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  1. So the consensus is you can stealth but it doesn't matter because they are already participating… Cool thanks for the information, I don't think I'll be using this skill…
  2. Also Pentos: Discard a (targaryen) attachment (cannot be saved) from a character you control to save that character from being killed or discarded from play. Since it doesn't specify you have to control the attachment, only that it has to be targ, If I'm up against burn and my character gets flame-kissed, can I discard flame-kissed to save my character?
  3. Dragon Sight makes the defending player declare defenders before the attacker declares attackers and has no opportunity to declare extra defenders once attackers have been declared… How does stealth fit into all this….. If they declare someone to defend can I stealth past that person, if I do do they stay kneeled?
  4. Thanks both of you, appreciate the responses, Kinda makes my summer deck less good though….:'(
  5. Thanks for the clarification, So just to fully understand, Summer Encampment can't be used to return characters to your hand that have already been used to satisfy claim, can't be used to return characters to your hand after a Valar is revealed? So the only use for it would be to return them to your hand before the plot was revealed, and Claim still has to be satisfied by a different character if you return that one to your hand… And a refugee being discarded from not winning dominance, Would have to use Summer Encampment in the challenges phase to prevent the refugee from being discarded…
  6. Further more on Rule by Decree, lets say it's Rule by Decree vs Time for Ravens, Rule by Decree wins initiative chooses Ravens to effect to go first, Ravens player now has 8 cards when Rule by Decree goes and has to discard 4 cards?
  7. And just some more things I remembered I wanted clarification on. If I'm first player, then I get the first action in the Challenges Phase, if I have a character with an (opponents) attachment on it that has an action to remove an icon on the attached character, am I correct to assume I can declare this character as an attacker in the corresponding challenge before the opponent has an opportunity to remove the icon, and then once the character is knelt as an attacker them removing the icon does not stop the character from participating in the challenge as having an icon is only a requirement for declaring the attacker not for counting strength in the challenge. And… I feel like I've heard the answer to this before but I'd like to read it to gain full comprehension. If Meera Reid comes out of the shadows and chooses to blank the Lanister Iron Throne, can the Iron Throne be knelt to cancel the effect of the meera reid and return kneel her. I think No, and I think something along the lines of because Meera isn't in play when her effect triggers but if someone could explain this scenario in more detail I think it'd give me better comprehension. And another question I'm pretty sure I know the answer too, If I do something radical like play fortified position to blank say Balerion, he no longer has the keyword No Attachments, then I can attach things to him…. but then the next round happens, a new plot is revealed, Balerion regains the keyword, and the no attachment check kicks in and he'd lose the attachment. Just a simple yes or no here will do, Attachments requirements like Maester only for example are constantly checked and when the card it's attached to no longer meets the requirements the attachment can't legally stay attached and is discarded….. right? And finally…. the Plot fight…. First turn plots, pre-plot Player A ambushes in a character then in plot phase reveals Rule by Decree, Player B reveals City of Lies…. If Player B wins initiative, he puts 2 cards in the shadows, then the effect of Rule by Decree resolves, Player A has 6 cards in hand and Player B has 5, does Rule by Decree target Player B because at the time it was revealed he had more cards, or does it effect Player A because he now has more cards.
  8. Summer Encampment Any Phase: If it is Summer, kneel Summer Encampment to return a character you control to its owner's hand. My question surrounding this card is, can I use this card to return a character in the Moribund state to my hand. I assume that's its purpose unless it's specifically designed to use with red warlocks. And if I can, what about when an effect like Marched to the Wall says (cannot be saved), am I able to also do it in that circumstance, as it doesn't specifically say save character like with Unburnt which says save character then return it to hand. While I have you here, Captain Groleo claims a power for your house when an opponent plays or reveals an attachment, does discarding it from their hand during an intrigue challenge count as it being revealed. Appreciate the help, thanks.
  9. "At the end of the Marshalling Phase discard all cards in shadows" Apart from the high initiative me and my friends initially thought this plot to not be very useful, but it's now occurred to me why it is at the end of the marshalling phase…. It's because you don't get any gold until after the opportunity to bring cards out of the shadows in the Marshalling phase, correct? So unless a card is s0 cost, then you can't possibly bring it out of the shadows until the challenge phase, is this correct?
  10. Wait, you're allowed to declare one of your controlled naval enhanced characters to defend against an attack you've initiated….. this seems quite… stupid…
  11. Burn simply means to burn through all their cards, usually killing their characters with attachments/events/abilities Rush simply means to gain a lot of power really quickly, like turn 1-3 wins etc. Claim soak, i'd assume means to soak up their claim so their not getting power?
  12. Hi all, I've recently picked up the game and have mostly been making Targaryen decks… The targ burn deck has quickly become my favourite due to its extreme control over the board… I'm currently running House of Dreams and getting Aegons Hill, just so I can continue to get card advantage and kill people not even in play… However both Aegons Hill and Hatchlings Feast is restricted, I'm thinking Hatchlings Feast works better with Knights of Hollow Hill agenda, because you're more likely to afford the Influence cost, however Aegons Hill is extremely powerful especially when you have it out from setup… Does anyone have any input on which is better, which you've had more success with or anything? Thanks
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