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  1. rowdyoctopus

    Troop composition

    Across the top of the card, you have the faction and then the unit name. Continuing to the right, you have the rank of the unit and how many minis are in that unit right below it. Then you have artwork representing the unit. Back in the left-hand corner, below the faction symbol is the point cost of the unit. Continuing down, you have the upgrade icons. Upgrade cards attached to this unit must have the corresponding icon. Additionally, you can only have 1 card per icon. The heavy weapons are the first symbol right below the point cost. If you attach a sniper, it will add the mini to the unit and you will have 5 minis in the unit. This is the strike team card. Looking in the same places, it is less points and only starts with a single mini. However, you must attach a heavy weapon. Then you will have 2 minis in the strike team.
  2. rowdyoctopus


    Each mini in the unit has access to the grenades. When you make an attack, you choose which weapon each mini is using. This includes grenades. If you have a stormtrooper unit with grenades and a DLT, all 6 minis can throw the grenades.
  3. rowdyoctopus

    The Land Endures

    It really hurt the game that as soon as they got 4 factions out, they sidelined production (or some type of disaster happened) for several months leading up to another miniatures game they now produce and has a much bigger following. Oh well. It's too bad. I would have loved to keep playing, but the local scene in Chicago pretty much dried up by the time the Uthuk were releasing. I still need to pick up a Lord Vorunthul. If anything, because he was so much fun to play test.
  4. rowdyoctopus

    Deployment card orientation

    Terrain is supposed to be set up before you choose deployments and missions, etc. It definitely matters for that.
  5. rowdyoctopus

    Sniper in a tower defending

    The part you quoted says "measure range". It doesn't explain how you are supposed to do that. How you measure range is found in the Range section I quoted. We can argue about to vagueness of "point the range ruler towards", but we have an email that says what they intended it to mean. The rules shouldn't be vague, so hopefully the make things more explicit in the next update.
  6. rowdyoctopus


    Correct. Arm is a separate action, one that allows you to place the specified charges.
  7. rowdyoctopus

    Sniper in a tower defending

    Then in the section on Range, page 43, says this: To measure range, a player places the range ruler so its beginning touches part of the base of the mini that range is being measured from. Then, the player points the range ruler toward the mini that range is being measured to; the measured range is the range that corresponds to the segment closest to the beginning of the ruler that a portion of the base of the mini being measured to is in. "Towards" here means in the direction of while remaining parrallel to the table surface.
  8. rowdyoctopus

    Can Ground Vehicles "squeeze?"

    All minis are supposed to slide along the movement tool. If their base clips something, they are supposed to stop moving unless they have an ability that lets them continue past it. Many, many times I see people trying to skirt around barricades with troopers at speed 2 and the tool touching the barricade. That's a no go.
  9. rowdyoctopus

    Unit Merging

    Units never merge. Make sure you track each unit individually.
  10. rowdyoctopus

    Sniper in a tower defending

    Flamethrowers ignore cover, but you still need initial line of sight. If a unit is completely obscured, you cannot make the attack. Unless the unit is on a naked cliff face, you are going to have to be a considerable distance from the base of the terrain in order to be able to see the intended target unit.
  11. rowdyoctopus

    Suppressive or I may have used this wrongly....

    If you are the defender, then you defended.
  12. rowdyoctopus

    Everything I KNOW and DONT KNOW about LOS and cover...

    Thank you. My being glib aside, this was my point. This perspective is very much appreciated.
  13. rowdyoctopus

    Everything I KNOW and DONT KNOW about LOS and cover...

    Didn't know the RRG required laser pointers....
  14. rowdyoctopus

    Everything I KNOW and DONT KNOW about LOS and cover...

    My original point way back when was that #23 in your diagrams felt off (my feelings are not the rules, thankfully), and I thought a number of players would assume no cover. In light of that, I felt it could use a direct clarification from the devs. This forum post isn't direct enough to answer that. So I'm still left explaining geometry to players rather than being able to say, "it's right here clear as day."
  15. rowdyoctopus

    Everything I KNOW and DONT KNOW about LOS and cover...

    The RRG has to be general. The forum post was responding to a specific question. I submitted a question two days prior to the forum being updated. If that was their response to me, they completely reworded my question to summarize it, but missed the point I was trying to make. Then to my point, it is not directly addressing the point of contention. The contention is in regards to minis standing directly on a naked edge of a cliff/building/etc. This post doesn't address that.