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  1. GREAT NEWS! We will be live streaming from the Holt, Michigan Regional Championship tomorrow (Sat. April 9) at 11AM EST live on Rob's Gaming Table on YouTube!* Subscribe to be notified when we go live. *Pending any technical difficulties
  2. Hey everyone! FFG was awesome enough to let me spoil 2 new cards from the Wolves of the North expansion. Check them out in the video below! Thank you for watching and feel free to leave your thoughts on the cards and/or video in the comments!
  3. I know this is out of order, but I forgot my buddy ThroneRunner recorded this match. He sent me the files the other day for my top 8 match. I also did some commentary on it this time. Feedback welcome.
  4. They allowed 2 per person for each time you waited in line. We also got 1 included with you Kingslayer ticket.
  5. Thanks for asking. I actually made it to the top 4 and was eliminated by Salim, who you can see in some of the videos I posted above. You can see that game in this video.
  6. Here are the other 3 testing games I post while at GenCon.
  7. Hi Everyone, My gaming group is at Gen Con 2015 right now and we got our hands on Game of Thrones 2nd edition. We are playing in the Kingslayer tournament so we recorded some of our deck testing matches and I will be uploading them to my YouTube channel here. http://youtube.com/robstjohn Subscribe to get notified of future videos going up later today and in the future. I also will try and get some games recorded after the cut in the Kingslayer tournament if the players allow it. Here is the first match. Thanks for watching!
  8. I attended the 2015 Ottawa Game of Thrones LCG regional and was able to record some matches. You can view them on my YouTube channel here: http://youtube.com/robstjohn I have also created a play list here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbNYVLHtzsBrYf9Qhlp2IcMtP5gcMr06c Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more.
  9. I seem to have forgotten this post. You can follow my videos my subscribing to my YouTube channel http://youtbe.com/robstjohn and by checking out my playlist for my Conquest videos here: I also plan to record at a tournament this weekend so I can start getting some higher level players on my channel. Thank you all for the views and kind words.
  10. Hello fellow Thrones players, I attended the Ottawa Regional this past weekend and got to record some matches, thanks to the awesome meta there. You can view them on my YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/robstjohn) where I have created a playlist ( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbNYVLHtzsBrYf9Qhlp2IcMtP5gcMr06c ) for the videos I have posted so far. I will be posting the rest there shortly. You can start with the first round feature match here: I will also be attending the Montreal Regional this coming weekend and hope to get even more videos recorded for your viewing pleasure so please subscribe for more. #Thrones1stEdisnotdead
  11. Here is another one. Thanks for the support!
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