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  1. I'm doing waves of cards now. IA Wave one will be available this week. Wave One for X-wing will be available in February and will be 3 Rebel ships. More info on my Facebook page.
  2. PLR

    Stress, another look?

    There may be a problem with that given ship and/or combo that does not however mean there's anything wrong with stress itself. OK, if we want to split hairs. You are correct, there is nothing wrong with Stress as a game mechanic. But there is a problem with the combos that make it meaningless. Like the Phantom I'm pretty sure these combos weren't discovered until they were also in the wild. So it comes down to, do these COMBOS need to be adjusted to be a bonus for a negative, instead of just continual bonuses with virtually no negatives? Limiting ships from using self stressing cards/abilities if they are already stressed seems a simple fix.
  3. PLR

    Stress, another look?

    Is it? FFG has stated this somewhere? Pretty sure the Phantom worked as intended, as did deadeye... but those things changed. That's how the game evolves. Stress is suppose to be negative effect. When you can have ships with 20+ stress tokens, that still has actions/tokens (from multiple sources) and continue to acquire more stress while giving their opponents negatives (Zuckass) and literally not caring about the stress something is wrong.
  4. PLR

    Stress, another look?

    There has been a lot of talk locally about the abuse of Stress Related mechanics and how stress is virtually meaningless to some builds. I have seen all kinds of thoughts on "fixes"to this including damage for excess stress, no whites, etc. Has anyone proposed limiting all self-stressing mechanics to only work if you are not already stressed? This still allows some of the great cards to work (like Zuckass) and gives meaning to cards like Inspiring Recruits.
  5. I'm more concerned about the stress from Debris... do you get the stress before the free evade action or after?
  6. Hey Everyone, quick question. If IG-88C has Collision Detector and boosts onto a rock or debris does it still receive the free evade action?
  7. Hey Everyone, Is it possible for Ketsu to use her pilot ability on a friendly ship that meets the criteria? Her card simply states "a ship"... can't seem to find anything that would not allow it... Obviously you take the -1 agility for the Tractor beam token but a straight boost or barrel roll can actually be worth the penalty in the right situation.
  8. Haha, no offence, I wasn't sure what it stood for. :-) The decimators were an exclusive commission and aren't for sale. General info on my cards can before on my facebook page...
  9. Figured I'd update with a couple new cards I've done...
  10. Thought I'd share my latest commission: Soontir Fel
  11. I've flown the five TAP's with Adv. Homing Missiles and GC, it synergies better with the Title. Also is a lot of fun to kill ships while they still have their shields intact. :-)
  12. Haven't posted in a bit, but wanted to showcase this 4 card (two dual cards) set. Let me know what you think.
  13. Actually they are all sold now. But I can't discuss any sales here so please feel free to message me on Facebook about them.
  14. The Inquisitor one is a Prize for a UK Regionals...
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