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  1. Miniature Market say they have 69 of them still
  2. Books should NEVER have dog ears, use a bookmark if you care about books. Very cool though.
  3. Wonder how well this would work for a 100 point Royal Guard flight group: Carnor Jax w/ Hull Upgrade Kir Kanos w/ Hull Upgrade 2x Royal Guard Pilot
  4. Neither of them really look that bad or worth complaining about, and yeah the second picture looks perfect. I imagine with use the hinge will get a bit looser and you'll find it easier to unfold the wings fully.
  5. Works fine for me, but hey if it wasn't I'd just go and work it out by hand. It's not a critical thing, so understandable if he has other things that are more important right now.
  6. Hell yeah, I used to play it multiplayer all the time. That and X-Wing Alliance are the only games I've ever really got into playing online.
  7. Not the only one, expected OP to include the video
  8. What may emulate the gun with a limited traverse would be to increase the angle of the primary fire arc from its aporox 90 degrees to about 135 degrees. The only update would be to the cardboard counter. Or better yet a 135 degree forward auxilary fire arc. Primary weapon fire only in auxilary arc. If the guns can pivot UP and DOWN, not SIDE to SIDE, this would make no sense to do.
  9. I don't think any "scale" would work for the death star. I do see FFG releasing death star tiles that maybe have grooves in them in a checkerboard pattern or something. It would come with like 6 turrets that could be placed in any groove on the boards. Players would alternate placing turret towers like asteroids. The towers though would only be able to attack rebel ships that pass within range 1. And to compensate for the rebels, they would get 50 extra points for their build. Something like that is doable. I like this idea. Another option could be that the Imperial player can 'buy' turrets with points rather than just giving the Rebel player x points extra. Kind of the same result, but makes the Imperial player decide between more turrets vs more/better fighters.
  10. I would love to see this. X-Wing is great, but would also love a capital ship scale version using FlightPath. Maybe with small flight groups of fighters sharing a small base.
  11. DingusFett

    Wave 4!

    I could see perhaps a fun scenario pitting 4 X-Wings and the transport against a points-equaling squad of TIE Fighters and loaded up Bombers
  12. I've considered it, but not going to any time soon. I only have a small collection, and the way things are at the moment it's almost impossible to get ships to Australia at a reasonable price; and even then it's very rare I get to play it.
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