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  1. Star Wars at New York Toy Fair

    Well.. that answers that mystery/question lol
  2. Im getting 1 of each. I know we can take two which would be cool but im waiting to see what other heavies get released.
  3. Remarkable AT - AT Combat Map

    The most exciting thing is: i have that exact same at at. I paid 20 bucks for it at a rummage sale.
  4. Learn to Play Rules and Demo Pictures

    "Factions: there are two factions in the game." Well.. shoot. Lol. Heres to hoping since the rules are digital ffg will still add mpre factions.
  5. At-rt-icle

    I'm really liking how every unit looks tempting to squeeze into my lists. At first the AT-RT didn't really appeal to me but now that I'm looking at it a bit closer... lol
  6. Well hello there...

    Welcome aboard!
  7. TX 130 Fighter Tank

    Well.. we will probably see the tx225.
  8. Official Base Sizes

    Im just surprised ffg doesnt sell a bases pack. I suppose if you lost a base you could rely on ffg customer service, they are very helpful. However, extra bases should be available.
  9. AT-ST compared to an Imperial Knight

    Heres a funny example. FB sisters of battle page everyones complaining about the prices of a single squad of 10 sisters, which is 80 bucks. So someone suggests using the newer sisters of silence and kit bash. Bro.. new sisters of silence are 80 dollars for a sqaud of 10. Get wrekt.. lol
  10. Store demos

    Anyone else appreciate these ffg article titles.. "see to it personally".. get it? lol. Im glad to see there is a store with only a 35 min drive. Never heard of it but ill be checking it out in a few weeks!
  11. Official Base Sizes

    Im surprised we havnt seen a pack with extra bases yet. I know that most people won't need extra bases but you never need one until you need one.. lol. There are not any 3rd party bases with firing arcs available (for now). Just seems odd that ffg has dice and range ruler pack without a pack for bases.. its all fun and games until you kids lose one of your bases and you have a trooper left flappin in the wind. Maybe we will get a few extras in the expansions too though.
  12. The Empire is Victorious on ALL Fronts

  13. Live Streaming Game Today on Twitch at 6:30pm ET

    Well.. dang.. missed this lol..
  14. I'm just going to wing it.

    Im about to do the same. Im picking up a bunch of the 1/48 kits (xwing, tie, atst, snowspeeder) and going to star making terrain. Starting after moving is imperative lol. Moving is terrain and gaming boards bane. Ive lost so many good pieces to moving.. sigh
  15. Is Anyone Creating a Jakku board

    I was looking at star destroyer model kits to see if i could find one big enough a few weeks ago. I think it can be done on a 6x4 table if you only use part of the star destroyer, like some engines and the bridge buried in the sand.. crashed tie fighters, y wings and x wings might work out better though..