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  1. If the Plague Stone is used, the controling player decides the order how the characters leave play. FAQ 1.7 if Gustav isn't chosen as the first character, he can trigger his Forced Response (triggered by another character leaving play). Gustav has a Forced Response. (Even if it is limited) So he can trigger his effect. Or am I missing something? Was he erratad to just a Response?
  2. Hello Damon, I've got a question concening Red Tape, which reads "Cancel the first effect triggered by each opponent each turn. " So if my opponent already triggered an effect during my turn (Refresh Phase), what happens if I play Red Tape during my Operations Phase? - Is the effect canceled retrospective? And which is the first effect Red Tape is referring to? Will it cancel my opponents "next" effect, first effect after Red Tape enters play? Even if this effect in fact would be my opponents second effect in sum during the turn? Or is the FIRST effect absolut? So if Red Tape enters play after the first opponents effect has already been triggered, it will cancel nothing for the rest of the turn? A:
  3. Q: Hi Damon, I have got a question concerning the story attachements like Tear in time in case of winning a story they are attached to. It reads: Attachment. Environment. Attach to a story card. Response: After you win an (A) struggle at the attached story, either draw 2 cards or return a card from your discard pile to the top of your deck. So how exactly do they work with their response? Referring to the rulebook a response can not be used until all stories have been resolved. We had the following situatiuon: Tear in Time was attached to a story with 3 successs tokens. A player has commited characters to it, won arcane, investigation and succeeded with skill. So the condition for Tear in Time was met. Arcane was won. (But could not be used, because there were other stories waiting for resolving.) But the story, where Tear in Time was attached to, was won. So the Attachement (Tear in time) was discarded immediately. Is this correct? And because responses can only be triggered after all stories have been resolved, Tear in Time's Response could not be used because the card has already left play if it's response could be used. Is this correct, too? Or is the Response of Tear in Time a already triggered effect , at the moment where the arcane struggle was won during the story resolving, and it is somewhere between time and space and will trigger after the other stories have resolved? And it will trigger though the attachement isn't in play anymore? Would it trigger from the discard pile in this case? Or is the attachement not in the discard pile until it's response has been used in the response window after the stories resolving green-box? And another question: could Tear in Time recycle itself from the discard pile? A: Environment attachments only can be triggered while the attached story is out. If that story is run before the effect on the environment attachment can be triggered the attachment is immediately discarded when the story leaves play. Some of these attachments are passives so would constantly be active, other that were disrupts or forced response would still be able to trigger in most cases before the story left play, but responses would only be able to trigger on stories that were not won that turn. Damon Stone LCG Developer Fantasy Flight Games 1995 West County Road B2 Roseville, MN 55113
  4. Question: If I have more than 1 House Advantage (DotU - F23) in play, can I use more than one to draw more cards? So if I have to draw 2 cards, can I disrupt the draw 3 times (with 3 House Advantage) and draw 6 card from the bottom of my deck? Answer: No, because instead is a replacement effect, so the thing you would need to disrupt is no longer that effect. The effects of House of Advantage do not “stack.”
  5. no, she can't. Because the card can not trigger without leaving the discard pile to do so. So snow graves shuts her ability down.
  6. Question: But what if there are more than 5 tokens on each side and it gets blanked? Who will win the conspiracy? The person with more tokens? In case of a tie? both? nobody and it is discarded? the active player? the player who blanked it? Answer: When there are conflicts between effects (in this case the passive of winning the story is met simultaneously) the active player determines the order...in other words, the active player wins the story.
  7. > If I commit Glaki to a story and force an opponents character to commit to this story, too, he looses all icons. > But what happens if my opponent plays Steal the soul (during the next action window) and transfers Glakis icons to his character? > Will Glaki be driven insane by his "own" icons (now trransferred)? > or will the character loose Glakis icons (transferred by steal the soul) too? > So is Glakis effects working permanently? > Or is it just for the moment Glaki commits and it is possible that the blanked charcter can gain some icons by effects afterwards? Answer: Glaaki's ability only resolves on that character once. It does not permanently prevent that character from gaining icons, it simply removes those icons it has at the moment of resolution. It should be noted Steal the Soul does not actually removed the icons from Glaaki, it simply reproduces them on the other character. I couldn't tell for sure if you realize that, but a lot of people get it wrong.
  8. Thanks to you Fred for your organisation of this event. And thanks to all the nice people participating and making the event so cool and a good experience to me! Hope to see you all again the next year!
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Interresting change, indeed.
  10. Q: can I use Frozen Time (F22) for blanking the text of a conspiracy card? A: Yes. Damon Stone Associate LCG Designer Fantasy Flight Games dstone@fantasyflightgames.com
  11. Some good stories to approximate to Lovecraft are: Pickmans Model , The Hound or The music of Erich Zann. They are not very long and I think they have a spooky atmosphere … Some of my friends liked them though they were not interested in Lovecrafts stories before.
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