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  1. Chaplain, are you talking about PC using (invoking) his Fear Trait? Because this is what we discuss here. The mechanic of suffering from Fear are pretty good as it was tested on all other lines.
  2. Another option we discussed today was a Corruption Roll (+0 or -10) to use the Fear trait. Levels of Fear beyond 1st would add +10. So Fear (4) would be Corruption +30 test.
  3. Thank you for your answers. I think we'll treat it like a power weapon, that ignores armor instead of having high Penetration. And I guess we'll use Dark heresy 2ed vehicle rules for driving Rhino and setting other tanks on fire.
  4. Hi guys, what do you think of the following situation: a Rhino full of IG is attacked by heretics. Psyker uses Wind of Chaos (p.214 Core) psychic power on it and pretty much the whole body of it is covered by power's effect. He pushes hard and, by description, to evade the power (opposing Ag test) one has to get over 6 Degrees of Success. Now the question is: as this power is a Warp Weapon, can it go through Rhino's Armor and SI (ignoring both as per description of Warp Weapon on page 144 of Core) and just fry all the people in it, that failed to dodge? Basically, leaving the APC intact? I think it's a very likely scenario as I understand, Warp Weapon can only be stopped by warp-involved means (force field, sacred armor) or by human body that has a soul. Am I right? What would you do if you're a GM and your player does that? Edit: Now that you know the context, let me ask you more questions. How do you think IG would react to the knowledge that there's a spyker with this power? What tactics they might use to handle the situation? How fast would they react/adapt to the situation? Thanks!
  5. I would totally buy all the supplements for BC with more wargear, remade ship combat/actions/acquisitions etc. Non-class based (generic) ship actions are pretty boring in RT. Adding more Navigator-like powers for ship combat for psykers, or adding extra functionality to the existing ones, would make sense. FFG please add more cool stuff. How about psyker summoning a void kraken during the battle? May be it's a good time to write our friend Tim an email and show some interest in that. What do you think guys?
  6. You can use Rogue Trader rules for acquisition - every subsequent trade after the first one subtracts -10 from the deal (e.g. -10 for second trade, -20 for third etc.). In our group characters are limited by one trade per location. If you haven't found an item you were looking for - tough luck, it's probably can't be found here, try another place.
  7. Gamgee, try preordering it at Meeplemart. that's what I did.
  8. FFG Upcoming shows July. My boardgameshop (Meeplemart) shows it as available for preorder. Preordered! Oh boy, hope the line isn't dead yet and there will be one more book or at least more adventures for high level chars. Wish this Star Wars deal never happened and we had more W40K goodies. BTW would anyone be interested in our customisations, based on Dark Heresy 2ed?
  9. Makes sense. On top of it, WS 50 (prerequisite) + 30 (all out Attack) = 80%, which is a pretty good chance to hit. Thanks!
  10. KILLING STRIKE Tier: 2 Prerequisite: Weapon Skill 50 With expert precision the character can land blows which defy his opponent’s ability to counter, sliced through his defences as surely as a powerblade cuts flesh. When making an All Out Attack, the character may spend one Infamy Point to choose to make that melee attack unavoidable with the Parry or Dodge Skills. Other means of stopping attacks (such as Shadow Fields or Displacement Fields) are unaffected. So, how do you commit your precious infamy point in this case? Should it be done after attack has landed to cancel the Dodge/Evasion roll or before the attack itself (with a chance of missing it completely)?
  11. Magisterial Navis Nobilite House has a profit factor of about 120-140. Allow navigator to get some free goodies from Novator. How about investing into colonies, splitting profits with RT? What about secret tasks from Paternova no one should know about? Hmm...arranging a marriage between your RT and one of your relatives, that didn't inherit the mutation, how challenging is that? Playing a rich spoiled noble ****** Navigator myself, my only problem is that we don't have Charm. But it's ok, I still love my Deceive +20 and Intimidate(Wp) +20 (+talented). And I haven't even scratched alternate careers yet.
  12. Well, same goes the other way - Psyker has the same chance to hit an uber-huge sleeping daemon in the middle of the day, having no bonuses for it. In BC psykers are (pardon for the reference) more like Professor X than Cyclops. Different physics for immaterium and all that. Just imagine that chaos guys do it a bit different than guys from the other side. Yes, rules for Powers in BC and OW are different from older lines. DH2e was somewhat in between (and I love Dodge(Wp) against spells).
  13. I think +/-60 is more of a game-designer guideline than a strict rule. I mean, BC is designed pretty well to give you less than 60 modifiers (physical or psychic attacks) almost all the time. And by the time players can add +60 to their test it wouldn't matter. Think about it - 10PR*5 +10(for Psy-Focus) = +60 to Focus Power test. That's a lot of XP down the PR talents. Pushing might kill you, so I'm not considering it. By the time your psyker gets there, +10 or +20 to Focus power test wouldn't matter much. Or that will be a one-trick-psyker.
  14. Someone posted a note here that once a Psyker one-shotted The Great Unclean One with Force Storm. Might be true
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