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  1. Maybe is she good versus Horseman of Famine? She protects your other creatures.
  2. But his capture hability is useful.
  3. You can't buy the same deck that another player. I don't think that a lot of people want to pay a lot for a deck.
  4. You are counting the same combination two times. They are only 15.
  5. Artedil

    The app?

    I can't enter my two decks
  6. They could put "only one Untamed card" for the limit...
  7. The starter Pack and two decks (60€).
  8. I want to try this. I think that would be funny. Chewbacca (TFA) — YT-1300 42 Predator 3 Homing Missiles 5 Han Solo 2 Weapons Engineer 3 Scavenger Crane 2 Smuggling Compartment 0 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 57 For the remaining points, I'm thinking in Biggs and Rex.
  9. The list is Manaroo and Firespray. And the Firespray has Evade.
  10. Your idea isn't bad: the next list won in the biggest european tournament played this weekend (158 players): Dace Bonearm (28) Ion Cannon Turret Palob Godalhi (25) Ion Cannon Turret Bossk (47) Tactician Gunner Veteran Instints Engine Upgrade
  11. You pay 2 points for Expert Handling, the same that an oponent pay for Fire Control System.
  12. Actually, the first true canon appearance of the Hound's Tooth was in Tales of the Bounty Hunters, published in 1996. It was considered canon back then, since it was in a published work, and it's considered an OT-era ship even if it appeared in TCW, because Bossk was introduced in the OT. The same can't be said of the N-1, the ARC-170, V-wing, etc. because they are exclusive to the prequel era. Also, the Z-95 in the Clone Wars wasn't the same ship as seen in the XWMG. It's a much older ship that is, frankly, uglier than the original design that was based off X-wing concept art. You can see now the N-1 in The Return of the Jedi: I'm sorry, but it's the only image I found of them.
  13. If we look this post: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/181442-twin-laser-turret-and-r3-a2stressbot/?hl=r3a2, and R3A2 affect only one time because there is one "Declare Target” step, Latts Razzi has to work in the same way. Then I don't know how to interpretate the last part of the sentence: "for that attack". "That attack" contains all the steps and we can apply to the two attacks of TLT? o "That attack" only apply in the first one? (because the first has "Declare target" step and the second doesn't).
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