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  1. Would be a good control box addition to the bottom of the left column for 20 point to use on self. T
  2. Another option would be to have the improved and superior version of each talent count as a rank and add plus one to the total mitigated. Improved reflect needs to be touch more common too, there are a lot of Jedi seen using this even you only take the films and the clone wars into account. T After some thought my fix would be as follows Rename improved parry to Reposte... that's what it is and it would work as written. Remove improved reflect and replace it in the one tree its in with another rank of reflect. Change reflect to include the ability of improved reflect ..however it requires the shooter to roll 4 threat (or possibly 5) minus your ranks in reflect. So if you stack 4 (or 5) ranks of reflect, anytime you spend the strain you bounce the shot whether or not they roll threat. You are after all spending 3 strain and that would make the shi'en expert with superior reflect that much more interesting. Just a thought, and I might do this even if they don't change it. There are a lot of Jedi in all the source material that use this power, so it should be more common and the better you get at it the easier it is to bounce the shot. One more thought for those who feel that the talents don't absorb enough damage.... you could say the amount mitigated for parry is brawn plus ranks, and reflect is agility plus ranks. No offense to Donovans system but it reworks every form tree and to be blunt just isn't worth the effort, although I agree with the 3 plus 2 per idea if you don't like the brawn/agility idea here.
  3. The description text of the double bladed saber says" all attachments (including crystals) cost double" so the cost of the basic double lightsaber should be 18600 (600 for hilt plus 2 basic illum crystals at 9000 each) not 10200 as listed. This makes the double saber totally overpriced for what it provides, so it should either have more mechanical benefits (like defensive 1 maybe) or the note about the price should be changed. T
  4. Am I the only one that noticed that the warrior/aggressor tree has reflect, and saber throw talents, which both require a lightsaber (unlike parry that can use any melee weapon) but doesn't have lightsaber as a class skill? It seems as if they are trying to give lightsaber skill only in the "form" trees, but if you're gonna put saber only talents in the tree it should teach the skill... right? T
  5. Cool is used in ambushes and surprise attacks because it represents your ability to sit still and wait for the opportune moment to start blazing or spring the trap. Vigilance is your awareness of the surroundings and ability to react at the drop of a hat. If your the ambusher and are twitchy and undisciplined ( low cool) you might jump the gun and give your target time to react. If your the ambushee and are unobservant and undisciplined (low vigilance) then you react slower to what's going on. T
  6. Not sure what your getting at... how does a singer not knowing what they sound like have anything at all to do with a force user needing someone else to train them? Not even remotely close to each other. The only way a force user could be in a similar situation was if he was blind, deaf, and dumb, and couldn't sense what his own abilities were accomplishing, it has nothing to do with natural or inborn talent, and the ability to practice or come up with new ways to use his abilities without someone standing there saying" try this". Put another way... if you had the force, wouldn't you spend most of your waking time testing it and trying anything that you could think of? Or would you sit around not using it until someone came along and tried to teach you how "they" do it. In most of the source material it's actually pretty clear that Jedi rounded up the force sensitives for 2 reasons, so they could make use of their talents for the order, and to train them to resist the dark side so they didn't cause trouble later. Training them to actually use their talents is just a benefit of having them all in one spot where they can keep an eye on them. One other thing most people seem to overlook is that in several cases the various force users have said that the force guides them and speaks to them when they're calm....who's to say the living force itself couldn't teach you new powers. T
  7. Your example of computer programming really isn't relevant at all. That's a skill that HAS to be learned... no one was ever born with the ability to program from birth (except maybe Neo) but all force users are born with it even if they never realize it. I'm not saying training wouldn't help, my point is that NO power in the game should have to be taught by someone else, and under no circumstances should it require another force user to come along and "activate" you. Adventurers are constantly under extreme circumstances so any power could be learned "in the field" so to speak...what if a character was surprised by an enemy and instinctively force pushed him away, or used move during a chase to tip over an obstacle to block the pursuer. people under pressure do some crazy stuff. Or what if a force user was caught by the empire and suddenly used influence( representing his player buying it just before this session) to convince his weak minded captor to release him. None of these examples require someone to say" hey this is how you do this" but all of them make perfect sense. Even the the kid from the new rebels series in his intro video is stated to have used the force his whole life to influence others and get out of scrapes, but he doesn't realize he's using his powers or that they're from the force....he just does it naturally, and nobody "taught him" any of it. T
  8. because to them it's completely natural..someone shoots at you, you dodge. And even a naturaly talented gymnast will be more graceful and fluid then most other people. They don't have to stop and dream up ways to walk gracefully or keep their balance when they slip...they just do it. Ask a talented singer how they do it, they can't tell you...they just do, And some of the best singers in history never had a single lesson. T
  9. Why is it so many people assume force powers have to be learned. The basic ability is something your born with, why then wouldn't the powers be natural as well. It's like sculptors, and singers, and any other person that has a natural talent. most of the ability comes totally from within and is refined more by practice and trial and error then someone showing you exactly how to do it. Kinda like some settings treat magic...everyone casts there spells a little different and no one can show you the exact way to do so, only guide your natural ability along. It amazes me how many people want to play in the star wars universe but downplay or ignore the force entirely...It's what defines setting and sets it apart from every other sci-fi setting out there. If you don't like the force then why not just play in another sci-fi universe? T And castle...why would a character need to have another force user come along and say "oh by the way your force sensitive"? That makes no sense at all...did Anakin need qui-gon to tell him he was force sensitive before he became an awesome pilot, or developed the ability to predict things that was so strong his mother noticed them?
