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  1. I'm writing a lifestyle article on tabletop wargaming… Hello all! I'm currently writing a lifestyle article for my magazine journalism class. I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand by answering some questions. 1. How long have you been playing tabletop-war games? 2. Why did you start playing tabletop-war games? 3. What do you love about tabletop-war games? 4. What advice would you have for someone who wants to get into playing them? Also, if you have any pictures of favorite models you've painted and would be willing to let me use them, I'd love to include a few in my article. Cheers!
  2. Hmmmm… I think I'm going to start building Axis than. Thanks very much everyone for the information. Much obliged!
  3. Dear Dust: Tactics Players! I'm new to table-top wargaming and am very interested in playing Dust: Tactics. I've done some surveying of each of the factions to see which one I would like but I'm at an impasse. Though I'm partial to the Axis, the other factions have some really cool units that I wouldn't mind building an army around either. My question is: How much customization is there in each faction? Can I have a more mobile Axis force? A bunkering SSU force? A sneaky Axis force?
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