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  1. This is the last product. Been 2 years now. But I’m happy with it. I have all the expansion and this game hits the table at least 2-3 times a month with our game group. I see that AH 3rd edition is out and I hear good things about it but I haven’t jumped on board. Waiting to play it with a group before I buy it.
  2. I personally have never played MoM but I have wanted to. But I have been playing Eldritch since it’s release in 2013 and I have every expansion. Eldritch is an amazing game but with all the expansions, it’s expensive. If you want to save money, I would say try MoM. They are all great games and who knows, maybe you’ll get the opportunity to place with some other fan who has Eldritch. Hope this helps. Happy gaming.
  3. I got out all my boxes and looked at their selected number of sleeve packs per box and then tallied up all the cards in the contents section of each box and made this list. Enjoy. Total Sleeves for Eldritch Horror Core: 4 green 3 yellow FL: 4 green 2 yellow MoM: 5 green 3 yellow SR: 3 green 2 yellow UtP: 4 green 2 yellow Total sleeves: 20pk green 12pk yellow 50sleeves/pack Core cards- Large:189 Small:114 MoM cards- Large:210 Small:114 UtP cards- Large:200 Small:95 FL cards- Large:168 Small:76 SR cards- Large:126 Small:76 Total- Large:893 Small:475 Actual sleeves needed- Green - 18pk Yellow - 10pk
  4. Thanks Julia! I'll go check it out. If I want to be super sure, I could just get out my game and hand count them all
  5. I know that on the back of every box, FFG has a recommended number of sleeve packs to purchase to protect all the contents in each box. However, they do say that you may have leftover sleeves because the number isn't exact, it's just rounded up so you are guaranteed to cover everything. I happen to have the core game and all expansions currently available. But I know that if I purchase all the cars sleeve packs on the back of all the boxes I will have quite a few leftovers. I was just hoping someone who has covered all their eldritch collection could tell roughly how many packs of each size they had to use so that I could purchase that quantity and limit my excess sleeve amount. Thank you and keep up the good fight against the AO's.
  6. I would love to try it both boards. Ever since I heard about the arkham nights Eldritch horror cycle of eternity, I've been dying to try out them together in one epic game. I'm sure it would extend gameplay by at least an hour. But I'd hope it would be worth it.
  7. I'd like to see something like the mystic ruins deck for the generic spaces on the board. Or perhaps a way of incorporating the mystic ruins deck into every game without using its prelude card or AO. Just something optional and unique for the other spaces. Maybe minor gates that open and require a small monster ambush to close. I have so many ideas for ways to add new fun and flavor. This game, as I've said before is already amazing but I'm also thinking of ways to customize each and every experience further than this game already lets you.
  8. Mike, I've had that situation happen once myself. I've always had it stay and attack, since the nearest investigator is on his space, I skip the move and go for its attack. Not sure if that right but it's what i did. Happy gaming my friends.
  9. I'm gonna just say this game is my all time favorite game. It hits my table more than any of my other games. The edition of the focus action in the expansions was great but with only being able to heal 1 token of each once per turn, it really made it long and costly to the rest of the team to sit somewhere and heal for 2-3 turns. So as a house rule, i have allowed people that have full sanity or health to instead heal 2 tokens of the other. So instead of healing 1 heal if your sanity is full, you heal 2. Or vice versa. Also being able to take only 2 actions a turn is rough especially when you really need to heal or gain an asset and also travel more than one space but you're out of tickets. So I've incorporated the gathering tickets and traveling into one action. I've also tried using 3 actions a turn while still hold By the rule where you can't do an action twice. That would break the game. But we've still been challenged even using 3 a turn. Just seeing if any of you have tried similar things to change up the experience. All in the game is great as is, we just wanted to try something new after all our games. Been playing this since its release in 2013 and have quite a few wins under my belt now.
  10. I always play for fun and the "feel". I love this game too much to get competitive with it. Every game ive been competitive at, mad eme love the game less because it stopped being about the game and fun, it turned into winning versus losing. Didn't like the attitudes. But ive got some amazing decks. Outcast jedi with outer rim smugglers. Rebel spies and commandos with scoundrels. Star destroyer decks. Its too much of a fun game to get serious with.
