card you bring at the start of the game. You choose 1 command card to use each round. All but 1 command card (that we know of) are discarded after use. The command card does two things: it is your bid for initiative and it says which/how many units you can give a direct order to. You will always activate all of your units every round. The units you give a direct order to need to be within 18 inches of your commander and they will have their token face up next to them. The rest of your units will have their token off to the side. On your turn, you can activate a unit that has a face up token, or you can draw one of your tokens off to the side randomly and activate that unit. The tokens are grouped by type. All Corps (troopers) have the same token, all supports have the same token, etc. If one trooper unit was given a direct order and you draw a trooper token, you cannot activate the one that was given the order. So you need to decide the best combination for initiative and direct orders for each round. The fog of war effect is that you don't always know when a unit will activate. Every unit will always activate every round.