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  1. This is better than having totally unbalanced cheese list armies.
  2. oddeye

    Oddeye's WIPs

    Nothing super crazy here, just going for a solid table top standard with plain old original movie schemes (loved em' as a kid). I've been painting for awhile, mostly 40k stuff though I only have about an hour a night due to work/family etc. Im no master painter, always more to learn and room for improvement! I'll be posting updates here as others do in their painting threads as I progress. Feel free to critique or ask questions. Stormtroopers: 8/21 almost done. Still have details, a few touch ups, matte varnish and 'ardcoat gloss on armor left. I'll hit those once all 21 are ready. ATST: in a good spot here for a bit more detailing, like the viewports which I'll probably paint dark blue. I'm also going to add a few scorch marks and call it, good enough! I was planning on buying a second veers to have coming out of the top hatch, since it was one large chunk of plastic I decided against it for now as it will require alot more effort.. sigh. I might pick up an extra speeder bike pack to have one crashed on the base. Thoughts so far: the minis are a pleasure to assemble and paint. Imo ffg did a great job with the game and miniatures. I especially love seeing all the new hobbyists posting here and on Reddit, it's really great seeing more people in the hobby. I'll add higher res pictures once my imperials are finished. The only nit pick i have about anything with legion is the firing arcs on the bases themselves, I usually do all cork basing but couldn't as it would cover them up. Had to settle with crumbled cork.. Also a video for you painters out there, listen to this while you paint. Keep your head up and keep at it! https://youtu.be/HuSUKFovZoM
  3. Alright man.. i gotta know, how did you do that frost effect?? It looks great.
  4. Your luke is amazing. Great job on him!
  5. Looks good. I plan to run a similar list once we get him. I really want to squeeze in a few flamers on my snowtroopers for fun.. lol
  6. oddeye


    Try searching Google for "28mm weapon bits". There should be a ton of crap to look at, should be able to find everything from katanas to gatling laser canons. 28mm might be a bit on the small side as legion is 32mm but depending on what it is it'll probably be close enough.
  7. I'm hoping we will see rogue one stuff. I'd say there's a really good chance since it's new and in the gcw era
  8. Looks great! As others have mentioned, two thin coats is better than 1 thick coat. You can practice this by just dabbing the tip of your brush in water and wiping a bit of the water on the brissles off before dabbing your brush in your paint pot. You should notice the paint will be a bit thinner and cover more area. Some people use wet palletes or mix the paint with water using ratios on a painting pallete to control the consistency. Just need to find what works best for you. This will help preserve the details on the mini. Again your mini looks awesome keep it up!
  9. Whoa.. is that shadowrun I see in the background? Pretty sure they used that on the Sega games cover art Minis look good, especially vader.
  10. Huh this is a good idea.. There's a ton of tiles too, probably get a good sized board out of it
  11. Ya a few layers of whatever will cover it up
  12. I just got a "shipped" notification. I submitted my request on Monday, the day their website was back up lol. So right now it's taking about 4 business days to process
  13. Gluing arms on is really up to you. Ffg actually made it quite convienient to leave them off and glue on after since the arms and weapons are all one piece. Other mini games like 40k it's a bit more complicated due to posing, everything is a separate piece. Tldr: take advantage of it and glue on last. Just be careful putting the arms on, I already accidently slipped once and one arm scraped a thin line of paint right off my just finished storm trooper's breast plate.. lol.
  14. I really appreciate you posting this.. as a fellow 40k fan this helps put things into perspective a bit
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