  11. On the lines of this new variant here some of the house rules I have and other variants my friends and use when playing and they are very interesting. Eldritch Horror House Rules 1.) During a rest action, an investigator may heal one health or one sanity extra if the other is full. (Two tokens) 2.) During the encounter phase on a wilderness space, if an investigator passed the final test of the encounter, he/she may spend 2 clues, a focus and 1 health to attain a random artifact from the deck. 3.) If an investigator has a blessed condition, they may re-roll any 1's that are rolled once per test. 4.) The charter flight asset can be passed from one investigator to the next instead of discarding it, by testing influence and spending a clue. 5.) During an acquire assets action, an investigator may add the number of ally cards they have to their influence dice roll up to a maximum of 3. 6.) The delivery flight asset may also be passed around by investigators by spending a travel ticket according to the recipient of the asset being sent. Eldritch Horror Game Variants Variant I: Beneficial Meeting --Investigators may start with the first asset at the top of the deck, and gain one clue along with their starting assets. But must be delayed their first action phase. Variant II: Otherworldly Power --At the beginning of the game, investigators decide as a whole to spawn another gate and resolve a monster surge, then gain one random artifact each from the deck and lose one health and sanity and gain one madness condition. Variant III: Tales of Doom --At the beginning of the game, investigators may choose to start with one easy and one hard rumor mythos card. If they choose to start with the two rumors, they may each gain one item from the reserve and any spell from the deck. Variant IV: Spectral Travels --Whenever an investigator closes a gate, they may spend 1 health and 1 sanity to teleport from their space to the furthest gate on the board or to another gate of the same alignment. Variant V: The Rift Opens. --At the beginning of the game, investigators may add their observation skills together and then divide that number but two rounding down. They may then spawn that many clues on the board and then spawn the Mi-Go monster on a random space, then resolve a gate spawn and monster surge. Please let me know what you all think of these and feel free to share ideas or your own house rules and variants. That's what is great about this gaming community. Everyone comes together to share ideas, brain storm new ones, and help each other out.
  12. I've never played arkham horror, but I've been curious as I've been playing EH since it first came out and have been loving it. I don't know if I'll buy it, maybe find someone who has and join a game of theirs. I've just recently started incorporating "house rules" into some of my EH games. Like the whole rest action, if you already are full of health or sanity, you can take two of the other if able to. You are still only getting two tokens, just getting two of the same if one is already full. I try not to make any game breaking rules. Still like the feeling of just barely making it and like we are still urgently needing to pass tests.
  13. As of current rules right now with eight people you can only have one prelude card. But they will be playing with double the max players. I'm merely thinking that it will be like two games running together on one board. One group of eight plays with an ancient one and a prelude card, and the other group of eight runs another AO and prelude card. Two games going on at the same time on the same board but they can all interact with each other. Very intricate and would be epic to see. Maybe once the expansion comes out, I'll put my own cycle of eternity into play and put on YouTube for everyone to check out and analyze.
  14. I'm kinda excited about hearing about this game variant. From the article, it's going to be a 16 player variant, possibly using both the MoM side board and the UtP side board together. We have little information on it so far, and I'm not able to attend the Arkham Nights celebration, but here are my thoughts on what it would entail. -Starting with two prelude cards, one adds the Antarctica side board and the second prelude adds the Eygpt side board. -Two ancient ones are chosen that don't correspond with the side boards. Like Cthulhu or Yig. -There would be two teams of 8. The first group would focus on the mysteries for the first ancient one and the second group would focus on the other ancient one. -All investigators could trade items and clues like normal, that way they could adequately defeat both AO's. -The doom track would start at the top of track (20) and mythos deck would have an extra phase. -Investigators would not be allowed to choose a new personality once killed. Therefore still keeping it challenging. These are just some of my thoughts on what the Cycle of Eternity variant would have. I'm anxious to hear what you all think this new variant will be like and ways you would preform your own. These are what I would do if I were to try it out. This game is totally amazing and I have all the expansions so far. Just got strange remnants the month it came out and I'm looking forward to finally trying it out for Halloween this year. What do you guys think the new 16 player variant would be like and how would you do your own cycle of eternity.
  15. I hear a lot of people asking about the best way or best approach to building a fun and solid deck. It all starts with what you want to focus on. Do you want lots of units, or plenty of resources, maybe a game mechanic like capturing or consistantly winning the force struggle or punishing enemies for committing to the force. Once you have figured what you want the goal of your deck to be, go through all the objectives for each faction for that side of the force. Mixing factions is okay but make sure that one is more dominant than the other. And use the faction card for the least dominant faction so that you are ensured to always have a resource to pay for any of those cards you draw to meet the resource match. Once you have picked out the best objectives to achieve your goal (there may be a lot more than 10 or even 20 objectives) begin fine tuning your selections by taking out objectives that don't offer any serious advantages or help you than just meeting your goal. Good things to look for are units with good spread of icons both combat and force. Other pros would be edge cards and resource cards. And always be mindful of the factions. Try to keep your deck to two factions. Playing a three faction deck would very difficult at this point in the evolution of the game. But in the future this may be possible. Once you have narrowed down you list of objectives to two factions or even one faction, try to get your list of objectives down to ten. After you have at least a ten card objective deck find someone to play-test your deck with and see how it performs. Play a few games with it to get the feel for it. You rarely get used to how a deck plays after a game or two. You need a few to truly stretch it's legs and find it's flaws. And from there tweek it to your desired specifications by either adding or replacing objective sets or trading factions. Hopefully this was helpful to all who read and needed a little assistance with deck creation. Happy gaming everyone and remember to just have fun and enjoy the game be a good sport.
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