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  1. Anyone here play online? I was part of a campaign utilizing Roll20 and Google Hangouts a few years back, but I know Google dropped the support that allowed the dice roller we were using a few years ago. Anyhow, I've got a group of real life friends that want to start something, but we aren't sure how we want to go about it. I'm the only one with experience with FFG Star Wars online, but obviously my experience is outdated. We all live just far enough away from each other that playing online seems to be our best option. We saw Roll20 has an API, but we are hoping to avoid paying for anything. Note: I'm not trying to use something for free that actually costs money, I'm looking for tools that are free to use. I guess the main focus is a dice roller. Something for character sheets would be cool, but I'm already attached to oggdude's generator. We've thrown around using discord or Skype to actually communicate while playing. What have you guys had success with?
  2. The only part I was wrong about was completely ignoring cohesion, which I already pointed out. Use more terrain. I can't remember the last time I played on a table that allowed 3 AT-RTs to move freely side by side. Additionally, your opponent is just sitting there with a trooper unit while your AT-RTs advance on it? Or why were you just sitting there while your opponent just rolled up with 3 RTs? The last bullet point on page 41 makes it pretty clear that being in base contact overrides cohesion in regards to melee. This will only really ever matter with vehicles, anyway.
  3. The whole section on melee is only about units with melee weapons in base contact with other units. Troopers can only be engaged with other troopers, but anything with a melee weapon can start a melee.
  4. Two units in base contact are in a melee. I was wrong about the cohesion bit (cohesion is supposed to be maintained even when placing in base contact), but in this case I would say in base contact with the AT-RT is good enough. Minis don't get auto-defeated.
  5. Technically, by basing the unit leader, in base contact with the AT-RT is a legal placement. Infact, all minis of the unit would need to be placed in base contact with the AT-RT, it has started a melee with the trooper unit. They don't have to maintain cohesion for this placement. Only if they cannot be placed in base contact are they placed in cohesion. Also, AT-RTs cannot overlap each other on movement, so good luck getting 3 of them to perfectly surround an individual trooper unit leader.
  6. Any proof of Tuesday? Because FFG has had Thursday street dates for a few years now. The cannon and eweb are listed as a Monday release, which I know is inaccurate. I definitely got mine on a Thursday, in October. 3rd or 4th Thursday, doesn't matter. We are going to get an expansion or two every month. Don't expect that to change.
  7. They are on sprues now. Pose complaints are not going to hold much water. Just fix them yourself.
  8. In the US, there has been a new release on the 3rd Thursday every single month since the game launched a year ago.
  9. It's only essential for competitive play.
  10. It's a "competitive" rule. Sure, people will use it all the time in less than competitive games, but they tend to keep those rules in the tournament document, for whatever reason.
  11. The cool rules thing about Improvised Orders is that if any game effect forced someone to exhaust an upgrade card, and it was used on Improvised Orders, then it would not refresh at the end of the round.
  12. Keep in mind that the keywords apply to the whole attack pool. If your Stormtrooper unit with a DLT and impact grenades chooses to use the DLT and 4 grenades on a single target, the attack would have impact 5 and you could use that impact on both red dice if they roll hits.
  13. Actually, because they are completely obscured, it is automatic heavy cover.
  14. 2. Form Attack Pool: The attack pool consists of all the dice the attacker will roll against this defender. When forming the attack pool, players follow these substeps in order: a. Determine Eligible Minis: Each mini in the attacker is eligible to contribute to the attack pool if that mini has line of sight to any mini in the defender. b. Choose Weapons: The attacker can choose one weapon from each eligible mini to contribute to the (an) attack pool. To choose a weapon, the attacker must meet all requirements indicated by that weapon’s keywords, and that weapon’s range must include the range of the attack, as determined from the attacker’s unit leader to the closest mini of the defender. c. Gather Dice: For each eligible mini that chose a weapon, the attacker gathers the number and type of dice depicted on that weapon and places them on the battlefield near the defender. 3. Declare Additional Defender: If there are any weapons remaining that have not been added to the attack pool, the player may repeat steps 1–2, forming a separate attack pool with the new weapons. So I believe the intent of the first bolded part is that you are selecting 1 weapon per mini, then adding as many of them as you like to an attack pool. Then in step 3, the bolded line is referring back to the other one letting you know that if you have any leftover weapons from the selected weapons, you can form a new pool. I think if they updated the wording by changing the to an, it would correctly reflect the intent. It is hazy right now as worded. They could also just add a bullet point somewhere that outright says minis can only use 1 weapon per attack unless an ability says other wise.
  15. Across the top of the card, you have the faction and then the unit name. Continuing to the right, you have the rank of the unit and how many minis are in that unit right below it. Then you have artwork representing the unit. Back in the left-hand corner, below the faction symbol is the point cost of the unit. Continuing down, you have the upgrade icons. Upgrade cards attached to this unit must have the corresponding icon. Additionally, you can only have 1 card per icon. The heavy weapons are the first symbol right below the point cost. If you attach a sniper, it will add the mini to the unit and you will have 5 minis in the unit. This is the strike team card. Looking in the same places, it is less points and only starts with a single mini. However, you must attach a heavy weapon. Then you will have 2 minis in the strike team.
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