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  1. Also, another idea to selling all the chapter packs in one expansion. Again, If they made the cards more affordable and with more options to buy from then I'd probably end up buying more.
  2. I think young Aegon is the fake dragon, He's just too good to be true. I think Jon is one of the heads as well because I believe he is Rhaegar's son as well as Azor Ahai reborn. Not to mention Dany. The third head is a toss up and I have no clue who it is.
  3. I bought the Princes of The Sun expansion. 3 decks, same 60 cards for 22 dollars on Amazon. After buying it, I had this idea (an old one probably talked about before but hey, I can try): Make solo starter decks for 10 bucks each. I am a casual player, I have no need for 3 decks with the exact same cards. When I play with my fam, We play as different houses. Unless you are a serious card game who builds decks and all that or if you and your friends own the game and are splitting the cost then there really is no need for a 3 deck expansion. What do you guys think?
  4. I would suggest reading until you reach Dance with Dragons before picking up the card game again.
  5. Question 1 - Are area cards limited? Can you only play a certain amount each round (outside of the cards saying limited on them) Question 2 - Are cards with +1 or 2 gold limited as well and if so how many can you play a round? I ask this because I played a friend who had 3-4 cards with +1 and 2 gold, Constantly built up gold and was able to play down any card he wanted and gave me quite the beatdown because of it. It was incredibly annoying because he was house Lannister and also had Littlefinger on the field, who gained strength for each unspent gold. Care to help me out on this?
  6. I tried to get into Magic once, bought a cheap starter deck to see how it is, It wasn't bad but the total amount I would have had to put into it was far too much to keep playing. Especially as you said, The cards to get out of date and require constant buying and rebuilding. The one thing I love about LCG is that the cards are never out of date. I could use the cards I buy for as long as I keep playing the game, A huge plus. I think what I'll do is keep an eye on the prices for the expansions and wait to get them cheap.
  7. Am I the only one thinking the expansions and chapter packs are far too expensive? 12 bucks for 20 new cards and 30 bucks for 60 (at least 12 or more cards in the expansion are already in the core set). If someone had told me that I'd have to put out at least another 100 to really enjoy the game then I probably wouldn't have bought it. But being a massive GoT fan has sort of screwed me this time. Dont get me wrong, It's an enjoyable game, but rather pricey. I am sort of at a cross-roads because I wanna add more cards for depth but the price of 2 chapter packs is nearly the same as the price of an expansion.
  8. I meant just casual play, Nothing serious. Thanks for telling me though, now I can avoid spending 15 dollars and put that towards an expansion.
  9. I had bought the Five Kings starter set, can I use that for the living card game or not? Same goes for the Iron Throne starter set, I haven't bought it yet but I wanna make sure if I can use it in the LCG and what cards are in it. I know the Five Kings supports Stark and Targaryen decks, does Iron Throne starter set have Baratheon and Lannister? Aside from that, I need help with adding depth to the original 4 decks the LCG came with (Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, and Targaryen). I wouldn't mind buying the expansions but I would like to know just how many new cards are in it (I don't wanna buy it and find out I already have a good amount of them from the core set already, I want mostly original cards). Ignore any other house because I wanna focus on those 4 to start with, Adding another 30-60 cards to each would be nice.
  10. As I said in another post, If you are going to buy the card game, You are gonna wanna spend a little extra for more cards. Buy the 2 starters Five Kings and Iron Throne. It gives you 1 deck a piece for each of the 4 starting houses given to you in the core game (Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon). Adds a ton of new cards, although little new character cards, but at the price of 30 dollars for both of them, You can't go wrong imo.
  11. I wouldn't buy just the card game alone. Not enough cards, only like 50-60 cards each with a few repeats. I'd buy the 2 starter sets (Five Kings and Iron Throne) for another 30 dollars. Five Kings comes with a deck for each Stark and Targaryen, Iron Throne comes with Lannister and Baratheon. Adds 7 new plot cards, New locations for example and it has the same character cards but for the other stuff it's worth it, Especially when you get 2 good sized decks in 1 pack for the same price as a chapter pack that comes with just 20 new cards, 3 copies of each. After that, if you like the game and wanna build on a certain house more, then you should try the expansions and chapter packs. FYI - Greyjoy and Martell expansions should be a must buy first so you have a solid deck to start with for each of those houses.
  12. Buy the House Stark starter deck, I think it's like 15 bucks, Should give you all the cards you need.
  13. It's an enjoyable game but it's a bit of a money pit. I bought the card game for 30 and the Five Kings starter set for 12, Enjoyable to play but I am the kind of guy that wants a solid amount of cards for variety, To spice things up a bit because playing with the same cards over and over again is boring. I do plan on buying the Iron Throne starter set that costs 15 (to even out Five Kings) as well as a chapter pack or two (about 12 dollars each) for the 4 houses to even things out but that's as much as I am going to spend on it. I am a bit annoyed with how pricy the deluxe expansions are, 30 dollars for 60 new cards!?!?!? Especially when they are similar cards to what are already in the main game, Bit of a rip off imo.
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