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  1. Super cool deck man! Looks like a good use of council of the wise. I'll definitely have to give it a try.
  2. That's precisely how the Hobbit films were created as well.
  3. The good ol' forum game: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/82387-forum-game/ It was quite involved and fun, consisted of one member at a time creating riddles and clues, and everyone trying to guess who or what the Middle earth related answer was. Good Lore tester haha
  4. I remember Tolkien Lore Riddle game back in the day, that was the best
  5. It better be good with $250 Million already sunk just for the rights from Tolkien Estate.
  6. Gotta love when Lecitadin kindly offers his own opinion and gets called a son of a bitsh...at least Mitch gave a mature intellectual response @TheHiveTyrant @Dain Ironfoot Looking forward to your continuation of the Progression series! Amidst the common hate, I do enjoy The Long Dark and hopefully you guys get a solid playthrough of it. Best wishes
  7. Am i correct that your going to move on to On the Doorstep after this, and then AtS cycle? AtS cycle really switches things up, increases the storyline part of the game by massive amounts, and is the beginning of what I would like to call the version 2.0 of this great game. Looking forward to hearing more!
  8. Any sleeve that is over a card protects the card from any liquid, food, chipping, oils, fade and wear. Size, feel, durability and price are the factors that go into sleeves. But fair enough, if you want a thicker sleeve, (which will mean a much taller deck that can sometimes tip) than Ive heard many good things about the Mayday Premium. Other brands are good too, but they will be much much more expensive.
  9. Hey there JYoder, I totally understand the balance of wanting a nice sleeve yet not too expensive. I needed to sleeve my 3,000+ cardpool and I ended up going with this option https://www.miniaturemarket.com/mdg7105.html I honestly was a little skeptical, but after much research, these seemed like a good option, so i went with them. After using them for quite some time, I am extremely happy with the fit, the durability, and the feel. I was curious if they would easily split or rip as many cheap sleeves do, so I used a couple sleeves as a test, and after tugging, pulling, and putting significant force attempting to tear them, they refused to split or tear. Overall, I am very happy with them, and they get the job done and then some. As far as the price goes, Im not sure how many sleeves your looking to buy, but if you were to compare to the Ultra Pro's you have linked above, these would come out to $7 for 600 sleeves compared to the $26 price tag on the ultra pros. I do hope this helps and best of luck on your sleeving mission!
  10. Glaurung; Now that nightmare has caught up with near everything, can we expect a few more videos from you? Would love to see more content!
  11. The Mouth of Sauron has always been in intriguing character to me. Sauron certainly loved diversity in his captains, with the Mouth of Sauron being a Black Númenórean, as well as your very own, Khamul, being an Easterling
  12. If you want a deck to play all those quests, you can use a deck made which was arguably one the best decks out there back in the day using that cardpool. Its called Flight to Ford. Uses Spirit Glorfindel, Lore Aragorn, and Frodo. Some staples include light of valinor, asfoloth, test of will, fast hitch, a couple haldirs, ect. if you want the full decklist just ask! Such a fun deck, and incredibly powerful. It was my most played deck back in the day. Shout out to Richsabre I believe for making it popular. That deck should be able to plow through just about all those quests - it is indeed nice to not have to build a new deck every quest. Best Wishes!
  13. Its incredible how much improved the Lotr Saga quests are from The Hobbit saga quests.
  14. Well yeah, but I think most General-all purpose decks were attack/tactics leadership in Heirs. By stating in the rules the battle and siege, I think the quests were designed to be played against using much more attack focused decks.. but yeah who knows
  15. I played Into Ithilian right at its release, and I never understood the fuss. It seemed like a 4 difficulty to me. Same with Cair Andros. All you needed was a Tactics, leadership deck to quest the battle and seige, and then fight. I got 11 wins straight in Cair Andros before I just stopped, and Into Ithilian wasnt much harder. What difficulties were you guys facing?
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