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  1. I hope that the next campaign has less emphasis on points and more emphasis on a real objective each side is trying to accomplish. CC is fun but the games don't feel that much different than a standard game. If you destroy a station that gives you more points, and that plus the points destroyed tells you who won. Yes, you can build a base, but that only means you get more points for the next game. I'd like to see something where the objectives feel more impactful. It doesn't necessarily have to have a narrative structure; I just want win/loss to be more about accomplishing a mission than getting more points.
  2. Looks like you have all the Imperial expansions except the VSD and the Interdictor. You can build plenty of fleet variations with those. I wouldn't say you need anything else to last you for a long time. Interdictor is fun, and VSD comes with Motti, a very useful (but not game-changing) commander. If you were to double up on anything, Gladiators, Raiders, and Gozantis are solid picks, and dual ISDs are fun and intimidating (but definitely beatable). I do think the Rebels will eventually feel limited with just a core CR90, core Neb, Home One, and Phoenix One. You can absolutely learn the game with just those and all those fighters, but your Rebel player might want to be able to vary things more at some point. One thing to note is that the commanders that come with some of these expansions can make a big difference in giving the fleets a different feel. I agree with Madaghmire on Rebel recommendations. I've also had fun with the Liberty, which comes with Madine. Madine is super fun for a Rebel player, even if you don't actually use him with the Liberty. To me, the Assault Frigate is not as good, but some people love it and are great with them, so really it comes back to whatever you want. I recommend trying out Vassal (just Google "Vassal Armada"). 3 reasons: 1) You'll learn the game quicker; 2) You can try ships and configurations you don't have; 3) You can often find games at odd hours. To me it's not as fun as playing with real life plastic ships, but it's still great. I also recommend using Discord when playing on Vassal so you can actually talk to people. Rules questions get resolved much quicker that way. Have fun!
  3. I'll just expect a 6x3 playmat, and I'll be happy if they exceed my expectations.
  4. I think his name may have been Charles, but then again that was the name of my 2nd round opponent so I might be getting confused.
  5. He was a British guy with a ponytail. He had Ciena, Valen, Howlrunner, Mauler, Tempest, and a Lambda I think.
  6. As you know, he had 6 CR90s with RBD and ET, and 3 GR75s. Even with no squads, he had me out deployed. I knew he was going to be able to shuttle Rieekan off to empty space, so my only hope was to blow up his ships before I got rammed to death. My goal with Madine--and I had thought of this as my counter to ET ramming before the tournament started--was to get past his CR90s. He spread out his CR90s so he could cover more area, but it also gave me an opportunity to squeeze in between ships. I kept everything at speed 3, with a couple of CR90s bumping up to 4 at times. I generally had navigation commands on my ships at all times. Then instead of focusing on lining up shots, I focused on nestling my ships to the sides or in between his ships. He was usually able to slow a CR90 down enough to catch a corner and ET ram, but he was never able to get 2 ships to do it. I knew the plan was somewhat working when I saw 2 damage cards on multiple ships, with no ships destroyed. With as many ships as he had, I got several front arc Liberty shots against his ships, which was death to his ships...though not instant death due to Rieekan. It helped me that we both were forgetting to shoot with our CR90s. We were so focused on navigation! That game was all about positioning. Who told you that?
  7. I want to keep this brief...it takes time to write one of those long reports, I'm guessing most people are not that interested, and my memory fails me in some points. If you want more detail let me know! My fleet: Decked out MC80 Star Cruiser CR90 with Jaina's Light, TRC, and Madine 2x CR90 with TRC GR75 with Slicer Tools and Quantum Storm Shara, Tycho, and 2x Z95 Game 1: 6-5 win against a Rieekan Ramholes fleet! Great game! Game 2: 2-9 loss against Ackbar 2x AF + Jaina's Light + 2x GR75 fleet (I think). I made some mistakes that cost me, but still a great game! Game 3: 3-8 loss against Ackbar 2x MC80 + 8x YT2400 fleet. I believe I should have won this game easily, but I was tired and made a very dumb mistake by keeping the CR90s too slow. Nevertheless, I had a good time! Game 4: 8-3 win due to my opponent not showing up. Come on, guys! If you want to play Destiny or IA, fine, but then don't sign in! Game 5: 4-7 loss against Vader Demo + 2x Arq + 2x Goz. Great game! Ended up #54; not a great showing, but except for game 4 I had a great time! Made a lot of friends and put faces to forum names...got to watch people fix @JJs Juggernaut's tire...played games while everyone at home was working, and with people from different countries.
  8. Another pic from the flotilla perspective.
  9. I bet you were feeling frustrated. Search your feelings...did you just need to get it all out of your system? #RMB
  10. Count me in for breakfast!
  11. You must have taken really good care of your toys. Luke probably had his head crazy glued back on at least a dozen times.
  12. Yeah I tried to paste a picture the first time...maybe it will work this time... Everyone in the Old Guard...slide your lightsabers out!
  13. I'll be there! And I heard you should call the Radisson and ask for a special rate for the event.
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