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  1. 200/day sounds like a lot for crit removal, though. Maybe 100 base plus 20 per day of bacta, that puts it significantly above the cost of doing it yourself, but doesn't unduly punish players who just have lousy Resilience.
  2. The party's been in a few rough fights, and they've failed a few Medicine checks, and -- well, they're a little beat up. Two of the party are carrying around a few crits that have failed to heal repeatedly, and one of them just got a seriously injured arm, so they're talking about finding a medical center and spending some time in a good old bacta bath. My quandry is this: How much should the doctors charge? I haven't seen anything in the books that talks about what treatment costs when it's done by an NPC. Since it does list the cost of a liter of bacta (20 credits), my instinct is to rule that they use up a liter of the stuff every day in the tank, so each day or fraction thereof costs them 20 credits. Does that seem like a reasonable cost for removing critical injuries? (Well, 20 credits and the time it takes, since you're gonna be basically unconscious for days...)
  3. Okay, but some weapons do have explicitly included attachments. For example, the VX Sidewinder in DC has a bipod, and tells you exactly what page of EotE Core to look at for the rules text of it.
  4. I noticed that several weapons are missing from the Portable Gunnery group: Heavy Repeating Blaster, HOB, VX Sidewinder, and Flamestrike. Mostly that's important because it excludes them from getting certain attachments. I've added them on my own data set, of course, but the 'official' one doesn't have them set up. Speaking of attachments, are there any plans to give some weapons integral attachments? Several sniper rifles have integral telescopic or multioptic scopes, for example, and most of the heavy blaster weapons come with a mount of some sort. It'd be nice if we could add integral attachments to weapons, and/or a way to tell the builder not to count an attachment against a weapon's hard points.
  5. This was previously identified and per OggDude will be corrected in the next build. Okay, cool. I guess I shoulda searched first. I'd swear this used to work correctly, too.
  6. Ogg, I think I found a bug. According to the book, you reduce the encumbrance of armor by 3 when you equip it, so only armors of enc 4+ should impact your encumbrance when you put them on. I added a Heavy Clothing and equipped it, and it showed my encumbrance use as going up by 1. I expected that to happen when I checked "carry" but I also expected it to go away once I checked "equip" but it didn't.
  7. It's a Blastech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. That's not stated in the movies, but it's all over the novels (and in fact I think they mentioned it in the radio plays). That said, I do completely agree with your comments. A favored gun model is just some cute flavor text and shouldn't have a mechanical backing. "They made it for me special. It's a DL-88. This goes through armor... then it goes through the victim... through the wall... through a tree outside... It shoots through schools."
  8. They didn't leave the fluff, they deleted the item from the book and forgot to also delete it from the equipment list. Basically it did exactly the same as the grav chute, so they figured it was surplus to requirements and scrapped it. The gravchute did eventually get printed in Suns of Fortune, page 103. It negates damage from falls.
  9. There's not really a limit on how many FR you can get, it's just a question of how expensive that would be in terms of XP. I mean, obviously Sage and Mystic get you the most FR in the fewest trees, but most of the F&D trees have an Force Rating talent at the bottom. How many specs do you want to buy into and navigate to reach Force Rating? That said, once you have FR 3 or 4, you aren't going to get much out of further boosting it. Realistically, once you get to FR 2, you really need to be buying into powers and upgrades to make it work for you. (A lot of the force powers aren't really worthwhile if you have only FR 1.)
  10. If you get your FR up, you can jump further. You can activate the range upgrade multiple times as long as you have the pips to spend.
  11. What other aspect of the power could possibly benefit from a range increase? Roll your force dice along with your Athletics roll AT MEDIUM RANGE Commit a force die to increase your brawn AT MEDIUM RANGE Doesn't really make sense. If you have the pips to do it, you can activate Range multiple times, each time boosting your range by 1. So if you generate 2 pips, you can go to Medium range (1 pip activates the jump, 1 pip increases the range). With 3 pips, you can jump to Long range. With 4, you can hit Extreme, and that's as far as you can go, since there's no range band beyond Extreme. Edit: That's assuming the newer F&D version doesn't specifically prohibit multi-activating Range. It may be some time before they errata AoR, so until then the F&D version should probably be considered the 'most correct version'. Just saying. By the way, I like to flavor the horizontal "force leap" as "force speed" -- if I'm not crossing a chasm or jumping over my enemy's head or something, I generally assume my character kept his feet on the ground and just ran really fast.
  12. And the Chadra-Fan has an intellect of 3, so yes, that's above-average intellect, before he spends any points on it. I'm not saying Drall can't work here, the Chadra-fan is just a better fit. Well, no, there's nothing that says the can't, just the Chadra-Fan abilities mesh well with the character while the Drall abilities mesh less well. He doesn't have to be very strong (though I would probably give him the +1 to bring him up to 2); that's what the Heavy spec and Burly are for. Anyway, both Drall and Chadra-fan are Brawn 1 races, so that's not a point of discrimination between them. Aaaaand so what? Isn't the whole concept here that we're picking races that kinda-sorta fit the characters? Is a droid Groot 'special' enough as compared to a Neti or something? Is a mirialan Drax 'special'? I don't think one of the design limitations was "be unique in the universe just like Rocket". Edit: One more thing (Jackie!) -- I have to quote from the Chadra-fan description: Their small size, desire to tinker, and upbeat demeanor cause most Rebels to find the Chadra-Fan as either endearing little siblings they never had, or annoying little thieves they wish they'd never met.
  13. Probably because physical resemblance is only a secondary concern. Rocket is clearly pretty agile and I'd even say smart, but he does not seem to be a super-genius, so the clumsy but brilliant Drall is not a good fit. Chadra-fan (statted out in Stay On Target) are small and agile and more or less fuzzy, they get a penalty to Brawn and Will, but a bonus to Agility and Intellect, and they get some free Mechanics. It's pretty much perfect for Rocket.
  14. I'd see Gamora as a force user before Drax. Drax is just a big freakin' dude, is all, and he's got the Feral Strength thing goin'.
  15. That's why vehicular weapons don't care about range bands; they're either in range or not in range. If you're trying to shoot somebody from a distant mountain-top or hit something in orbit (or shoot from an orbital platform at another orbital platform) you really need to be using a vehicle-scale weapon, and your sniper-shot talent won't really apply.
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