  10. Well daeglan, here is the flaw in your logic. FaD does not have to have the options to play non force users at all. Can you play a bounty hunter in AOR? can you play a Commando in EoTE? no to both. If a group decides to play in the FFG star wars universe AND decides to use only one core book (which I think most don't) AND chooses FaD as that core then it means that most of players in that group have prob decided to play force users of one type or another. FaD logically will be the most focused/ narrowest book in the series and most people will use it with one or both other cores...but as a stand alone game there is no reason why all 6 careers can't have a "force user" theme. If people want use that book on it's own they prob want a lot of force types to choose from. It doesn't make much sense to create a book centered around force users and have only 1 or 2 of the 6 careers be actual force users...It will most likely be the opposite...4 or 5 force careers and 1or 2 non force. Just a thought T Edit hard to tell, but are you suggesting that all force user Specs will be universal trees and that there will not be any actual force user careers at all?
  11. Wish I had the time like Jag to read thru this whole thing to find one answer, but I can't so i'll just ask ..Is there an official announcement or press release somewhere that states FaD beta will be at gen con? I see everyone speculating about what it'll contain but I haven't found anything that says it'll be "next month" as someone mentioned. Is this an assumption based on the way they've been releasing the games in the past, or is there something I missed from FFG that says it WILL be there. T
  12. Something that no-one has considered that has precedent with FFG...The way they handled the WH40K line. All the games are compatible but they operate on different power levels. For example if someone plays a space marine and someone else plays a character from dark heresy he would get several thousand XP to bring his character in line with said spacemarine. If your not familiar with the system the abilities are more expensive so that would equate to prob 300-500 Xp in starwars. The teaser implies that the players are basically heroic legends, so even if the games are fully compatible the starting power level may be vastly higher in FaD. This may also be why they chose to do it last, so characters from the other games had a chance to work up to that level, and they might just state that if your character doesn't have X number of XP then give them the difference if they're mixed into a FaD game....just a thought, but it has been done before. T
  13. Falling sideways that's classic, made me laugh. T
  14. Did the devs or anyone "official" chime in on the subject? As move is written you don't get any resistance against someone pulling a gun out of your hand, or any kind of defense against some striking you with a single object....so it stands to reason you wouldn't get one for being flung against a wall. This also makes me hope and pray that in FaD force users get some way to defend against or reduce the effect of force powers used against them...kinda like Anakin and obi opposing each other before they both went flying. T
  15. Looking for a cross section of opinions here. Using the force power tree for push...The first control on the left branch says you can now use move to propel something fast enough to hurt someone right? I grab a silhouette 1 (using str upgrade) object and mash you in the head with it doing 10 dmg, or I use magnitude and grab multiple objects and mash you and your buddies in the head with them using autofire...right? Why would I not use the strength and magnitude to grab you and your buddies directly and mash YOU up against something ( like a wall or just the ground itself) this would guarantee that each target was hit and took the base 10 damage and wouldn't require an attack roll ( just the discipline check). We see this several times in the films with qui-gon and obi doing it to battledroids left and right, and Anakin and obi doing it to each other in the end of ROTS. Would you as a GM allow this interpretation of the move power? If not how would you model the "force push"? It costs a lot of points to get to that level of use and requires multiple force points to activate so I don't really see it as unbalanced. T By the way I went thru the first 5 pages of posts and skimmed the FAQ for this, but if I missed it point me to it and I'll go from there.
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